5 Essential Tips for Eating Healthy in College

woman eating a salad

25% of freshmen gain about 10 pounds in their first semester, which is where the common phrase freshman 15 comes in. 

Students will typically gain weight after their year of college because they are adjusting to eating unhealthy food while they are away from college. 

But eating healthy in college doesn’t have to be impossible. There’s a way to keep the pounds off for the first year of college and beyond. 

Here are 5 essential eating tips that can help you eat healthy in college. 

1. Always Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It’s important because it jumpstarts your metabolism. 

When you eat breakfast, your body is more likely to burn off those calories because your metabolism is awake and ready to go. 

That’s why it’s important to eat at least a banana for breakfast. Or you should have oatmeal or granola. 

2. Eat Healthy Dinners a Couple Times of Week

While it’s easy to enjoy your freedom to eat whatever you want, it can also be unhealthy for you. That’s why you should consider eating a healthy dinner two to three times a week. 

Consider a veggie salad or a grilled chicken or hamburger without the bun. There are always healthier alternatives to choose from. 

You can also find a healthy meal delivery service that offers healthy food options.

3. Avoid Oversnacking

Snacking can become a bad habit, especially if you find yourself hungry between meals.

If you do enjoy snacking, try to hold off from eating potato chips or other kinds of unhealthy snacks. 

Some healthy snacks to consider are fruits and vegetables. You can also have some popcorn or yogurt. 

4. Have an Exercise Routine

When you exercise, you are more likely to have more of an appetite for fruits and vegetables. You have a craving for healthier food

Some exercises to consider are running or hitting up the college gym for a short workout

5. Don’t Over Do It on the Caffeine

Coffee is a must in college, especially when you had a long night studying and you have an exam the next morning. 

But be careful about energy drinks, which can be unhealthy for you. If you overdo it on the caffeine, it can be harmful to your health, causing high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate. 

That’s why it’s important to put a limit on the caffeine you drink and realize how much it affects your eating patterns. 

Eating Healthy in College Forms Good Habits

Eating healthy in college can be difficult because it’s the first time away from home and you have the freedom to eat whatever you want. While you can still enjoy unhealthy food, you should also add some healthy food to your diet

When you eat healthy in college it helps you maintain a proper diet and you feel better and healthier. 

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