Fun Things To Do In Tulsa On A Date

Fun Things To Do In Tulsa On A Date

Are you a couple in Tulsa who lacks date ideas? Don’t worry; this article will discuss various ideas on what to do on a date night in Tulsa and how to make it memorable. From visiting art museums to beautiful parks, this article has got you covered with fun and romantic ideas to make your date night in Tulsa a success.

Romantic Things To Do In Tulsa

Are you searching for romantic activities that will spice up your date in Tulsa? Read below.

  1. Go to the Gathering Place if you want to take a walk in a park or playground. It consists of 426 parks and playgrounds.
  2. An art museum with a garden, the sound’s fun, right? If yes, you should spend time at the Gilcrease Museum, you can find over 860 gardens and museums there.
  3. Want to see notable places of interest and landmarks? The Cave House, made up of 235 points of interest and landmarks, is the right place for you to visit.
  4. Do Arenas and Stadiums interest you? The BOK Center in Tulsa houses 901 arenas and stadiums.
  5. The Tulsa Zoo, a collection of 1,060 Zoos, is where you can find a variety of wild animals and exotic species. Ensure you visit there.
  6. If you are a lover of nature, be sure to visit Woodward Park, which comprises 212 parks.
  7. Do you have an interest in specialty museums? You should visit the Woody Guthrie Center, where you can find 273 specialty museums.
  8. Another place where you can find interesting sites and landmarks is the Center of the Universe. The name suits it as it houses 466 points of interest and landmarks.
  9. The ONEOK Field is another interesting place where you can find arenas and stadiums. This place, in particular, contains 364 arenas and stadiums.

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Tulsa Date Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you have been residing in the Tulsa area all of your life or you are on vacation there; there are many wonderful ways to create memories with someone so dear to you. Tulsa is filled with enough opportunities to break that continuous chain of old-fashioned date ideas and add spice to your weekend.

Make A Succulent Masterpiece

The succulent shop is one of the latest places you can find in Tulsa. There, you will be provided with all you need to create a succulent masterpiece. When you place this piece in your home, you will always remember your date in Tulsa.

Spend Time At Guthrie Green

This place is located in the Tulsa art area, and you can often find a concert, an event, or a festival happening there.

Stroll Around The Riverwalk

A place that provides a peaceful atmosphere suitable for strolling is the Tulsa Riverwalk beside the lovely Arkansas river.

Go Coffee Searching

Coffee shops are very common in Tulsa, and you get to see new ones every day. You can make a list of coffee shops you want to visit and try out their coffee. In the end, you can decide on the coffee shop that stands out.

Visit Chandler Park

Chandler Park possesses a wonderful landscape that features natural rock formations. You can decide to have a picnic lunch or play golf on the courses there for your date.

Best Parks In Tulsa

  • Gathering Place
  • Woodward Park
  • Darlington Park
  • Hunter Park
  • Chandler Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Riverside Park
  • Tulsa River Parks
  • Leak Park
  • LaFortune Park