Is Save The Children A Good Charity?

Is Save The Children A Good Charity

Established in 1919, save the children fund was created in the United Kingdom with a view to better the lives of children. The tools adopted included health care, education, and economic empowerment. The fund was also created with a mandate to making available emergency aid in situations such as natural disasters, conflicts, and war. Apart from the United Kingdom organization, there are twenty-nine other save the children organizations world over. These organizations are members of the save the children Alliance which is a network of nonprofit organizations that supports the mission in over 120 Nations. But, is save the children a good charity?  

Is save the children a good charity?

Yes, save the children is a good charity. This conclusion is a result of the organization’s proven track record of integrity and probity. This is coupled with the fact that the organization has an incredible reach which has seen its efforts extend to different parts of the world. Its credibility is further bolstered by the partnerships it has with different public and private organizations. The organization operates on four cardinal points.

Firstly, it aims to educate children that are victims of armed conflict this is in addition to expanding and improving its presence in member countries it views as strategic. It also seeks to become an emergency response agency for kids who are affected on a global scale by improving their disaster preparedness. This is so that they can make available immediate and lasting solutions for kids. Finally, they aim to create a strong voice for kids.

What Reputable Organizations Have Links With Save The Children?

The save the Children organization is helped with funds gotten from the British scheme named Will Aid. In this scheme, participating solicitors waive their will to write a basic will. In exchange for this, they ask their clients to donate to charity. Also, the organization has a partnership with other NGOs within the Family Tracing and Reunification.

What Is The Story Behind Save The Children?

The organization known as Save the Children started when Dorothy Buxton and her sister Eglantyne Jebb founded it. They did this to tackle starvation faced by children in Hungary and Germany during the world war.  The Fight of the Famine Council initially began in 1919 to pressure the British Government to put an end to the Blockade. The first meeting was held in the home of Catherine Courtney. The sister soon found a way to separate herself from the Council’s politics by creating the Save the Children Fund.

By May 1919, the Fund became a public entity during a meeting in London’s Royal Albert Hall. It was created to help children who were suffering from the effects of war. It was also done to raise money for children who were victims of wartime scarcity. By December 1919, the Pope made known his public support for the foundation and declared the 28th of December as saints’ day for the collection of donations.

The first branch of the Save the Children organization was located in Fife Scotland. Another one was founded in Sweden that had Anna Kleman as a member of the board.

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Charity Organization

When it comes to donating money to charity organizations, there are several things that one needs to greatly consider. There are currently about 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations located in America alone, this makes it quite difficult to locate the perfect one to send your donation. Here a few tips that should help you in your quest to give back to society:

1. Don’t give at the moment

This is perhaps one of the most important things you must be mindful of as a person. There is always a tendency for people to want to help after a natural disaster for instance. It is also not unusual to find charity organizations doing all they can to leverage such disasters. It is therefore imperative that you learn to give to the moment and not at the moment. Take a step back and think before you remove the check to pay. Also, if you get an unsolicited appeal from a non-profit you do not know about, check to see if the non-profit you currently use is involved in such a fund. If they are, ensure that you use them instead.

2. Decide on the scope of reach

One thing about several donors is that some of them want to make impacts on a small and large scale at the same time. A lot of people prefer donating to a local charity because of the belief that a local charity would better feel the effect of their donations. For people looking to make a visible impact, that may not entirely be a bad idea. However, it is not always ideal to look at it that way; this is because a few dollars could go a long way in effecting a positive change wherever it goes.  

3. Run a background check

Before taking out that check or cash, ensure that your charity of choice intends using the funds for the intended purpose. There several organizations that take out time to investigate charities concerning accountability and financial probity. You will even find several online platforms where you can get reliable data in this regard. Such organizations take out time to investigate the tax records and other documents of such charities. This is usually done in an unbiased manner. One way to select the right charity is by turning to your alma Mata, place of worship or employer for references. Such charities must have had their activities go through a thorough vetting process. Also, you will find that your value system aligns with such an organization.

4. It’s not all about the money

It does not matter if you do not have all the money in the world at the moment. There are quite several ways you can support a charity organization. One way to give to charity is by simply volunteering especially if it is a local charity that does not require day to day functionality. If you have the luxury of time, you may search within your city and you should find an organization you could fit into. You can search using geography, education, health care, and animals.

Also, if you have a professional skill or qualification, you may be a necessity for most charities.

5. What do you want?

One of the core criterions for choosing a charity would be to find one that aligns with your values and beliefs. This is usually the basis for having a sustained engagement with the chosen charity at the end of the day. When this condition is met, your giving will be done intentionally and give you a deeper sense of responsibility with the charity. One way to determine this is by taking a look back at the previous year. You need to be aware of what the highs and lows were. For instance, if you lost a loved one due to terminal illness, you may want to go for a charity that researches and raises awareness of such conditions.

Why Should I Choose To Save The Children?

Why Should I Choose To Save The Children

This organization operates with the belief that every child deserves the right to a bright future. For instance, Millions of children scattered all over the world are not getting the quality of life they deserve. A number of them are forced from school because of violence while others struggle to eat daily. Save the children holds the unique reputation of being an organization with a proven commitment to seeing to it that the welfare of children is giving utmost attention. Several charity watch groups attest to the fact that save the children is one of the most outstanding groups in this regard.

As regards where the giving goes to, be rest assured that most of your cash goes directly into the mission with a mandate to assisting children to grow up in a healthy environment. The percentage is put at about 90 percent. The rest of the funds is used in running and operating the mission daily.


The simple truth is that giving to charity organizations such as to save the children is not just charity giving.  It is only wise you view it as an investment. It is an investment in the lives of millions of children and vulnerable people out there. Most of these people ordinarily do not have a voice and are just victims of circumstances. By investing your funds in such charities, you are giving the society one less reason to worry while also putting a smile on the face of one more person out there. For instance,  back in 2018 alone, save the children is on record to have reached over 134 million children in over one hundred countries around the world. Such results are only made possible as a result of partners and donors. 

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