Which Email App Is Best Suited To Android?

Which Email App Is Best Suited To Android

Email is something that most of us use every day for work and other communication needs. However, a lot of our day-to-day emailing has shifted from being done on computers to mobile devices, including Android smartphones. 

If you’re an Android user, you definitely want to pick an email app that’s designed for Android to maximize your productivity when you’re emailing on the go. We’ve put together a list of a few of the best Android email apps for you to consider.

Our Top Pick: Spike Email

Spike email is at the top of our list because it’s one-of-a-kind conversational email feature and other built-in productivity tools make it like no other email app for Android on the market.

Spike is not an email service provider itself, but it syncs with any existing email account you have, including Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Yahoo!, and IMAP email accounts.

What is Spike conversational email for Android?

When you sync your inbox with Spike, it converts email messages into instant messenger-style chat messages. This revolutionary new way of emailing removes stiff formalities and repetitive content from long, confusing email threads to let you start communicating like a human again.

There’s a reason team chat apps have increasingly replaced emails in the workplace, but there will always be a place for traditional emailing. Spike combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to communicate back and forth in real time via email, just as if you were chatting via a team instant messaging app.

But conversational email isn’t the only reason we love Spike for Android. It also functions as an all-in-one workspace for communicating and collaborating in a variety of other ways.

Additional features that make Spike the best email app for Android overall

The integrated group chats, collaborative notes with sidebar chats, voice messages, and video meetings provide you with a full range of communication options, so you don’t need to download and sign up for dozens of different platforms just to talk to your team and clients.

Spike also allows you to manage team members and projects using tasks and to-do lists, and stay on top of all your different event dates and deadlines by syncing multiple calendars within the app.

Spike drastically reduces the amount of time you spend context switching, or app switching, throughout the day, which puts you back in control of your time and increases your overall productivity. 

If you’re looking for an incredibly robust and versatile email app for Android, look no further than Spike. Signing up is as simple as downloading the Spike app on your Android device and signing in using whatever email account (or accounts) you want to access via your Android.

Easiest To Start With: Gmail

The Gmail app for Android certainly isn’t the most feature-rich app, but it deserves a mention because Gmail is one of the most user-friendly email apps out there and is designed with Android users in mind. 

It’s free and easy to sign up for a new Gmail account, and it takes care of the basic emailing needs of sending and receiving emails well. You also get access to Google Workspace tools, including Google Docs and Google Sheets, which are useful for collaborating.

Gmail also works with many different third-party Gmail client apps, including Spike. So, when you’re ready for a more productive email experience, you can use your Gmail account to sign up for another email client that has more built-in features and tools.

Gmail comes pre-installed on most Android devices, so you can open up the app right away on a new Android phone or tablet and sign in or sign up to get started.

Most Unique Security Features: ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a good choice of email app for Android if you are a particularly security-focused user. 

While the above email apps for Android on this list (Spike and Gmail) are secure and encrypted as well, ProtonMail offers some pretty unique features that allow you to lock down your emails even more.

For starters, there’s the ability to set an expiry date for emails. When you do this, the email will disappear from your sent folder and from the receiver’s inbox at the specified date and time.

Then, there’s the option to password-lock emails that you send to non-ProtonMail users, who will need to know the password ahead of time to open them. That way, if you send an email to a less secure email service, there is a greatly reduced chance of it getting intercepted or read by the wrong eyes.

While its security features are great, users may find that ProtonMail is lacking in other areas, as it’s not designed to boost your productivity.

Final Words

Android is the leading mobile operating system in the world, and as such there are many options of email apps for Android devices.

From the free, pre-installed Gmail app to the powerful Spike conversational email app, the options on the list above should give you a good idea of what’s right for you and your emailing needs. Using the email app that’s best suited to Android can help you get more done in less time when you’re on the go.