What Is A PEMF Machine 

What Is A PEMF Machine

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is a compact electronic device that continuously provides low-grade electromagnetic energy at a specific frequency and intensity. These waves penetrate deep into the cells, stimulating their energy production and metabolism. Therefore, it is generally quite good for boosting regenerative processes.

But then people want to know more about these machines, how they are made, and what is inside them. Theoretically, these machines are pretty simple. Some of the first uses of electricity to boost healing were reported from the 19th century. However, the history of modern PEMF therapy can be traced back to the mid-20th century.

PEMF machines mainly contain coils that produce electromagnetic waves. Coils are generally pretty simple to produce as all they contain are copper wires twisted in a circular shape. However, apart from coils, one also needs an electric circuit that can create wave patterns like round waves and saw-tooth waves. Creating these waves is a bit complex and requires much knowledge of electronics. Additionally, an electronic circuit also helps control the electrical power or intensity of these electromagnetic waves.

Early PEMF devices used to be quite bulky due to larger coils, but more importantly, massive electronic circuits were used to control PEMF therapy.

However, everything has changed these days. Coils have become so compact that they can be readily inserted into foldable mats. They have become highly advanced and compact when it comes to circuits, too. Thus, every PEMF mat will come with a wired controller. This controller helps control the settings of PEMF therapy. It allows changing electromagnetic wave shape, frequency, and intensity. Moreover, these controllers are highly advanced now and have a memory to save different settings and timers.

So, a modern PEMF mat may look like a foldable regular yoga mat, but unlike a yoga mat, it also comes with a wired controller. Additionally, the mat must be switched to power to start working.

Modern PEMF mats are quite advanced, and thus they try to combine multiple therapies. Therefore, most would also have infrared heat therapy, photon light, etc. In addition, an electronic controller will allow control of even the mat’s temperature.

Most mats are made of quite a sturdy and non-toxic material. They are made to last for years. PEMF devices now come in many shapes and sizes for different needs. Thus, one can buy a PEMF mat for a chair or for lying down. One can learn more about the various options at the healthyline outlet.

How Does A PEMF Machine Work?

We have already explained that a bit. The mechanism of working is simple. The main part of any PEMF device is the coil that produces electromagnetic waves with the help of electricity. However, equally important is the controller, as it decides what kind of waves to produce. Thus, lots of science goes into making these controllers.

These controllers can provide electromagnetic waves at varying frequencies, shapes, and intensities. Therefore, one can combine these parameters to create several unique remedies for different health needs. Thus, a combination of one kind of wave pattern may promote wound healing, and different kinds of wave patterns would improve mood and energy levels.

What Is PEMF Good For?

PEMF can be good for hundreds of health conditions. However, it is US FDA approved for a few health conditions. Nevertheless, it means that there is strong clinical evidence that PEMF can help in these disorders. Thus, PEMF is quite good for boosting bone healing or promoting healing after fractures. It is also good for those liking with knee osteoarthritis.

PEMF can also help reduce body aches and control various musculoskeletal pains. Thus, it is often used in sports medicine. But not only that, but it is also suitable for controlling post-operative pains, as it may help by boosting healing.

What is impressive about PEMF is that it is also suitable for brain health. Thus, it can help reduce the severity of depression. In addition, it may improve mood and help people feel more energized.

Who Should Not Use PEMF?

PEMF is very safe. Nonetheless, those living with certain health conditions must avoid its use. Thus, its safety is not proven in pregnancy. Similarly, those living with a cardiac pacemaker should avoid using it. In addition, it may not be suitable for those living with severe viral infections, tuberculosis, tumors, or cancers.