Who Invented Tongs? Cooking Tips

Who Invented Tongs

If you’ve ever gone for a barbecue, you might as well be familiar with tongs. It lets individuals safely roast the meat without worrying much about grilling their fingers. 

It is also used in scientific experiments when performing certain procedures.

The name originates from ancient English “change.” Tang is a term meaning that which bites. Think of it as an extension to your arm that lets you interact with hot objects. 

Like many other tools in the evolution of humankind, someone made the tongs invention. Click here to learn more.

Who Invented Tongs?

The first tong-like tools race back to around 1450 BC in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used tongs to hold objects over a fire. It is one of the tools we generally use to prepare meals in the kitchen safely.

Its name stems from medieval English words “tang” or “change” to mean which bites. So you can use a pair of tongs to “bite” hot objects. It is the ancient Egyptian civilization that brought about this technology.

Significance Of Tongs

Tongs’ primary usage is holding hot objects and serving dishes like sushi and noodles. You should note that it has other uses that you can incorporate in your kitchen. It provides a tight grip that anchors food in place, making it easier to serve.

You can also use tongs to upend and flip meals as they cook. This use comes in handy on foods like noodles. 

You can use the tongs to upend and flip your meal to ensure that all the added ingredients mix well.

It doesn’t end with noodles only. You can use a pair of tongs to lift potatoes in hot water. And if you’re a fan of spaghetti, then this should be your go-to kitchen tool.

Salad is a healthy meal that requires thorough stirring. You can use a conventional spoon to mix the salad in your bowl. 

Alternatively, the tongs enable you to toss your salad and ensure that it thoroughly mixes with other ingredients.

Aside from holding objects and tossing salads, tongs are useful for short individuals. If your height disadvantage restricts you from accessing goods on the upper shelves, you can use tongs. You can use the tongs to bring them down easily.

Some kitchen pans and pots lack insulated handles. Furthermore, using kitchen cloth is quite risky. 

You can use a pair of tongs to hold non-insulated hot crockery easily. It offers a strong grip and lets you hold your items at a distance without worrying about accidents and burns.

Lastly, you can use a pair of tongs to clean your grill. When preparing multiple foods on your grill, food may stick on it. You can utilize tongs to clean the grill surface before placing the next grilling phase.

As you have seen, tongs usage isn’t limited to holding off hot objects. Its use is limited to your creativity.

Cooking Tips

Cooking a great meal doesn’t mean pumping great capital into your range of equipment. Here are some tips to help you cook as great as Salt Bay or Gordon Ramsey. Journey with me into some of the tips you should consider when selecting your kitchen equipment.

1. Sauce Pans

Well, most chefs prepare meals in the saucepan. And the best part is that you don’t need a huge collection of them. Two should be enough to help you get going. Prioritize a medium-sized and a large one.

You can also include a small saucepan in your kitchen. These pans are great at heating liquids. However, larger pans provide you with space for cooking foods in bulk. Consequently, a larger saucepan will save you some costs.

The material also matters in this equipment. Copper and stainless steel are great materials due to their durability and effectiveness in heat conductivity. Be sure to pick one with a lid to speed up your cooking process.

You should note that the pan conducts more heat if its bottom is thick. A heavier bottom conducts more heat and helps the food cook faster. 

Thinner bottoms demand more heat for the food to cook. Heat inefficiency in the pan keeps the cost up, and cooking becomes inefficient.

Furthermore, acquiring a good saucepan will serve you for years, thus saving your money in the long run.

2. Knives

Did you know that the choice of a knife affects your cooking ergonomics? It is a simple tool, but you need to get some details right. A great choice of knives will speed up your cooking process. You need three knives.

It would be best to have a heavy-duty knife, a small knife, and a serrated knife. The heavy-duty knife will come in handy when chopping off your ingredients. 

The smaller one is crucial for prepping vegetables, while the serrated one is good for carving and slicing.

Ensure that you select a knife that has a great handle. You should feel comfortable with a knife that has a good handle. 

The firmer the grip, the easier the cutting, slicing and dicing. A knife with a firm grip and heavier handle lets you handle your kitchen business easily.

You can’t go wrong with these sets of knives. You’ll worry less and focus much on how best you cook your meals. One last tip is to be careful with how you handle your knives.

3. Pestle And Mortar

The pestle and motor is a crucial kit to include in your kitchen to get the best out of your spices. It is a fantastic tool for crashing seasoned ingredients like garlic and ginger. A good pestle lets you grind the ingredients well and max out the flavor from the spices.

It would be best to feel in control when using this set of kitchen tools. Aim for a bowl with a larger circumference. 

A larger room provides you with enough space to grind the spices. Besides, it creates room enough to crush more spices at a go.

Also, choose a mortar and pestle that is heavier and more durable. It should be heavy enough to sustain the amount of force you’ll be using to pound the spices. It may cost you a couple of bucks, but its services will surely last.

4. Frying Pans

Frying pans are just gorgeous. They provide the versatility you’ll need when cooking your meal. Whether you’re searing tender meat, frying an egg, or cooking an omelet, the frying pan is always an option.

Ovenproof frying pans with a metal handle and a wide base will enable you to cook like a pro. You can use it both in the oven and on a grill. The base should be reasonably thick to allow even distribution of the heat.

Get a non-stick pan that’ll save you the hustle of scrubbing dishes for long. Besides, non-stick pans don’t retain the odor of some dishes. It is easy to clean, saving your precious time.

5. Scales and a Sieve

Are you a fan of baking? If your answer denotes anything leaning towards yes, you need to include this equipment in your kitchen.

The scale is particularly important if you follow the recipe with accurate grams. A digital scale has a simple user interface. 

Additionally, they can convert from pounds to ounces or even in kilos. It’s easy to use the digital scales.

Go for a sieve with a long handle. A handle with hooks will enable you to rest your sieve over your mixing bowl or the panel. It is a simple tool but will make your baking skills comparable to that of a pro.

6. Tongs

Since the records of tongs’ invention in ancient Egyptian civilization are still essential in the kitchen. 

You should look for a pair of tongs if some of your cooking utensils lack handles. It provides a great grip and cushions you from burns.

Look for one that has insulation on its handles. Its material should also be strong enough to support the weight of other equipment. 

This feature is important, especially if you’re preparing meals in hot environments. Such as on the oven and grill.

Tongs can also help you clean your grill and collect items high up above. This use comes in handy when grilling in bulk, and you need to clean the grill regularly. It is also useful to you if you’re short and are constantly struggling to pick items.

Moreover, you can use tongs to mix your salad or turn that lamb rack on the grill. It keeps you safe from accidental cooking outcomes. You’ll worry less about injuries and focus more on cooking with tongs.


Tongs trace date way back to 1450 BC. It has since found its position in the kitchens of most households. You can use tongs to handle hot objects, stir your salad, or clean a hot grill. It’s still an essential component in most kitchens.

Aside from tongs, there are several tips included. Such include knives, saucepans, and scales. These tips will take your cooking skills to a whole new level.