Who Makes DuroMax Generators: Affordable Option

Who Makes DuroMax Generators

Generators perform many purposes; it can be recreational or practical. Many homeowners love to have a simple generator that will act as a critical power backup in an outage or any other emergency. 

Outdoor lovers also wish to own a dual-fuel generator for camping to ensure they are quite comfortable in their adventure or trip. 

Choosing a reliable generator is crucial, and you should be certain it can properly run when there’s a need. 

Note that manufacturers make generators differently, and that’s why the generators vary in quality. The different generator manufacturers outsource their parts and units from different countries. 

Therefore knowing the actual manufacturer of a generator model is important. The article has information about the DuroMax model but let’s begin with the question.

Who Makes DuroMax Generators

The manufacturer of DuroMax is known as DuroPower. The company’s location is in California, America. DuroPower is popular for its generators and engines. Its generator designs are ideal for use in commercials and residential. 

DuroPower has many generator lines, and DuroMax is among many models. DuroMax also has many other generator models ideal for home and workplace use.

DuroMax is quickly becoming popular, and many serious buyers want to know about the generator manufacturers. People feel that having much information on the manufacturer will help them make a better buying choice. 

It’s because the manufacturer of a particular product determines the product’s reliability, durability, and overall quality. 

What Is DuroMax Generator?

DuroMax is among the major brands for portable manufacturers, and its establishment was in 2003. The DuroMax generators are quite affordable and durable because of their robust steel frame. 

Plus, they come with a fully functional wheelbase and panel. The generator is also fuel-efficient, safe, and durable.

Why Do People Love DuroMax 

DuroMax is popular for its affordability and efficiency. People do not recognize the DuroMax brand because its design isn’t as appealing as most high-end designs. 

But some people love them since they are the best alternatives to high-end models. Like high-end generators, people go for DuroMax generators because they offer maximum performance. 

Plus, they have other great features such as portability, safety, and low noise levels. The good thing is DuroMax gives all these features at a great price tag. 

Another feature that makes people love DuroMax generators is the automatic electric overload breaker. The feature ensures total protection of the unit and electronic devices in case of an overload. 

DuroMax generators also have the quick install kit and wheel kit, and foldable handles that allow you to transport the unit. 

DuroMax products have super quiet mufflers that reduce noise, making them ideal for camping and residential areas. However, most DuroMax generators usually have a one-year warranty.

DuroMax Generator Price 

When it comes to price, DuroMax generators are not so expensive. Due to its features and functions, most people can conveniently afford it. 

The DuroMax generator has full equipment, and thus you won’t need extra wires to connect. Most DuroMax products come with circuit breakers that are into different circuits. 

The generators are also ideal for people who want units with shutdown capabilities. The generator mobility makes it ideal for almost all climates and works efficiently outdoors and indoors. 

It offers reliable electrical energy that ensures you are relaxed and safe. The good thing is the generators are perfect for almost all homes and will surely complete your home. 

Today, most people consider portable generators as home backups widely used. The three main purposes of portable generators are expert, recreation, and emergency. 

DuroMax is inexpensive if you aren’t targeting powerful high-end models. DuroMax generators’ price is within the range of affordable units. 

The most affordable DuroMax unit is about $365, and the most expensive is $5700. If you want one with a good balance and all the essential features, you will pay around $1150. 

What Type Of Engine Do DuroMax Generators Use?

DuroMax generator uses the DuroMax OHV engine, and they have different cubic capacity (cc) ranges. The engines are made in Ontario, California, by DuroPower. 

There are varying engine designs that produce different watts that need various needs. DuroMax engines are powerful enough to handle multiple jobs. 

It can also power heavy-duty tools and appliances and others such as RV’s and camps. DuroPower does everything in engine development, including designing, engineering, and manufacturing. 

With DuroMax, there are over 20 models and only two designs for four triple and single-cylinder generators. DuroMax brand has high ratings when it comes to affordability and reliability.

How Long Has The DuroMax Company Been Around?

DuroPower did begin the production of DuroMax units in 2003. However, they have been manufacturing high-quality generators and engines since 1989. 

It’s great news for DuroMax fanatics since it shows that DuroMax has decades of experience and thus produces high-quality units.

Difference Between Duromax And DuroStar 

The major difference between DuroMax and DuroStar brands are design and portability. DuroMax brands usually have foldable handles and wheel kits that are easily portable. 

On the other hand, DuroStar only has handles for transportation. DuroMax generators must be CARB-compliant before selling in California, while DuroStar does not have such conditions. 

Plus, in most DuroMax generators, the running and launching watts are higher. Most DuroMax generators have the flip-up handle and wheel type, but they are optional in DuroStar brands. 

There are other major differences between the generators, like the noise level. DuroMax has a lower noise level than DuroStar.

Where To Get Parts For Your DuroMax 

After extended usage, you will need to replace your generator parts. Some people have a hard time finding the different generator parts. Replacement parts are usually available in the DuroMax Company, California. 

The DuroPower Company makes all the parts on-site for its different brands. However, to reduce repairs and replacement costs, you need to handle your generator with care and do regular maintenance. 

Choosing The Perfect DuroMax Generators 

There are many things you need to consider when choosing the DuroMax generator. Here are some of the factors to consider. You need to check out the generator’s capacity. 

Generators with larger capacities run longer and power more devices. There is the cold start technology for those that live in colder climates. The feature allows you to run the generator under extremely low temperatures. 

Many generators have power fluctuation problems that can affect the proper running of electronics and appliances. Therefore consider DuroMax units with automatic voltage regulation to help regulate the difficulty. 

Check the generator’s wattage capacity. The capacity should be able to power your entire appliance sufficiently. Households have many appliances and devices such as smartphones, refrigerators, etc. 

The generator should have the ability to power all of them. Noise level is another important factor to consider. If the dBA is lower, it means the generator will be quieter. 

Generators with lower dBA are ideal for residential and other activities like camping. The one last thing you need to consider before purchasing is the generator’s portability. 

An easily portable generator can move from place to place at any time, making storing easier.

Popular Features In DuroMax Generators 

Most DuroMax generators are dual fuel or hybrid. It means they can run on both propane and gasoline fuels. The dual-fuel feature makes them ideal for emergencies since you have more power options.

Some have the power boost technology feature. It’s great since it doubles the unit’s amperage output. 

DuroMax generators have CARB and EPA certification across 50 states, which means they are great quality. Oil protection is another amazing and high-end feature protecting the generator from damage. 

In the case of low oil levels, the feature automatically turns off the generator. Another feature is the 100% copper winding that makes the generator reliable has a longer lifespan and more power. 

It has a surge protector that is usually handy during emergencies. The control panels have light and are thus easy to operate in the dark.

Noise Levels For Most DuroMax Generators  

The general DuroMax generator noise level is 67 to 70 dBA. Most powerful and high-end DuroMax models usually have a 74 dB level mark, which isn’t quiet. 

However, certain small capacity generators have the same noise level; thus, the powerful ones aren’t worse.

Must You Ground DuroMax Generators 

Most modern DuroMax generators do not need grounding because of their designs. However, the older DuroMax generator models need grounding before you use them. 

However, it’s easy to determine whether your generator needs grounding by referring to the user manual.

Is DuroMax Manufactured In China?

The DuroMax company belongs to DuroPower, and it did start in 2003 in Ontario, California. 

You should note that generators engine manufacturing happens in China. However, the designs and all service centers reside in America.


The DuroMax generators are affordable options for high-end generators from other manufacturers. DuroMax generators have several user-friendly and safe features and are quite reliable. 

The great bit about DuroMax generators is that they offer the same power as many other high-end generators. DuroPower Company officially manufactures DuroMax in California.