Benefits Of Taking A Testosterone Supplement For Men Over 40

Benefits of Taking A Testosterone Supplement for Men Over 40

Testosterone production in the male body reduces as men age. This dramatic decline in T-levels is associated with a loss in lean muscle mass, an increase in abdominal fat, bone wastage and cognitive decline. Aging men also experience reduced mood and poor quality of life. However, testosterone boosting supplements have been found to have remarkable benefits among males over 40.

It’s never easy to watch your body deteriorate as you grow old. Despite all attempts to exercise, lift weights, eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body might still require some help to stay in tiptop condition. T-boosters are effective supplements that help to increase levels of testosterone in men’s bodies naturally.

Here are 4 ways in which men over 40 can benefit from taking a testosterone supplement:

1. Maintaining Lean Body Mass

As men age, their testosterone levels gradually decline. The progressive reduction in this crucial male hormone causes an assortment of undesired changes in the body. For instance, men over 40 lose muscle and gain fat quite easily. Studies in healthy older males showed that testosterone supplementation could effectively alleviate steady muscle loss. In fact, T-boosters were shown to increase lean body mass significantly among elderly men. One way testosterone improves muscle growth is by triggering the production of the Human Growth Hormone and hampering the secretion of estrogen in the body.

2. Improving Heart Health

Scientists have linked low T levels to a variety of cardiovascular complications. Gladly, studies indicate that testosterone supplementation could have a positive impact on heart health. One study conducted on 83,000 men with subpar testosterone levels revealed that men whose T-levels were optimized by some form of replacement therapy were 36% less likely to suffer from stroke and 24% less likely to experience heart attacks. These are remarkable findings. Apart from widening healthy arteries, testosterone was found to improve the production of red blood cells inside the bone marrow.

3. Increasing Libido

As testosterone levels plummet with age, men experienced reduced erectile function and dipping libido. Men over 40 might find it increasingly difficult to get sexually aroused and sustain erections. ED is caused by stress, depression, trauma and age-related conditions, among others. However, testosterone boosting supplements have been shown to enhance sexual stamina and performance especially among men with hypogonadism. This condition is characterized by a severe reduction in testosterone production due to underdeveloped gonads. If you notice a sharp reduction in libido, taking a testosterone supplement might help.

4. Enhancing Mood

Low testosterone often manifests itself in a variety of symptoms. Aging men, for instance, may start feeling depressed, fatigued and irritable. Life could even start losing its meaning. However, research has found that supplementing with testosterone helps to elevate mood and enhance men’s overall quality of life. After being subjected to a T replacement therapy, hypogonadism patients reported having reduced fatigue and improved mood. Their zest for life also took a positive turn and they became less irritable. These impressive findings also showed that testosterone supplementation could be used to effectively treat depression.

Less-known Benefits Of Taking Testosterone Supplements:

Men over 40 can profit immensely from taking T-boosters in the appropriate dosage. Apart from the advantages discussed above, here are some less-known benefits:

Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease:

Some studies show that men with optimal T-levels are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s later in life. In addition, there’s a powerful correlation between high testosterone and mathematical reasoning, high processing speed, spatial abilities and verbal memory.

Improved bone density:

As men grow older, their bones become weaker. Testosterone is responsible for maintaining a healthy bone mineral density. Its reduction could cause brittle bones, osteoporosis and similar bone conditions. However, testosterone supplementation can help improve bone strength and consequently boost your mobility and athletic performance. However, the dose you take ought to be high enough.

Lower body fat:

many men over 40 find it challenging to control their weight. Fat often accumulates in the adipose tissue, around the tummy and body organs. This type of fat can significantly increase your risk of contracting diabetes, heart disease and other life-threatening diseases. However, testosterone boosting supplements can help you shed off stubborn fat around the body. This vital hormone improves your body’s ability to metabolize fat and build muscle.

Apart from taking a testosterone supplement, men over 40 can also implement a few science-backed measures to naturally improve their testosterone levels. These include regularly exercising and lifting weights. They should also eat a balanced diet consisting of protein, fat and some carbs. In addition, men over 40 should reduce their cortisol levels and get regular Vitamin D from sunshine.