3 Tips To Make Your Finals Week A Smooth Ride

3 Tips To Make Your Finals Week A Smooth Ride

College can occasionally be a pretty stressful place. Your average semester routine will most likely be broken up by relatively short periods of panic. Most of the time this sort of emergency comes out of the left field.

And once you are caught off guard it can be pretty difficult to get back on track. Finals can be considered one of these emergencies. With one notable difference – you can see it coming from a mile away.

But knowing that finals are coming does students very little good. Finals are somehow as stressful every time you face them as they are the first time around. But they don’t have to be.

Sure, they will always be more intense compared to the rest of your semester. But with a couple of tricks, you can make sure you get through them in a calm and composed manner.


When you are on your final stretch – you need to focus on making it through no matter what. In order to do that you need to be extremely good at triage.

Take all of the events and activities you have planned for the time frame of your finals. Look through them and decide which ones take priority and which ones can wait until you are less busy. This will grant you more time to deal with the essentials.

There are some tasks that can’t be cast out as non-essential and at the same time demand more effort from you than you can currently spare. Most of the time this category is filled with overdue written assignments that you should have taken care of a long time ago.

This situation can be as simple to solve as typing ‘write my paper’ in the search bar. It will clear your schedule of the pesky distractions.

Students oftentimes view the finals as an excuse to neglect one’s health. And yes, you can push yourself once in a while to finish up some tasks. But it should not become a habit. The consequences of habitual disregard of personal health may not be evident immediately. But you will feel them in the long run. It is never worth it. So make sure you maintain a healthy diet and get enough sleep.

Wonders Of Technology

Time is a precious resource. And you should do your best to save as much of it as you can. There are plenty of menial tasks that demand way more time from you than they deserve or than you can spare for that matter.

Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful tools you can find online that will help you automate your workflow at least partially. Making good use of those can save you hours upon hours of tedious work.

Technology offers us plenty of solutions to routine tasks. Algorithms are not advanced enough to do creative work for you yet. But something basic like editing is absolutely doable. Some apps will help you fix your grammar or run a plagiarism check. Others will help you keep your notes in good order and keep your schedule organized.

But technology isn’t only useful for studying. It can also help you relax. Sitting through a couple of episodes of your favorite show can help you recharge your energy in between studying sessions. A properly compiled playlist can help you focus on the tasks at hand. Just don’t let all that goodness distract you. There will be plenty of time to celebrate once the finals are over.

Together We Stand

With finals coming up you need to really start studying. That means you have to roll your sleeves up and push your productivity up to eleven. To this end, any trick will do.

Not many students are disciplined enough to overdrive for long periods of time. So what you need here is a bit of motivation. One of the quickest ways to motivate yourself is to study in a hard-working group. The need to keep up with the others will force you to push yourself further than you would alone.

Your choice of the study group is a critical decision. You have to make absolutely sure they get together to be productive. You might be tempted to invite some of your friends to study together. But you need to be honest with yourself here. If there is a chance you will end up at the local pub instead of the library – you should probably consider joining another group.

It may take some time until you manage to find a perfect productive environment. Don’t be afraid to ditch your current group if you feel like it doesn’t help you. Studying in a group offers a multitude of benefits if done correctly, such as:

But even if you managed to find a group that is actually studying, you should pay close attention to manage to benefit from this activity. Don’t stay in the background. If you let your colleagues do all the heavy lifting you will learn nothing.

It is especially important in large groups where it is easy to get completely overshadowed by others. Make sure you are trying your best to contribute.

Final Words

The dread finals instill in students isn’t really warranted at all. If you have been studying diligently you should not be worried at all. If you managed to get on your professors’ good side you might even get a free pass.

The best thing you can do to turn your finals week into a smooth ride is to keep calm and steady. Treat your semester as a marathon and the finals as the last calculated acceleration instead of a hectic rush.

Students always expect problems from the finals. But the truth is, they can only be a challenge if you run into them completely unprepared. The best way to combat the finals week is to work hard throughout the semester. So unless you majorly slacked off – you won’t need any tricks to help you get through the finals.