How Would You Describe Your Sense Of Humor

How Would You Describe Your Sense Of Humor

Really, how would you describe your sense of humor, given the opportunity to do so? Well, for me, I know it’s hard, but it’s not undoable. A sense of humor is the ability of someone to find things funny. The little jokes could crack you up, even when others are not smiling. A strong sense of humor is also a quality that’s rare to find in people. You may find that most of your close pals don’t have it. Well, people differ, so don’t blame them! It’s who they are! Now back to the question;

How would you describe your sense of humor?

Well, let me speak for myself. My humor is kind of sarcastic and dark. I love cracking jokes about things I know I shouldn’t even joke about. However, the only one I try not to joke about is racism. But if someone falls from a tall building mysteriously, that would surely instigate me to laugh. I also enjoy freaking people out, so I can say I am more of a shock humor person.

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What Does Having A Sense Of Humor Means?

The world “sense of humor” is a common word, but it’s something many would kill to have. However, having a good sense of humor isn’t a guarantee that you will be happy or be successful in life. But then, it can open doors of opportunities for you. It can endear you to people you never thought you could get close to in life. That’s how it is.

Some people have found favor with others because of their sense of humor. Love can be ignited, likewise a business partnership interest, just by showing a good sense of humor.

Having said that, what’s a sense of humor? Well, when you claim someone has a good sense of humor, what you are invariably implying is that the person appreciates jokes. He or she may also have the ability to crack people up with jokes.

Strong Sense Of Humor: What Are The Benefits Attached?

Well, if you are part of those who believe having a strong sense of humor doesn’t bring any benefit; this post will make you change your mind at once. It can be your most significant asset under numerous circumstances.

However, when we talk about having a sense of humor, the first thing that crosses people’s minds is that one must be funny. But let me tell you something; you don’t have to be a funny guy or girl to have a sense of humor. If you can figure out the lighter side of things, then you possess it.

For example, when someone pranks you or make jest of you, how do you react? Do you respond in a hostile or angry manner? Or do you just laugh and get over it? Some people would react angrily. They respond negatively to what others might not even frown at. If you are that type of person, then you better start learning how to build a good sense of humor. It’s something you can develop, but in some people, it’s an innate ability.

So what are the benefits of having a strong sense of humor? Well, it can help you to diffuse and get past difficult situations. When you are in situations where others would be angry and react negatively, all you’ll do is laugh and turn a blind eye. Maybe that situation is what made others depressed. But for you, it’s entirely different. You see things from the lighter side and live a life of happiness.

Having a sense of humor can also make you healthy. Yes, I said so and will repeat it! You may have come across the phrase “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine,” multiple times. It’s not just a common phrase but the truth. Laughter is medicine and one of the best for good health.

Why is laughter a medicine? Well, it helps to decrease stress hormones, and as you know, stress has become a part of our daily lives. The best way to unwind and reset your mood for newer tasks is to laugh. That’s why the comedy business is flourishing today.

Another thing laughter does is increase one’s infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells. In other words, it enhances the body’s resistance and ability to wade off diseases. Endorphins are one of the hormones laughter triggers. It’s produced in abundance in the nervous system and brain. Endorphins are best described as the feel-good hormone or chemicals. They can relieve pain temporarily and promote a feeling of well-being.

Laughter also enhances the functions of our blood vessels, burns calories, and relaxes the whole body. A study conducted in Norway indicated that individuals with a good sense of humor not only performed well health-wise. They also outlived those who don’t laugh that much. However, the difference was more notable for individuals battling cancer.

A sense of humor can also be the critical element for a happy union or a romantic relationship. If you want to know to what extent it can positively impact a relationship, conduct interviews for different couples and ask questions like why they love their partners. You will hear things like, “He or she always makes me laugh.” Another one is, “I am always happy whenever I am around him or her.” That’s enough reason for their romantic floodgate to burst wide open.

A sense of humor can help you nail your first or next job offer. It’s a trait employers seek in job candidates, irrespective of the position. A strong sense of humor can also help you to achieve success at work. It will make it easier for you to work with people and also be more approachable. And these are traits employers are sincerely looking for in their employers. Irrespective of the firm, you are likely going to be working with a team. So, you need to have these qualities to fit in perfectly.

A sense of humor will make it easier for you to start a relationship with people. It can be someone you need a favor from or someone you are looking to have an affair with. However, when you are cracking a joke, make sure it is coming naturally. You don’t have to force it to happen, as doing so can make you look unreal.

How To Build A Killer Sense Of Humor

We have talked about the meaning and relevance of being humorous. Now is the time to focus on how to build it. As I said, humor might be an innate ability for some, while others just have to learn and develop theirs.

So the question is, how can you develop a stronger sense of humor? Let’s run through the steps. Continue reading!

Immerse yourself and learn

Immersing yourself in something enables you to learn and develop faster in that particular thing. So, if you want to build a strong sense of humor, then learn it. You aren’t born with a sense of humor doesn’t mean you cannot develop it. You can, and one of the steps you can take is immersing yourself.

Buy CDs and signup to YouTube channels of standup comedians. Also, buy and read humorous books from authors of interest to you. Another thing is to learn their jokes and use them. That brings us to the part where you have to be extremely creative.

Apply some creativity

When it comes to building or displaying a good sense of humor, creativity is essential. Even if you have mastered several jokes used by standup comedians, movies, and podcasts, you can’t use them in every situation you find yourself.

Your jokes must match the subject. So, if you don’t have any to use, you can just let the conversation flow naturally. Or better still, if you can joke about something you find funny in the environment, don’t hesitate to do so.

However, you should never joke with a person’s shortcomings, as most people find this annoying. You are talking to someone, and the next minute, you are describing his or her weird dress sense or something else. It’s even better to joke with inanimate objects, as most people are put off by jokes concerning other people’s predicament.

So the two lessons here are; know when to apply a joke you learned and know what to joke about. Timing and audience also play a significant role.

Know when to pull that plug

The reactions your audience gives will tell you whether to continue or pull the plug. If your audience or the person you are talking to seems not to be comfortable with your jokes, judging by their expression, then it’s better to kill it.


How would you describe your sense of humor is a good question. It is something you need to consider. By the way, do you have a sense of humor or don’t? Whatever is the case, keep in mind that you can develop it if you want. Having a strong sense of humor offers numerous benefits that you can’t ignore, as we have highlighted in this post.

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