10 Ways To Create Out-Of-The-Box Startups Linkedin Banner

10 Ways To Create Out-Of-The-Box Startups Linkedin Banner

Creating startups is all about imagination, passion, and hard work. The process of building an innovative startup requires close coordination with the environment around you. However, there are times when even the best-laid plans fail to accomplish their mission despite all efforts. But success does not always depend on how successful your first startup was or how much money you raised. Sometimes, the secret lies in having faith in your ideas and then taking an unorthodox approach to turn them into reality.

Here are 10 ways how you can create out-of-the-box startup LinkedIn banners that will help you succeed.

1. Be Original In Your Linkedin Background

If you are not being original, no one will be able to identify with your banner. And getting recognized is the first step towards achieving success. It means that instead of having a clichéd approach towards making your team stand out in the market, try coming up with unique concepts that have never been attempted before.

2. Keep It Short

If you think that a long banner is more impactful, then you are very wrong. Short banners have the power to instantly grab the viewer’s attention and leave them wanting for more. So try having a brief but effective banner with a readily comprehensible message, which takes the customer on a journey of building something unique.

3. Have An Eye-Catchy Tagline

One of the best ways to create a LinkedIn banner is by having a catchy tagline. The message must be unmistakable and should leave no room for ambiguity. Choose a concept, which will instantly attract your target audience’s attention and keep them engaged until the end.

4. Highlight Your Usp In Your Linkedin Background Banner

Every business has its own USP, which makes it stand out in the market. And this USP is what differentiates you from your competitors. So try highlighting this factor in your banner to create an emotional connection with the customers and leave them wanting more.

5. Make Use Of Color Psychology In A Linkedin Background Images

Color psychology has a specific effect on the human mind, and using it in your banner can help you achieve the desired results. Colors like red and black tend to grab people’s attention and can be used as an effective tool to create banners that lure customers effectively.

6. Appeal To All The Senses In Linkedin Banner Images

To catch people’s attention, appeal to their sense of sight, smell, touch, and taste. This is an effective way to ensure that you are being noticed by at least one buyer out of the five who will eventually decide to buy your product/service.

7. Use The AIDA Model Linkedin Banner Photos

The AIDA model is an effective tool that can help you shape your banner in a defined manner. The acronym stands for “attention”, “interest”, “desire” and “action”. It means that if you can generate enough interest, desire automatically follows it up. For instance, people see a banner, and if they can get a hold of what it is trying to convey, they will definitely click on it.

8. Use A Creative Approach Using Venngage

An infographic maker can help you design a unique banner. Venngage infographic templates are available in different styles to suit the customer’s liking and needs. All you have to do is select one that appeals to your target market, use it, and you are good to go!

9. Show The Benefits Of Professional Linkedin Background

A banner can communicate a lot of information, but it must show the benefits that the customers will get from buying your product/service. So try creating a banner that shows off your USP and justifies why people should go for you instead of someone else.

10. Always Have A Call-To-Action

Last but not least, always remember to have a call to action. This is an essential factor that you must not miss out on. If your banner fails to include one, the customer will most likely move on to another website/banner that offers them what they are looking for!

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This banner is all about getting people’s attention with the help of a unique concept. It has an eye-catching tagline, which efficiently conveys the message to its target audience.


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