Spring Fishing Guide: How to Pack a Tackle Bag

tackle boxEvery fisherman should learn how to pack a basic tackle box, this can include several items. Some fishermen are even resorting to using the unleaded fishing tackle to reduce their environmental damage.

There are all sorts of innovations occurring in the industry every year. But, no matter what your experience, this guide will give the ins and outs of prepping a basic tackle bag.

Basic Fishing Gear

There are several containers and backpacks fisherman can use to store finishing gear. The cost to pack a basic tackle box can be as low as fifty dollars. Even a simple tackle box can help you catch all the fish.

First, any fishermen should start off with a good selection of bobbers. A bobber keeps the bait floating above the bottom.

Then, you should check out a selection of hooks and sinkers as well. You can find basic size six or one and a half hooks at any local store carrying fishing equipment.

It’s also wise to place a Leatherman or personal pocket knife to help fix any equipment issues. Pliers are also useful when dealing with building a new line.

Strong Trilene lines are also great for smooth casting and not getting caught up in rocks. It’s a tough line that blends in well with the water.  Be sure to buy Daiwa products as all these items are now available.

These hooks and sinkers can pair with earthworms, minnows, crickets, or any live bait of your choice. All kinds of fish love live bait!

Pack for Fishing

A great tackle box includes various kinds of lures. One example of an effective item is a minnow bait.

This particular type of lure looks like a minnow. It wiggles back and forth to reflect a wounded baitfish, fish can respond well to this type of action.

Certain lures can make sounds as it travels through the water. Some lures can also include spinners that leave trails of bubbles. This can help lure in fish to bite.

Spinners are handy in a tackle box, these items can work in any kind of water condition. The spinner revolves around the body of the bait. This puts out a lot of vibration reflecting an active minnow.

One of the most basic kinds of lures is known as a jig. Jigs are a molded lead sinker, which attaches to a hook. Then, you apply a soft body of your choice.

Some soft bodies consist of hair or plastic. Jigs are great for catching everything from crappies to largemouth basses.

One of the most popular bass lures is known as creature bait. These lures are great cause they consist of arm and leg attachments. These can pair with certain jig baits as well.

Tackle Bag

Building and prepping a great tackle bag can give you a great advantage when you’re out fishing. All of these items can provide you with a great beginner’s tackle box.

Be sure to check out our blog to see all the ways you can build a great tackle box without breaking the bank!