Top 12 Research Paper Topics To Cover In College In 2021

Top 12 Research Paper Topics to Cover in College in 2021

A research paper is one of the integral parts of the college student. You need to ace in that paper in order to score high and make your way to the best future. But these papers are not as easy as they may sound. You can face a lot of challenges and you are not alone. Most of the students face the same issue. The first challenge that college students face while preparing for their research papers is the right topic. Are you too looking for the best topic that you can choose for your college research assignment? Then you are in the right place.

Best Topics For College Research Paper

Topic 1: Cyber-security For Business

If you are looking for a great topic for your business research assignment, then this can be a great topic for you. As businesses are becoming more and more internet-oriented, these days, cyber-attacks are a major concern. You can write a full research article on cyber-security, how a business can cope with the attacks, what steps must be taken and how cyber-security can help. 

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Topic 2: Animal Rights

As animal cruelty is increasing every day, raising a voice is important. With full research, you can acquire many details for your law and crime paper. Also, you can contact some of the animal care services and rescue services to know more about the situations and how to cope with them up. A well-researched piece on the right of animals can be an interesting as well as factual one keeping the present scenario in mind.

Topic 3: Alternative Energy

As many more debates are arising related to environmental issues, the topics that are related can be a great choice. One of the topics that are getting a lot of popularity is alternative energy such as solar energy, tidal energy, hydro energy, and many more. You can write a detailed piece on all these alternative energy sources that one can use instead of the non-renewable energy sources.

Topic 4: Domestic Abuse & Divorce Rate

If you want to write a paper on family issues, then this is a great topic. You can cover a lot of data, statistics, and many more details about domestic abuse and the divorce rate. You can provide some strategies too that can help society from the abuses and mental trauma.

Topic 5: Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Want to write something about health? Then coronavirus or COVID-19 can be a great topic for you. As many people are suffering and succumbing to this deadly virus, there are a lot of subtopics that you can cover. How the healthcare system is handling this virus and what are the essential lessons that the healthcare system has learned from this? What is the effect of the post-pandemic crisis?

Topic 6: Stereotyping And Portrayal Of Women

One of the best topics for a media stream is this one. As one part of the world is fighting for women’s empowerment and asking for equal rights, many media are still stereotyping women and portraying them in the wrong light. You can produce a lot of material on this topic and create a full research paper for your college.

Topic 7: Taxes & Budget Deficit

If you want to write about finance and politics, then this is a great topic. Tax and budget are the two major concerns for many countries. You can get a lot of materials for your research with the help of the internet and books.

Topic 8: Social Security Reform

No doubt that political research papers can score a lot. If you want to cover something on politics, try this topic. In this generation, where everyone has a way to voice their opinion, it can have a strong impact on social reform. Write on various past movements and how they can change the future too.

Topic 9: Criminal Psychology

If you are a psychology student, writing a research paper on criminal psychology can be quite interesting. You can take various examples and sources for this topic. You can do many case studies as well to make your piece more intriguing and persuasive.

Topic 10: Lgbt (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)

Nowadays, the LGBT topic is getting a lot of popularity. You can write a thoroughly researched piece on this topic and make it more interesting. Definitely, you can add some subtopics like how previously things were before the law has been passed and how still some countries don’t allow LGBT.

Topic 11: Depression

This can be a social awareness topic. There are many people who are suffering from depression. Talk about how people still consider this as taboo and people suffering from depression are labeled as crazy. You can surely get a lot of research material along with professional advice from different experts.

Topic 12: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

This is another topic if you want to write a paper on health. As there is an alarming raise in the number of people trying invasive methods like plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty, it can be an interesting topic to consider. You can write about the pros and cons and also the myths related to these surgeries.