Exploring The Pros And Cons: Is Buying YouTube Comments Worth It

Is Buying YouTube Comments Worth It

The debate over ‘purchasing YouTube comments is a curse or a blessing has been going on constantly with no conclusion. If you wish to buy YouTube commentsto connect with your target audience, create a sense of community, and develop loyal followers, then go ahead. Here, you will explore some of the main pros and cons of buying comments on YouTube.

What Are The Pros Of Buying YouTube Comments?

Multiple benefits make buying YouTube comments worth it for content creators, brands, influencers, and everyone.

1. Social proof

The number of comments and subscribers on a YouTube channel is directly proportional to online recognition and reputation. Expanding these metrics through purchased comments will give social proof of the improved quality of your videos and make your channel look more authoritative. This will automatically bring the attention of other viewers and let them never miss any upload on your channel.

2. Expand the existing fan base and reach a new audience

It is a human tendency that we all mostly get attracted to things that are already liked or followed by others. We usually have a perception that things that are in trend have something unique and admirable.

Buying comments would have the potential to make your content appear trending and engaging to YouTube users. This will help you gain the attention of the new audience and engage the existing one by reaching out regularly with unique videos.

3. Higher ranking

Appearing on the trending lists is the dream of every YouTuberto quickly reach the potential audience.Buying comments would assist you in improvingthe search ranking of your video by showing higher user engagement on your content to algorithms. More comments would provide you with an improved chance to rank higher in the searches of YouTube.

4. Enhance credibility

When the trends are set by some popular content creators, the audience will surely engage with them. The increasing popularity and engagement will make more viewers keep looking for your upcoming videos. The more people are interested in watching your videos, the higher it will assist in developing credibility and trust.

5. Improve overall value

Purchasing comments will simply improve your overall value as a content creator or a brand. You are capable to an extent of a clear transparent monitor document of success. This will prove extremely beneficial in keeping gigs and negotiating contracts. When you have improved visibility on YouTube, rising popularity & credibility, expanded audience base, and a greater level of rank, it will push your career success with overall improved value.

6. Career boost

Achieving all of the above-mentioned benefits will give a significant boost to your career with increased credibility. It may help you get discovered by the top companies looking for popular YouTubersto sign them for their upcoming projects. You can even secure better opportunities and collaborations to take your career growth to the next level.

7. A quick and cost-effective approach

Buying YouTube comments is an affordable and time-saving approach to kickstart your YouTube channel and career growth. Creating a presence on YouTube starts with zero comments and takes time to get more comments, especially the initial hundred comments. Buying real comments from authentic users provides a quick boost in the comment count. You can choose the most suitable package based on the amount of comments you need and your budget.

8. Increase earnings

The rising popularity will provide you with increased chances of producing more income through your YouTube channel and other monetization methods. For example, YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP), merchandise sales, and advertisements. It will help you with more financial stability and sufficient time to emphasize your content quality.

9. Create a solid social media presence

Whenever any user on social networking sites finds something interesting, they are more likely to share that with their friends, families, and loved ones on other platforms. Purchasing comments when combined with creating entertaining videos can make your audience share content over other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc., expanding your video reach to a wider level.

What Are The Possible Cons Of Purchasing YouTube Comments?

Purchasing fake comments can bring some hidden risks like the following –

1. Risk of scammers

There are many scammers on the internet world providing fake promises and services. They may deliver inauthentic comments produced by computer programs or bots. This may negatively impact your image and credibility.

2. Bad reputation

Buying fake comments can turn the entire game into a problematic situation by affecting your reputation and recognition in the online world. Spammyand fake comments generated from bots can be easily identified by users and YouTube’s algorithms.It may eventually put you on the wrong side of the Terms of Reference of YouTube. Moreover, it will break the trust of your subscribers.

3. Get suspended or banned by YouTube

Your account can be suspended or banned by YouTube when the received comments or engagement is flagged as spam. The fake comments are easily detected by YouTube and may seem like suspicious activity.

Where Do I Buy Real Comments For Organic Growth?

With hundreds of websites and companies selling YouTube comments and other types of social media services, it is essential to choose genuine providers. FBPostLikesprovidescomments from real users having active accounts on YouTube rather than bots. This adds to the organic engagement and authenticity. The delivery timeframe is also quick. Moreover, you don’t need to provide any sensitive information like passwords, OTP, etc.


At the bottom line, buying comments on YouTube can provide you with the capacity you need to achieve popularity and expand your list of fans and followers. You will get the potential to bring the attention of millions of viewers and achieve the goal of creating your successfully growing YouTube channel. However, it’s important to ensure you’re buying the high-quality, real, and right type of comments from legitimate websites where experts work with you after providing the services as well.