Why Is Social Justice Important? Reasons Explained

Why Is Social Justice Important

The idea that social justice should be an integral ethic of a community is called Social Justice. It is also moderation in wealth, food, opportunities, education, etc. It is a means of creating room for equality and unity in the community. The term social justice is similar to human rights, but it applies to everyone in a society without discrimination in gender or socioeconomic status.

The question is: why is social justice important?

Looking at the question, why is social justice important, we understand that social justice is an important rule that governs any society. It means that you are bound to obey every law governing a society if you desire to have a healthy and peaceful experience. One of the rules governing a community can be paying income taxes. This rule has the vital role it plays in society. Incorporating social justice as one of the governing rules or ethics of society will benefit people in many ways. Below are some of its vital benefits.

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Social Justice Promotes Balance

When social justice integrates as one of the ethics of a society, it sponsors balance. Social justice is the act of giving each and everyone in a community equal opportunities and resources. Both the poor and the rich are scaled equally, bringing balance in almost every aspect of the society.

The poor and rich receive an equal platform to air their views in matters concerning the community; the community authority distributes basic amenities equally regardless of status, sex, or age. Gender inequality will diminish because females can freely relate to their male counterparts.

Social Justice Promotes Oneness And Unity

Since society regards everyone equally, harmony and concord will thrive. Disunity can be as a result of gender discrimination, racism, or low self-esteem because one group treats others with contempt.

People tend to withdraw from others when they are perceived to be lowly ranked or different from the group. Foreigners also find it difficult to blend in some communities due to racism or the wrong cultural view.

Disunity cannot thrive in society except that society practices social justice because there will be no class strata. Giving everyone, including women, foreigners, the poor masses, and the rich a common platform to operate, will build closeness. It will establish synergy amongst all, leading to unity and oneness.

People With Disabilities Are Helped And Cared For

It is common to find people with permanent disabilities begging in some society—these destitute rags to fend for themselves. Yet the privileged ones in the community treat them harshly and have no concern or pity for them.

Some communities adopt policies that only favor those physically capable, while the incapable ones are without help and remorse. Social justice helps to put an end to this abnormally. Every human is the same and deserves the right to be treated unique irrespective of their socioeconomic status or physical capabilities.

Promoting fairness in society will turn focus to people with disabilities. The people will begin to look out for one another and even push for the enactment of favorable laws that will support the plight of the indigent.

It Promotes Gender Equality

Many societies treat women with disdain and rank them lowly. It is one of the significant causes of feminism and other female groups trying hard to fight for gender equality. Women are indeed supposed to be submissive to men, but working against them and looking at them without value is considered inhuman.

Certain societies treat women like slaves. They carry the belief that women are slaves to men. This ill belief has succeeded in creating societal systems that sponsor gender inequality. Males are treated with high respect and given more opportunities and platforms, while females receive little or no chance in top-ranking platforms in society.

Practicing social justice will disarm every system that promotes gender inequality in society. Females will receive opportunities since everyone is cared for and treated fairly in a social justice system. Social justice will make everyone see value in each person.

Everyone Receives Adequate Healthcare

Receiving medication and proper healthcare is dependent on the healthcare system available in a society. If the healthcare system is expensive, it will favor those that can afford it while the poor masses will suffer. It might not be a significant concern to those that can provide healthcare services if social justice is not adopted.

Healthcare is one of the vital aspects of a society that is required to practice social justice. This way, lives will be more valued than monetary gains; medical attention will be available both for the rich and poor. The society will enjoy if the majority of the people are in good health than a mug of unhealthy beggars.

Availability Of Basic Amenities

The absence of necessary facilities such as water, food, shelter, etc. can lead people to engage in criminal acts. Hunger and poverty are a force that, if not satisfied, can turn people into becoming a nuisance to society.

Research has shown that humans can do anything to satisfy hunger pangs. Children are sent to the road to beg, steal, deceive, and engage in frivolous acts just to get the necessities of life. The social justice system creates room for basic amenities to be surplus. Food, shelter, clean water, and the basic needs of humans are satisfied and made available in excess.

NGOs that specialize in caring for the masses and providing their basic needs will rise. Children will be cared for and allowed to pursue sound education.

Local People Refrain From Being Racist

Racism is an abnormality that has been on from the onset of civilization. Most foreigners are treated poorly in the society they find themselves. Some corporations adopt policies that limit foreigners from engaging and participating in significant activities about the community.

Social justice targets reducing racism. The local people welcome foreigners warmly, and it leads to peaceful co-existence. Also, it leads to the advancement of that community as it makes room for foreigners to carry on projects that will build the city.

Civil War And Internal Conflict Are Averted

Social justice focuses on promoting unity and wholeness in society by giving everyone equal opportunities and rights. There will be no cause for dispute or civil war since everyone shares the same idea, authority, and power.

Disagreement will be settled with ease and concluded to favor both parties. It establishes synergy and cooperation among individuals leading to more bonds and unity in the society.

How Social Justice Can Be Practiced

Social justice cannot be incorporated in society by a single organization or individual. It requires the collective effort of both the government and citizens. However, there is a specificity in the role organizations and individuals are to perform to promote social justice in society.

How Organizations Can Promote Social Justice

Helping the disadvantaged

Organizations, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, should develop ways to care and help people, especially the disadvantaged (people with permanent disabilities). Organizations such as the government, companies, NGOs, etc. should work together to create societal benefits for the masses.

Spreading the concept of social justice

Organizations can hold seminars to educate people on how to live equally and view each other as one. Citizens should be educated on the benefits of social justice and persuaded to practice it.

Creating platforms that promote social justice

People in authority should develop platforms that will enhance social justice. Such platforms are unity parks, public schools, free healthcare, etc. It will convince the masses to adopt the social justice policy when they are witnesses to its effects and the benefits.

How Individuals Can Promote The Concept Of Social Justice

There are many ways you can support and practice social justice in society. The methods are not limited to the list below but are enormous and also dependent on the community you find yourself.


Volunteer to be of help to many people as possible. You can do this without expecting any benefit in return. Try to view other people’s problems like yours—volunteer to help in NGOs in rallies, healthcare jobs, etc. You spread the concept of social justice by doing this regularly. Individuals and members of the community should help to maintain the scheme and facilities that organizations and NGOs will provide.

Share the concept as you relate with people

Social justice will thrive in society if many people are in sync with the ideology. Relate with people and share the idea with them peaceful, not forcefully. Engage in discussions that promote unity and present social justice as one of the systems that can promote unity.

Embrace diversity

There are different cultures and beliefs you would encounter as you relate with humans daily. Avoid coercion and allow people to flow with their belief systems. Foreigners are mostly in this category. Give them room to flow with their views.

They will soon find the benefits of social justice and accept the belief in their own accord. It will promote unity, which is one of the keys if social justice.


Social justice should be incorporated and practiced in society. That way, it bolsters why is social justice important. Community benefits more from social justice than its negativity, which society is experiencing. On this note, social justice practice should be an integral part of the community.

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