5 Ways To Keep Your Business Secure

5 Ways To Keep Your Business Secure

2021 might be the year you decide to get a business idea off the ground. Maybe you had that idea years ago, or perhaps it just came to you. Either way, starting your own company can yield great dividends, and not just financial ones.

You can truly feel that you’ve accomplished something if you create a business and it does well within its niche. That might take many years, or you could be a near-instant success. That all depends on what your idea is and how well you can execute it.

If you are going to get a business started this year, though, you need to do all that you can to keep it secure. There are a few different ways that you can do that. Obviously, what your business model is will impact what you can do to secure it.

Let’s talk about some different security options for your company right now.

You Can Keep The Premises Neat And Tidy

Let’s say that you have a brick-and-mortar location for your business, or more than one. Maybe you start with one location, but you quickly expand so that there are a few of them. If you can find the proper financial backing, that is definitely possible.

Once you open your doors to the public and your workers, you need to make sure that you keep your store neat and tidy. That means stacking your products up and keeping them on the shelves instead of having them lying all over the place.

Orderly stores mean that visitors and employees alike will not trip over objects, such as products, ladders, exposed wiring, tools, and so forth. If anything like that ever happens, you might have a premises liability lawsuit on your hands. That can be the kind of thing that kills your business’s momentum or even bankrupts you.

Have Electronic Alarms

Again, if you have physical store locations, you’ll want to keep them secure, and presumably, you’ll have hours when you’re open and others when you will close the store. You will not have the company open at night. The only time you might have a business that’s open in the evenings is if you open a restaurant or a nightclub.

You can contact a security company and have them set up alarms for your business. You might have silent alarms that alert the police if someone trips them after hours, or you may have ones that go off very loudly if someone activates them.

A loud alarm will encourage a potential thief to run away, while a silent one will usually convince them to stay there until the authorities arrive. You can talk to the alarm company about which option will work best for you.

You Can Enable Two-Factor Authentication

It could be that you’ve got a business where you don’t have a central location where your employees come to do their work. Perhaps you’ll let your employees work from home as much as possible.

There are many companies that do that these days. Letting your employees work from home often makes your business more attractive to them. They can wake up later every morning, and they don’t have to commute and deal with rush hour traffic.

If you allow them to work from home, you will probably have a software suite that your workers use. They can share communications and project updates via that platform. You might get a proprietary one or buy a ready-made one off the shelf.

Either way, you want to enable two-factor authentication so your workers can confirm their identities before they log in. Two-factor authentication is something that exists already, and many individuals use it every day. For instance, you might have two-factor authentication on your phone, with both facial recognition set up and a passcode as well.

You can assign your workers each a login name and a password. They might also have to answer a security question on top of that. Doing this makes hacker attacks a lot less likely.

Hire Ethical Hackers

Speaking of hackers, you might also decide to hire some ethical ones who can run penetration testing on your business’s software suite. They can see if there are any obvious vulnerabilities through which they can access your network and some of your sensitive employee or customer data.

If they find any holes that need patching up, they can do that for you. These companies hire skilled hackers that have many of the same abilities an unethical hacker probably has.

Once you patch up any glaring security holes, you will be in a much better position to stop hacker attacks. You can also have the ethical hacking company do the same thing every few months or so.

You Can Hire Security Guards

If you have physical store locations, you can also hire guards and have them patrol the property. You can employ guards that will work for your company directly, or else you can hire a guard company. If you go through a company, you can usually save some money that way.

These guards can patrol throughout your store during the day, and you can even have them there overnight as well if you feel like that is necessary. That all depends on how valuable you think your products are and whether you believe anyone is likely to break in after hours.

You can even get dogs to patrol the property as well. You might get some large dogs you can train to attack intruders, such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Pit Bulls.

Your store or business’s security matters a great deal. If you decide to slack off in this area to try and save money, that could mean disaster if someone thinks your company is an easy target. Whether they plan to launch a physical attack or a cyberattack, you need to have the safeguards in place to stop them. That is how you send the message that customers should do business with you.