Top LinkedIn Accounts You Should Follow

Top LinkedIn Accounts You Should Follow

LinkedIn is more than just an application to find a job, it is a great way to build your business, showcase your work environment, build connections as an employee, and hire the best talent as a recruiter. The application and platform serve a much bigger purpose than they did years ago. It allows users to connect on a professional level. LinkedIn Premium enables the top talent to be sought. Lately, LinkedIn has rolled out many updates similar to social media platforms such as stories, hashtags, shares, etc. but the app remains true to helping people build a career.

If you are an HR manager, the CEO of a firm, a new graduate on the first step of a successful career, or even an already established brand on LinkedIn, you need to follow these accounts for motivation, to be successful, and to interact with like-minded individuals to reach your goals. However, to follow these accounts, you will need a stable internet service that allows you to stay updated with the News Feed of these well-known LinkedIn personalities. So, if your current internet connection is troubling you, we highly suggest you cancel your subscription and sign up for a better one. We usually recommend Spectrum Internet to our readers due to its consistent speeds and top-notch customer service. With that said, let us discuss the top 7 LinkedIn accounts to follow 

1. Jeff Weiner

This individual created the platform LinkedIn and uses it to entertain users with its features, updates, news, and how to make the most of it. He is an insightful being with a great mind and is worth following if you want to stay on top of the competition. He has millions of followers.

2. Chantel Soumis 

This marketing personality has gained over thirty thousand individuals organically in less than a month using her own tactics and social media growth skills that she flaunts, and uses to guide her followers. She knows how to be a top boss, has a bubbly personality and alongside her great marketing skills, she is known for challenging taboos and standing up for the rights of differently-abled people. Even if her marketing talent is not considered, she is worth following because of the wondrous person she is. 

3. Quentin Allums 

Chances are you have already stumbled across him if you are an avid user of the platform because he is known to be one of LinkedIn’s top influencers with a great fan following. He is an entrepreneur, a superb speaker, and amazing at motivating people and helping them achieve their dreams. The stunning part is that this was not always the case. In his late 30s, he had hit rock bottom from where he struggled and hustled to create his company Q and rose to where he is today. 

4. Bill Gates 

We are all aware of the Microsoft founder who always has mind-boggling and thought-provoking knowledge to spring on us. He, however, was always a keen user and believer of LinkedIn and he acquired it in 2016, and LinkedIn has been striving ever since. He regularly shares snippets of his work and golden words of wisdom. 

5. Roger Wakefield 

You aim to find successful businessmen and brand owners on the platform but Roger Wakefield was not born with a gold spoon and neither is he a big shot in the business world, he is actually a plumber. Let us correct ourselves: a plumber with a million followers on LinkedIn because of his content creation. Initially, he started showcasing his plumbing services by creating how-to videos and having fun telling people what he did for a living, and then he made a website, optimized it for SEO, ranked it on top of Google results, and got more fame for virtually working and getting an online presence for what was considered a basic job!

6. Ish Verduzco 

Known famously as the “jack of all trades”, Ish originally was a social media manager and he used to use the platform to polish his social media skills and inform people about what he had learned. He then taught people marvelous social media techniques to get his channels running. Then, he dived into creating podcasts and that too became a hit. He shares top-notch, updated info about all things in life he comes across and he is definitely an interesting person to follow on the platform. 

7. Susan Cain 

This award-winning bestselling NY writer has a lot to say whilst staying silent (that is a metaphor!) She is the author of the book, “QUIET: the power of introverts in a world that cannot stop talking and she magnificently highlights how introverts add to the world and that a person not being able to express him/herself that well might still be the most perfect fit for the job role you have up. She basically talks about people who dislike talking or cannot talk and yet possess more talent than people who can talk and let you know about the skills they have. Cain has done several TED talks each of which is worth hearing and learning from. On LinkedIn, she regularly shares tips, tricks, and hacks for introverts to succeed in their work-life and build successful careers. Even if you are an extrovert, you will greatly benefit from following her!

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is a platform that has much to offer. If you follow the right people you can grow your career in a right direction and learn a great deal from them.