Supporting Your Loved Ones In Nassau With In-Home Care

Supporting Your Loved Ones In Nassau With In-Home Care

Unfortunately, sometimes there comes a time in life when people grow old and sometimes can no longer take care of themselves properly. There are many reasons for this: various diseases, surgical interventions, decreased mobility due to age-related changes, and cognitive decline. All of these reasons make life for the elderly harder every day. Often, staying at home becomes either impossible or very difficult. In-home care in Nassau comes to the rescue in such cases. Many seniors refuse to stay in a hospital or retirement home; their main desire is to be at home and grow old within their own walls. Home care is just the right way for relatives or caregivers to provide proper care, safety and comfort through professionals. Home care aides arrange for quality care, companionship and supervision, while leaving the elderly and disabled in their home, in familiar surroundings. One and the most important reason why Americans use care agencies is not the willingness to be hospitalized, like in a hospital. Millions of older Americans and their relatives choose such agencies to make life safer, and most importantly, more comfortable. We have compiled comprehensive information on what types of services we provide and what to focus on when choosing a staff or caregiver. 

What Does The Concept Of In-Home Care Mean ?

Home care is provided only by professionals, usually with medical training and quality training. Care is provided for people with various disabilities who need care on a daily basis. Medical personnel provide services to patients who need constant supervision and medical treatment. In addition to the medical staff, non-medical staff may also look after your relatives. They help the sick person with personal care and companionship. Depending on the choice of care agency, they can provide a different range of services, from constant and round-the-clock care to partial visits for specific and necessary functions. All services are performed in the client’s home, in order to make the process more comfortable for them and of higher quality. The agency’s staff necessarily consults with the attending physician, relatives or caregivers, and the client themselves about the care. 

Home Care Services

Agency staff provide a variety of nursing, home care, and personal care services. Available services include: 

  • Management and supervision of the elderly
  • Mobility assistance for seniors or people with disabilities
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation 
  • Laundry, cleaning, and housekeeping
  • Preparing for doctor appointments, transportation, attending social events, etc.
  • Friendly interactions, social activities and cognitive stimulation 
  • Supervision of medications, special daily schedules
  • Recreational and family care arrangements

By hiring a qualified caregiver for your relatives, you have more free time to take care of your personal life, work, or just spend more time with your loved ones and family. If you choose to care for yourself, you spend a lot of time and energy running errands and household chores. You don’t have time to spend with the elderly person at all. 

Elderly care allows them to spend more time in their own home, to be independent and more independent. All their wishes are taken into account and met. The elderly person’s mood gets better every day and the recovery process is much faster. It is especially important and meaningful to hire an agency if you live at a distance from your loved one who needs help. That way you have peace of mind, the caregiver will let you know everything that’s going on with your loved one, will cook and clean to make sure they feel completely fine. The caregiver you hire from the agency is obligated to keep you informed about their physical, mental and social well-being. 

To begin working with an agency, you should make sure of a few things that are very important in a subsequent collaboration. You should discuss the goals of the care, the duration, and your preferences. Also, you should make sure that your interests are aligned with those of your elderly parents or relatives. This information allows you to make sure that professional caregivers and the agency’s administration want to really help you and meet your expectations. An honest and open dialogue with your prospective caregiver and a dialogue about future responsibilities will help you decide on your goals and cooperation in the future. 

There are several types of agency home care and here are the most important of them:

  1. Personal care. Help with everyday activities like bathing and dressing, preparation, and household tasks to enable independence and safety for those who couldn’t afford it by themselves. 
  2. Homemaking services. This is a hands-on caregiver assistance with routine chores around the house related to cleaning, dishwashing, and washing various elderly comfort devices. All of this is created for the comfort of your loved ones. Knowing that your loved ones are getting the necessary and basic care will give you peace of mind when you are away or at work.
  3. Nursing care. Long-term care assistance for the sick person, the schedule of the day is carried out according to the doctor’s recommendations, the constant and controlled intake of medicines. Usually, such services are ordered by people who suffer from illnesses, acute diagnoses and physical movement disorders. 
  4. Short-term care under the close supervision of a physician. This care is designed to help you recover from an illness, injury, or long hospital stay. 

Galaxy Home Care provides the best staff with experts in home and elder care. The company’s staff understands to show only the best experience, quality and individualized approach to each client. The approach to each individual person is a complex process combining professionalism, dignity, respect and quality work of a caregiver. For Galaxy Home Care professionals it is very important that their emotional needs match with their physical state, and they understand how important it is to provide good care for the elderly. Specialists become like family members to those who have hired them over time, they are there every day to care for them, communicate with them and enhance their spirits. It is the careful care that creates a relationship that is close to family. Our managers will give you a consultation on our services, help you find a reliable caregiver, and negotiate with you about your goals and budget, as well as your client’s wishes.