Modern Design Of Front Doors: Impressive Selection

Modern Design Of Front Doors

Front doors do not only perform a practical function, protecting our home from cold or noise. Every beautiful house has a suitable front door that makes a good first impression, doesn’t it? We know the answer to this question. That’s why we have made a selection of modern front doors, the design of which is just amazing! Check it out!

​​1. The Contrast Of Metal And Wood

Aluminum is becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive material for front doors. Perhaps this is because aluminum provides the perfect combination of price and durability. This means that you can purchase a cheap front door of high quality. If combined with the natural local wood, you can get a wonderful entrance door, which will be both elegant and sophisticated. So, if you have already chosen the best option among the variety of front doors, just browse for the installation near me and replace the outdated door with a new one!

2. Modern Classics: Wooden Doors

Wood is one of the classic materials for building houses. It is still extremely popular. No other material can insulate so effectively and naturally from cold, heat, and even noise. Many modern houses rely on classic wooden doors, turning classics into a universal option. Another great idea is to combine glass elements with wood. Both materials are completely natural and therefore perfectly complement each other. While the warm nature of the wood simply enchants every guest, the glass allows a lot of natural light to penetrate inside. 

3. Entrance Door As A Colour Accent

The front door is a functional element that protects the living area from what is happening outside. Entrance doors insulate you from heat, cold, and even noise. It should be a reason to give it the leading role in the exterior design. Coloured front doors are an absolute eye-catcher – no matter how they are designed. Although the neutral facade enhances the colour effect, the wall made of natural stone should be given a chance.

​ 4. Eternal White Or Gray

White colour is not only able to show its advantages in the room but is also particularly effective in the entrance area. Just as white makes a bathroom or kitchen larger, it also gives a small entrance area a certain optical width. Combined with metal elements and the bright colour of the front garden, this is a great alternative for small homes. Although the white colour of the entrance area seems large, gray is a tested alternative. Gray elements are much less sensitive to stains or dirt. In addition, the gray entrance area reflects modern trends, so you can enjoy the beautiful design not only in the daytime but also in the evening.

5. Horizontal Lines

We already know how useful the combination of glass and light wood can be. Elements built horizontally into the front door, in which wood and glass alternate, are suitable for an interesting use of shapes and materials. This creates a wonderful play of light and lines that looks different depending on the time of day and the position of the sun.