A Selection Of The Best Last Minute Gifts That Are More Than Just An Afterthought

A Selection Of The Best Last Minute Gifts That Are More Than Just An Afterthought

Sometimes things slip your mind. On occasion we are just too damn busy but let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than remembering at the last moment that a special date has arrived and you’ve forgotten to get a gift. 

Even worse, perhaps that ‘last moment’ has passed and you are the recipient of a gift and don’t have anything to offer in return, except for your sincerest apologies, which sadly won’t prevent you from spending the night on the sofa.

The accessibility of the online shopping marketplace makes it far easier for you to make last minute gifts of real meaning, some of which will be whisked to you in a matter of hours.

Here are a selection of great last-minute presents that won’t look like you forgot that special day.

Personalized Jewelry

The best gifts are those that have a deeper meaning and personalized jewelry has the additional benefit of not just being super stylish and classy but can also convey a special message or a commemoration of your love. There are many great online jewelry stores but onecklace.com/name-necklaces/ is certainly in a league of its own. Onecklace offers a wide range of personalized necklaces, bracelets and all manner of monogrammed and engraved rings. 

Get A Subscription

If you know what your partner truly wants then a subscription service that covers that need will always be a big success. Perhaps your loved one is a wine connoisseur then a subscription to a wine club will go down a treat. Maybe they are avid gamers and then a subscription to Playstation or Xbox will be a very well received gift. The good thing about this type of gift is that it’s instant and doesn’t require waiting for that all-important delivery.

Bouquet Of Flowers

Yes, flowers. Sometimes the most timeless gifts are still the most rewarding. Now you don’t have to traipse to the nearest florist, if you even have one in your area, you can order online and have that special bouquet sent straight to your partner’s workplace. And for extra points you should look to give this type of gift when they least expect it. There is no reason to wait for that ‘special’ day when it comes to flowers, surprise your loved one with the gift of roses whatever the day is. After all, do you really need a reason to shower them with love?

Customized Star Map

This follows a similar route to the personalized jewelry we mentioned earlier and is a great way to commemorate a special day you are celebrating. Why not get a star map that shows the way the universe was aligned when you first met? It’s an age-old type of present but one that continues to impress. You can also have these sent electronically for that instant gift feel.

Spa Gift Box

Sending your loved one to a spa is a nice gesture but perhaps financially it’s not doable this year. Instead, why not make the whole process more personal? You can now order a spa gift box which includes all the relevant ingredients of a successful spa trip. All the relevant oils and candles are available and you can double up with a pair of nice new monogrammed bathing robes and you can recreate the whole experience from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Message From A Celebrity

These are very popular right now and a fun, inexpensive, way to impress your partner or loved one. There are many different services, where you can pay a relatively low fee to have the celebrity that your gift receiver loves, recording a personal message directly to them. This is a nice thought out idea and one that can be easily completed in a matter of hours.

Plants For Beginners

This is a really nice idea for that loved one who would like to get more into plants and vegetation, or perhaps someone who already has green thumbs. You can sign-up and you’ll receive a new potted plant every month, along with the relevant information needed to keep the plant happy and healthy. This has the added benefit of making your shared house, and garden.

Shared Journal

If you want to really impress your partner, why not get them a shared journal, where you can both enter photos and loving memories of your continued shared time together. These come in all types of shapes and sizes, you can have leather bound versions or less ostentatious options, whatever the way you want to say it, these are a great anniversary gift.

Surprise Weekend Away

Though getting abroad, during the current pandemic, might prove problematic, you can still whisk your partner away on a surprise weekend break. Pack their bags for them, pick them up from a surprise location and plan the entire weekend down to the last detail and shower her with an endless stream of fun and loving activities. This can take a bit of planning but if you have just a couple of days, or even less time, you can still book most things at the last-minute.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

Over the past 18 months we’ve all been spending more time indoors than we had hoped, this has resulted in a great many indoor activities and the humble puzzle has experienced a renaissance of sorts. Now you can order a personalized puzzle online just by sending a relevant image and then waiting for the delivery of a 1000 piece puzzle based on that design. This is a nice fun way to celebrate a special day. Just make sure you don’t lose a key piece!