Why You Should Drive Slowly More Often

Why You Should Drive Slowly More Often

Did you know that more than 11,000 people died in the US because of speeding in a vehicle in 2020? 

Going over the speed limit can put yourself and everyone else on the road in danger. 

If you want to keep yourself and others protected, you should focus on going at a slower pace. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest reasons you should drive slowly, whether you are in the city or neighborhood! 

Reduce Your Stress

One of the biggest reasons to drive slowly is that it can help reduce stress.

When people are in a rush, they tend to drive more aggressively and stress levels rise. By going the speed limit, you can arrive at your destination in a good mood and focus on the road. Fast speeds can also increase stress levels if drivers feel overwhelmed on the roads. 

Instead of rushing everywhere, allow yourself extra time so that stress and anxiety don’t grow. 

Increase Your Stopping Distance 

During driver’s training, most students are taught to leave enough space between their vehicle and the car in front of them.

You should drive slower if you have a habit of rear-ending other vehicles. When you go at a slower speed, you increase your stopping distance and reaction time. Accidents happen unexpectedly, which means you need to prepare for the worst.

Increasing your stopping distance by driving slower can prevent you from getting into an accident or causing one. 

Avoid Hefty Tickets

Speeding tickets cost a lot and if you don’t want the points on your license, you need to take driving courses.

The best way to avoid speeding tickets is by driving more slowly. Going the speed limit, or just under it in certain weather conditions, will let you carry on with your day. You won’t have to worry about seeing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror if you don’t go too fast. 

Getting a lawyer can help if you are at fault for the accident. You can read these signs to determine if legal representation is necessary. 

Get Cheaper Insurance

Insurance premiums quickly rise when you get pulled over for speeding.

Causing an accident because of driving at dangerous speeds can also max your payments. Insurance companies raise the price of your plan significantly when you’re caught speeding. This is because you are considered to be a risk on the road. 

Having a clean driving record can qualify you for discounts and special promotions. 

Will You Drive Slowly Now?

If you have a habit of driving too fast, the reasons above might help convince you to drive slowly. 

Speeding can cause a lot of damage, even if an accident doesn’t occur. Insurance premiums rise and you’ll be left with legal fees and points on your driving record. Try to keep calm and enjoy the ride each day by driving slowly and getting to your destination safely

Don’t be afraid to get help from a lawyer if you need help with previous speeding issues. 

Make sure you read our blog for more information about driving safely and avoiding legal issues!