South Carolina Greening Projects Boost The City  

South Carolina Greening Projects Boost The City The World Health Organization states that green spaces are essential to the ecosystem and the mental health and wellbeing of citizens, especially those who live in built-up, commercialized cities in the USA. Large parks promote active living, which can reduce the risk of disease, while research shows that even small parks can reduce heat, stress and advance creativity and mental health. Urban parks are essential in providing recreation and relief from city life. While there are still some developers who raze trees with reckless abandon for the sake of turning a profit, many others are fighting to keep green space in their area. 

According to Stacker, Charleston, South Carolina is one out of 50 cities with the most green space per capita, and it also boasts a total of 10 green space hangouts, with more to follow. The Charleston Parks Conservancy plans to expand on green space to promote physical activity and community development. In another area in South Carolina which was once a place of segregation, Unity Park in Greenville represents a place for everyone to enjoy. The park represents Greenville’s repossession of the Reedy River which had been neglected and used as a sewer.

Development And Transformation In South Carolina

Mayberry Park in Greenville, which has recently been upgraded, includes a splash pad, a playground, a pedestrian bridge across a river, and recreational lawns. The development of the park is part of The Power of Parks, a series which examines how parks help cities to achieve their goals in improving mental and physical health, conservation, and social equality. In another area in South Carolina, Rock Hill, a 240-acre facility referred to as ‘The Rock’ is being built for the Panthers. Chief operating officer, Mark Hart, hopes that this will be the foundation for the development of more green spaces and that the project will be a live-work-play environment.

A building that was once home to the busy newsroom of The Herald represents another transformation in live-work-play transformation in Rock Hill. The former newspaper head office will be replaced by a development that includes shops, residential space, restaurants, an amphitheater, and a playground.

If you are planning to purchase or develop property in Rock Hill, you will benefit from employing landscaping and lawn specialists. If you are keen on doing your own landscaping you may find that you cannot find the most suitable plants, or you could be faced with gardening problems that you do not know how to solve. What starts off as a hobby may end up being a chore which could cost you time, energy, and money. 

Striving To Keep Our Cities Green

City living increases our exposure to air and noise pollution and it’s essential for cities to provide environments that are sustainable and healthy. Parks and recreational areas are important in ensuring that biodiversity is protected, air and noise pollution reduced, and the health and wellbeing of city dwellers enhanced. South Carolina is setting an excellent example that other cities in America can learn from.