Stumped On Gift Ideas For Men: 5 Pieces Of Jewelry Every Man In Your Life Will Love

Stumped On Gift Ideas For Men

Shopping for men is hard enough already, but it can help specifically to have some inspiration in mind when it comes to shopping for a significant other or yourself. Men’s fashion is all over the map, but the one thing that so many men agree on is how difficult it is to pick out quality timeless jewelry for men that elevates their style. Jewelry for men is hard to nail down. You want it to be masculine and attractive, but still, something that is subtle and doesn’t look too try-hard. There is also a misconception that men’s jewelry is only for men who really care about style. This could not be further from the truth! There are so many great versatile and classic pieces out there. Something as simple as a Cuban link chain is a staple wardrobe piece that is a fantastic look that is as great for the fashion-forward as it is for the fashion-oblivious. 

Many men have asked how they can work to elevate their fashion sense this year, and similarly, many significant others have been asking the same question. Whether you’re reading this as a prospective style learner for yourself or a gift giver on behalf of someone else, know that you’re in the right place. It’s crazy how adding something as simple as the right accessory has the capability to completely transform the integrity of a look. So what are the statement or staple  pieces that every man needs this year? We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide below. 

1. A Cuban Link Chain

Starting with the essentials, every man needs a Cuban Link Chain. A gold or silver chain is one of the most classic, traditional, and popular types of male jewelry. They tend to vary in width from anywhere from 4 millimeters to 12 millimeters, so you have the flexibility to choose just how subtle or bold you want your look to be. The Cuban Link Chain is a chain necklace with the classic design that you think of when you typically think of a gold or silver chain necklace. For visual purposes, it can be described as a chain that is made up of rings that interlock together making a uniform rope-like pattern that lays flat against the body. All in all, if you’re looking to build your essentials wardrobe, the Cuban Link Chain is a great place to start for yourself or for a gift. 

2. A Watch

Another classic that elevates any basic or staple outfit is a watch. Not only does it make for a great gift, but it’s also something to buy for yourself if you’re lacking one. Watches are super practical for telling time but they also serve as a finishing touch to any outfit. Watches come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of materials ranging from anything from stainless steel to titanium to ceramic. Whether it has a gold link band or a brown leather one, you can’t go wrong.

3. A Tie Clip

If you work in a corporate environment, then you know just how boring business clothes can feel day in and day out. Many people think tie clips are reserved only for special occasions, but in all reality, they are a great way to spice up corporate attire. The purpose of a tie clip is to keep your tie in place and out of the way. This is obviously perfect in a business meeting setting, but it also can become a fashionable way to express yourself and add a little extra pizazz or intention to an otherwise boring outfit. If you’re buying it as a gift for a significant other, consider getting one engraved with a pattern or initials, 

4. Rings

Far too many people still think that you can only wear a ring as a man if you are married. This could not be further from the truth! Men are stepping out of their comfort zone and finding creative ways to up their fashion game by wearing rings. Some choose to wear signet rings which have recently recirculated in popularity and come into trend. A signet ring can be engraved with a family crest, a set of initials, or anything of significance. If you’re buying this as a gift, this can be an excellent way to show your man just how much you care. Stick to something simple and timeless, and it is sure to become a new staple. 

5. A Necklace

Necklaces are another jewelry piece that comes with far too many inaccurate assumptions. Some men are afraid that if they wear a necklace to skinny or thin it will come off too feminine, but if they wear something too thick they’ll look too gangster. Luckily, there a millions of ways to get it right when it comes to necklaces. Try a mid-weight chain with a small pendant that represents something about you. This is perfect for a date or to use as a talking point with others.