Visualizing Data: The Impact Of Modern Design Trends

The Impact Of Modern Design Trends

We live in a world where each of us regularly deals with digital products. For users, one of the most important things when interacting with “windows” in the digital world is the interface. No matter how well an application or operating system works, all that matters to the end user is how it looks. This is not about visual selectivity at all, but about the principle of “everything genius is simple”. The most successful products in the world are based on this basic principle.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

You might say that not everything that looks good has good functionality and vice versa.

Yes, of course. But products only become truly outstanding when they combine both of these factors: functionality and appearance. This is easy to understand if you think of Apple. Much of the success of this company, in addition to good software, is due to the appearance of its operating system. Steve Jobs and Johnny Ive are idealists who tried to achieve the absolute maximum in their work. Their approach to the creation of technology and software is entirely based on the principle that “everything genius is simple”. The simpler and clearer a product is, the more attractive it is. 

Over time, many other companies around the world began to adhere to this concept. You have probably noticed that everything has changed a lot in the last decades. This trend is becoming more and more evident in clothing, automobiles, digital and household appliances. Colors have become more uniform, shapes simpler and smoother. Even your smartphone app icons don’t look the same as they did 10-15 years ago. Many company logos have moved away from the concept of skeuomorphism towards minimalism. Go online to see how company logos have changed over the last 20-30 years and you will see that this is indeed the case.

Closer To The Point

The same principles apply to data maps. Make a proper data map with multiple categories, but don’t bother with the visual aspects of it, and you’ll end up with a data map that’s hard to understand. Therefore, progress has affected this area as well. The people who compile such maps have also taken the path of simplification and adopted many modern trends in their work. Thanks to this, data maps began to appear with clear color differentiation and an appearance that fully corresponds to modern ideas. Such Heat Maps are created by professional designers and specialists in Heat Map Data Visualization services. They study the needs of users and provide them with their developments. These complex-to-develop, but easy-to-use software solutions are used everywhere: they are used both by large companies engaged in collecting and analyzing data and by private business owners, due to the features of their work.

What Is The Profitability?


Let’s say your company is engaged in sales. You, as a CEO, are of course interested in various indicators.

There is nothing more user-friendly than a data map because it allows you to switch between different categories of data, select a specific time period, extract a certain type of data from the total mass, edit old data, and add new ones. The software will do all the calculations on its own and produce a clear, visually pleasing result. Based on these results, you can navigate and adjust your business strategy.

For staff

When you have modern, simple, and good-looking tools for work, your work becomes more enjoyable. It’s hard to disagree with the fact that working in a comfortable office is much more pleasant and produces greater emotional returns. The same applies to working tools. If, instead of outdated, gray, and boring software, you have a software solution that not only has many advantages but also has a modern look, then the work will be done faster and with better quality. Which ultimately benefits everyone.

For customers

Improving the understanding of the development vector within the company affects the quality of the services provided. When the level of customer satisfaction increases, the demand for services increases, and this allows the company to develop even faster and raise the level of customer service higher and higher.

For the company

A company that has modern solutions to improve internal processes functions more efficiently than its competitors. This means that the company’s services are in great demand.


Heat Map is a modern tool for summarizing and structuring data. Thanks to the concept of ease of entry, editing, and visualization, such software solutions have become an integral standard for many companies around the world that seek to optimize internal workflows and minimize the routine effort required to complete such work.