Some Hidden Facts You Should Know About Eyeglasses

Some Hidden Facts You Should Know About Eyeglasses

The Foreground:

Purchasing the right spectacles can be quite a hassle. Moreover, if you want to go economical, you have various options like changing the lenses only or the frame replacement for the same lenses. If you want to know where to get lenses put in frames, this article will help you understand that rushing to expensive brands is not a smart decision every time. Companies like Warby Parker, Overnight Glasses, Eye Buy Direct, Liingo Eyewear, etc provide affordable services while maintaining quality. During my research on finding out the best eyeglass services, I found some little-known exciting facts about eyeglasses. That’s what I will share with you in this article.

Brand Consciousness:

Companies invest a significant amount for their publicity, promotion, and client outreach. At the same time, the prices of their product also increase. However, in the context of prescription glasses and sunshade, branding does not matter. The health of your eyes matters a lot. For example, investing in a diet that can assist you in maintaining perfect vision is preferred over high-end fashionable spectacles like Ray-Ban or Aviators.

Do you think cheap glasses will deteriorate your vision? This statement might not be true most of the time. The opticians and brand marketers might lure you into purchasing expensive pair of glasses for the apparent reason of making large profits. It is your prerogative to invest in glasses that give you real value for money. Readymade glasses will help you see just the same as expensive branded prescription glasses.

The Materials Used To Make Eyeglasses:

Are you aware that other materials are used to manufacture prescription glasses rather than glass? Yes, indeed, today, various materials are available with features like unbreakable plastic, scratchless materials, and others. Other options include polycarbonate, an indestructible, shatter-resistant, durable material, CR-38, quality durable plastic, and regular glass.

Which Material Is Suitable?

Today the material variety available for the eyewear frames is extensive. You have the choice to select cozy plastic brackets that are lightweight, metallic structures, aluminum frames, chromium frames, and so on. It depends on your budget and comfort to choose an eyewear frame. Seek Optics also offers a variety of replacement lenses for your eyewear, so you can keep your favorite frames and update the lenses. Please consult an ophthalmologist if you are allergic to certain materials like metal or chromium. 

If you see scratches on your eyewear and plan to replace lenses, you must buy a new frame for new lenses. The old frames are susceptible to crack, and doctors advise on procurement of unique frames in this context.

One of the major concerns is protection against ultraviolet radiation (specifically UVA and UVB type). Prescription eyeglasses are available that protect against harmful sun rays. We also have blue light filter prescription glasses for people who frequently use smartphones, computers, or other electronic gadgets.

Bifocal Glasses:

Do you know Benjamin Franklin? I am sure you must have heard about him, but do you know he was the inventor of bifocal lenses? He had a poor distant vision along with farsightedness. Tired of keeping two separate eyeglasses pairs, he cut the lenses in half and joined them back in one frame. In this way, he paved the way for bifocal lenses development.

Myths About Prescription Glasses:

A few myths are commonly associated with prescription glasses. The two most common myths are:

Wearing someone else’s prescription glasses:

A popular myth is that wearing another person’s prescription glasses might damage your eyesight. We would like to clarify this misunderstanding as it is entirely false. However, you might feel headaches and dizziness episodes due to prolonged use of the wrong prescription glasses.

Wearing glasses can restore perfect vision:

Please note that prescription glasses are an external aid. There is little to no chance that wearing these glasses can help restore perfect vision in adults. Generally, people with myopia, hyperopia, or presbyopia use prescription glasses to have a clear sight but not to reverse the condition. However, in children with lazy eyes and crossed eyes, spectacles can help restore perfect vision. Similarly, if the children having such conditions do not use glasses, their conditions can become permanent.

The Dummy glasses In Frames:

While shopping for your next pair of prescription glasses, you might have noticed demo glasses placed inside frames. These dummy glasses are not entirely useless. As glass frames tend to warp and bend over time, these dummy plastics help maintain their original shape. 

Tinted Eyeglasses:

Macular degeneration is an eye disease in which patients are advised to wear yellow-tinted glasses. People experiencing this ailment suffer from contrast sensitivity. It is an age-related disease and worsens with growing age. 


After Using glasses for a few years, they become a part of your personality, and you might feel incomplete without your pair of glasses. Glasses certainly make you look fashionable, trendy, glamorous, and sophisticated. However, if you think you will become addicted to using prescription glasses, that is not the case. You can adapt to using prescription glasses or alternative options as per your choice.