How Long Does It Take Walmart To Refund Your Credit Card?

How Long Does It Take Walmart To Refund Your Credit Card

Most E-commerce stores need to have a return policy. When you are not satisfied with the goods you ordered or bought, you are entitled to take advantage of the return policy. When the goods are returned, you can order a different product or ask for a refund of your money. Walmart also has a return and refund policy, which enables you to get back your money after a sale has taken place.

The question is, how long does it take Walmart to refund your credit card?

Customers are often interested in how long does it Walmart to refund your credit card. However, this depends on several factors before the refund takes place. However, the standard time for Walmart to refund your credit or debit card is five business days. Continue reading to know how Walmart’s return and refund policy works.

Standard Conditions For Walmart To Refund Your Payment 

Before Walmart refunds your money for items bought, you must have complied with its standard return policy. The item you sought to be refunded must be returned in the original packaging of the manufacturer. This return must be within 90 days of purchase of the item.

Where the item was bought from resellers or where it was not purchased from the Walmart site directly, you are not entitled to return, replacement, or refund from Walmart.

Walmart’s refund policy

Walmart makes a refund through several channels. The refund could be in-store, via mail or it could be through the medium that was used for payment such as your credit and debit card. Payments that were made via Gift Card, eGift Card or PayPal are also refunded to the particular mode of payment that was used. It is important to note that Walmart only gives a refund in cash when it was an order that was paid for in a Walmart store. In such a situation, the goods can only be returned to a store.

When you make an order on Walmart and check out, the payment from your credit or debit card is authorized by your financial institution. At that point, the financial institution places a hold on your account. This hold is made pending when shipping commences. Then, your account can be billed for the purchase.

As a result, when you cancel an order and shipping does not take place, the hold would expire. However, the timeframe for it to expire depends on your financial institution. Usually, the expiration of the hold on your account takes five business days.

Refund For Items That Are Damaged Or Defective

Where you received an item from Walmart and the item happens to be damaged or defective, it can be returned and your money refunded. It can also be replaced. All you have to do is return it by mail or in-store and get refunded, or the item is replaced.

Factors That Determine How Long A Refund Takes

Aside from the standard time stipulated by Walmart for refund, several factors determine how long it takes for the refund. It could depend on whether you bought the item in a Walmart store or online. It also depends on how the item is returned. The refund policies of Walmart, as well as the refund policy of the credit card company, also affects the duration it takes.

Another factor that can make a refund take longer is if there are billing disputes. It would occur in circumstances where you are not returning the item you bought. It happens where you are challenging an error that is reflecting on your credit card statement. This kind of issue might take as long as six months before the refunded money will reflect on your credit card.

What Happens When You Are Waiting For Your Refund To Be Processed?

The fact that you are waiting for your credit card to be processed does not mean that you will not make your credit card payment. One factor that comes into play is at the point in the billing cycle that the refund is being processed. Where the billing cycle has closed, and the refund has not reflected, you will have to pay the minimum amount in order not to attract charges for paying late.

Is A Refund To A Different Credit Card Allowed?

According to Walmart policy, a refund can only be made to the medium through which payment was received. However, some merchants do not allow a refund to be received in a credit card different from the one from which payment was made.

Is A Refund Policy Necessary?

To be successful in a business, you need a return and refund policy. Refusing to have a refund business makes it more difficult for your business to be trusted in the online space. People would be more eager to try out a new product when a return and refund policy is in place. It boosts their confidence in your brand.

Apart from having a return and refund policy, the processes to achieve this must be easy to follow through. When the procedures are tiring, customers are more likely to go elsewhere.

It is not surprising that a big store like Walmart has a return and refund policy. Its competitors are also doing the same. Where it fails to do so, it will be losing customers in the process of its competitors. Having one helps it to retain customers and create a long-term relationship with them.

What Type Of Refund Does Walmart Provide?

Some companies do not refund cash when items are returned. They would instead refund store credits that could be used by the individual to buy another item at the store. Some could refund the actual price of the item that was returned.

There are companies that will neither return cash or credit. The return policies of these companies are rigorous, and they only allow for the replacement of the item, the original unit of it.

Walmart allows for a refund of the purchase price. It also gives room for the replacement of the item. It is quite commendable as its liberal return and refund policy gains the trust of its customers in favor of the business.

Does Walmart Make Refunds For Missing Or Stolen Items?

According to its policy, Walmart does not replace or refund payment for any item that gets lost during shipping. It only replaces and refunds where the item got missing or stolen in the course of its handling before it is shipped. Where an item is out of stock, it would make a refund of your money as it is unable to make refunds at the time.

Other Things To Note About Refunds

It is advised that before you shop on Walmart and other online stores, you should study their return and refund policy carefully. Understanding of their policies is necessary to prevent disputes that could arise when an item is to be replaced or refunded.

Return and refund policies often affect companies negatively. Though it causes the company to earn the trust of the company and increase sales, it affects the company in other ways. It is necessary to assure consumers of the best intentions of the company, yet the effects on these companies cannot be ignored.

Some customers tend to take advantage of a refund policy. It often happens with fashion items. Some persons would buy clothes and after wearing it once or twice will return it and request a refund. When returns and refunds occur frequently, it affects the accounting system of the company and makes the process complicated. The impact is even more when the item returned is a costly one. Asides the inconveniences it will cause with accounting, the company would need much cash at hand to make the refunds on that purchase

When the packages of items are sold and returned after they have been opened, such items cannot be sold as new items. It is because the packaging has already been tampered with, and it cannot be restored to its original state. The only option available to the stores in such a situation is to sell it off as special sales, auction sales, or donating it for a charitable cause.


Getting a refund from most online stores usually take a long time because of the various factors that are involved. To answer the question, how long does it take Walmart to refund your credit card, it should be noted that Walmart’s standard period for refund to your credit card is five business days. However, from reviews available online, this is often not the case as it takes much longer. Only Walmart cannot be held responsible for the extended period it takes for the refund to reflect on your credit card. It is because several factors, like the refund policy of the credit card company, the mode of purchase and return, interact. In reality, all these factors, together with Walmart’s return and refund policy is what determines how long it takes for your credit card to be refunded when you shop at Walmart.

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