What Do Gems Do Steam? Understanding Steam

What Do Gems Do Steam

The gems were introduced as a currency on steam on 12th December 2014. Steam is an online platform for game developers. You can create, play, buy or discuss PC games.

The platform has more than one thousand games and some downloadable content. The gem is an important feature in steams.

However, many have not heard about it and do not know its purpose because it’s not overly popular. Hence the question

What do gems do steam?

The gems have three unique uses in steam.  You can bid for games in the auction using them, featuring the copies of the steam game.

They are currency and can be used to trade in the steam market. They can also be used to craft booster packs of the steam trading cards.

How To Obtain Steam Gems

The gems make your experience in the steam platform great. Same as gold coins in the unblocked agario, you can spend them on premium skins. Agario is one of the most popular browser games. I think the gems are akin to a lottery. Several steam items can be turned into gems. The number of gems you get depends on the rarity or value of the item.

To gems can be acquired by recycling your profile background, emoticons, and trading cards. The profile backgrounds are worth 10-100 gems, emoticons 10-100 gems, and the trading cards 2-20 gems.

However, recycling the cards is not worth it. In terms of steam market value, cards are usually way valuable than the emoticon, yet worth fewer gems. It’s advisable that you rather trade the cards for a background or an emoticon and recycle that for gems.

How Does Steam Work

Steam is one great invention that will forever flavor the gaming world. The cloud-based gaming platform has unique features.

One popular feature is that one can play or download steam games from their accounts. The steam platform allows its user to store several games without using a lot of their computer storage.

To use/ access steam, you are required to download and install the steam engine or app. You can then access the library of gems, software, and discussion forums.

Steam Service Delivery And Software Maintenance

Steam’s major function is to enable its users to access and download free and purchased games and software. It stores its games and software as Game Cache Files (GCFs) in its virtual software library.

Before 2009, steam used the traditional anti-piracy method to protect its games. The games and software would be distributed with product keys. In 2009, they updated their security. Steam adopted the use of Custom executable Generation (CEG).

The CEG technology created unique encrypted and executable game files for users. It allowed the users to install the games multiple times on multiple devices. They could even make backup copies for their software.

Installation and login of games are done while connected to the internet. The steam team can verify your credentials. After successful login, you can instruct the steam to launch your game in a special offline mode.

The steam has support that can help you save and store your game. You can share your games with friends and family. This is done by you authorizing the computers that can access your files.

Steam User Interface

Steam users can review and organize their purchased games into categories. The user sets his/her categories and adds them to the favorite list for quick access.

The great thing about the steam interface is that it allows one to add non-steam games for easy access. Users can take screenshots of their game’s progress.

The screenshots are automatically saved, and the user can review, delete or share them. You can directly share the screenshots to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Steam has trading cards; it allows users to trade with one another using virtual trading cards. The trading cards are earned based on the games the user has.

The more games one has the more credit cards.  They can be used to craft badges. This grants various rewards like emoticons, game discounts, and the ability to customize your user profile.

Steam Privacy And Security

The users’ profiles in steams are public by default. Then platform allows you to make your games, descriptions, friend lists, and much more private or only visible to your friends. The steam guard offers additional protection to the users’ accounts.

The steam guard employs the use of double authentication or an approved email through the steam app. This protects the steam accounts from hackers.

Is Steam Safe For Kids?

Steam users should be at least 13 years old. The platform communications are open chat, and community forum kids can be exposed to a lot of unnecessary information.

There are several graphical games on violence and swearing that are not appropriate for kids. However, they can still use the platform under parental monitoring. Parents can help their kids in identifying and downloading appropriate games.

Parental Control In Steam

Steam has the family view, and this interface is sophisticated. The parents have full control over what their kids are accessing on the steam platform.

It offers detailed instructions on how to set up the family view. You should read the instructions keenly since the interface is complicated. It can be overwhelming for non-gamers and new users.

After the setups, the parents can decide whether the kids can play random games or only those approved by them. The selected games are stored in the family game library.

The family view also help parents to control children access to chats, forum and many more. The family view is pin protected; the kids will not be able to overwrite the settings.

There is another option for parents to restrict titles with nudity, violence, sexual content, etc. however it’s not pin protected.

What Is The Cost Of Steam?

The steam app is free to download and use; however, many games in steam require purchase. There are free games, while others cost a low of one dollar.

The latest games and those created by the best developers cost around sixty to seventy dollars each. Always remember that the games purchased from the Steam platform can only be played on the steam network.


The steam platform has surely improved the gaming experience of many. Gamers can access multiple games, play, and save their progress; they can also get insights on various games and make new friends through the forum.

The platform has interesting methods of making purchases in the game, from gems to steam trade cards. This makes it more lively and fun.