Top 12 Linguistics Research Paper Topics

Top 12 Linguistics Research Paper Topics

For those who are looking at the top 12 linguistic research paper topics, this could be the right place. Language, without any doubt, evolves over time and therefore it goes through many changes. It takes into account the history, culture, practices, and habits of people. Hence, if you wish to know more about the evolution of mankind, it makes a lot of sense to spend some time understanding the various ways and means by which language has grown and evolved over time. There are dozens of such languages and within a major language, there could be many sub-divisions, dialects, and so on. Hence, it may not be possible to discuss each and every one of them. However, we are happy to list down 12 linguist research paper topics, presented by Omnipapers. This will be of interest not only to those who spend time researching papers but also for those who are interested to know something more about the evolution and development of certain languages. Many of these languages also have a profound impact on the lives of millions of people across the world.

Brief Look At Top 12 Linguistics Research Paper Topics

1. Greek Philosophers And Their Contribution To Language

The biggest role of Greek Philosophers in the language is to trace the origins of certain languages like Latin, Sanskrit, Mandarin, and Hebrew amongst others… There are reasons to believe that these two languages are the mother of many other languages across the world.

2. Early Speculation About Origin Of Language

If you look at the works and points-or-view of many language experts over the centuries and years, you will find that they have many theories when it comes to the evolution of language. These include bow-wow theory, ding-dong theory, ta-ta theory, and many others.

3. Why The Origin Of Language May Not Be Answerable?

Though it is generally believed that language may have originated around 100,000 years ago, the exact time period of its origination may be tough to predict because of a number of reasons.

4. Is Language The Only Way We Use To Communicate?

While the language is the best way to communicate with people, there are other ways too including sign languages, etc.

5. Show We Learn Two Or More Languages?

This was a common belief those days that learning one language was enough. But today in a globalized world, the above question may look a bit redundant.

6. Why Does Mother Tongue Influence Our Pronunciation?

The main reason for different pronunciations could be traced to phonetics and the way our tongue and mind are tuned to repeat voices, alphabets, and syllables. This does have a big impact on the way in which we pronounce a language.

7. Why Are Some Languages Difficult To Learn Compared To Others?

There are three factors that determine a language and they are grammar, words, and phonetics. Students and new language learners often face problems because they have to work in a cognitive model that is different. It may require quite a bit of new learning apart from unlearning a few things.

8. Language & Identity – How They Are Related?

There is a close connection between language and identity. Language helps in defining the ethnic group to which we belong. It also helps in defining more about the culture and social status of individuals and groups in a society.

9. Why Is Written Communication More Precise Than Oral Communication?

Readers choose words with care when it comes to written communication. Oral communication is often informal, colloquial and therefore may not be as powerful or impressive as written communication. Hence, this is often a good subject for linguistic research.

10. Why Can Nobody Claim To Be The Master Of A Particular Language?

Experts believe that nobody can claim that he or she has complete mastery over a language. This is because each language has some special vocabularies that are not regularly used. Identifying them and putting them to use may not always be possible.

11. Does Language Influence Society Or Is It Vice-Versa?

In fact, there are reasons to believe that language came first, and only when people started talking and communicating with one another, society came into being. Hence, there are reasons to believe that language plays a big role in influencing society.

12. How Do Sentences Work?

Put in plain words, sentences consist of a few or many words that are arranged sequentially, as per grammar rules to convey the right meaning.


It is quite obvious that when it comes to linguistic research, there are many topics and subject matters that are available.