How To Hang Jersey On Wall; Bringing Your Fandom Indoors

How To Hang Jersey On Wall

Jerseys distinctly identify teams in competitive sports. They are custom-made by major brands for players and can be sold to fans.

You can hang these jerseys on the wall in various ways. Regardless of where it is being hanged, doing it the right way creates a stunning look.

Fans acquire jerseys for several reasons, one of them being their connection with a team.

To find out more about how to hang a jersey on the wall, read through the end of this post.

How to hang jersey on wall

Creating a stunning display of your jersey can ignite the room with a breathtaking atmosphere. Regardless of the space you’re hanging your jersey, doing it will make your decor visibly appealing.

There are various ways of displaying your jersey by hanging it on the wall. Some of these methods use magnets, a shadow box, a curtain rod, or a hanger. If you’re a sports fan fond of collecting sports memorabilia, read on to find out how to best archive your collectible.

Hanging A Jersey On The Wall Using A Shadow Box

A shadowbox is a form of dimensional framing that creates a stunning display in a protected environment for your jersey. 

Selecting the correct shadow box requires the selection of appropriate aesthetic materials. Be sure to choose one whose colors match your jersey’s and the wall on which you’re displaying.

Are you planning on folding your jersey or displaying it in full? A square shadowbox is perfect if you’re planning on folding your jersey. You must select a tall and rectangular one if you’re going to hang the entire jersey unfolded.

If the backing board of the box doesn’t compliment your jersey, use another material to enhance the contrast.

You may need a double-edged tape to attach your fabric collectible to the board. Press it down enough to ensure your jersey is firmly attached.

Another method of attaching the jersey to the backing board uses the dressmaker pin. This one should be your go-to option if you’re hanging a loose jersey.

Press the pins gently to hold down the fabric. Hidden spots like shoulders and sleeves will perfectly conceal the fasteners leaving only the jersey on display.

Spice up the appearance by adding some elements relevant to the jersey. Such include a baseball bat and a ball or any sports equipment related to it.

Adding medals and titles earned to the shadowbox for players hanging the jerseys will give it an exquisite look.

Now it’s time to hook your jersey on the wall. You will have to determine the mount type that the board uses. Mount the box on the wall in an appropriate space. Use command strips if your wall may be difficult to alter. 

If you’re hanging heavier objects, like a football helmet, use a nail or hook to support the weight. This one should work for most generic shadow boxes.

The last step is to replace the backing board after the arrangement is ready then hang the jersey. That’s how you hang your jersey using a shadowbox.

Hanging A Jersey On The Wall Using A Hanger

Although wire hangers work best for regular clothes, jerseys require more rigid materials. Such include wood or felt hangers.

Wire hangers are known to leave dents on jerseys over time. Like in shadow boxes, select a hanger whose color matches the jersey.

Afterward, identify and mark a spot on the wall where you will hang your jersey. The place should be high enough to hoist the jersey above furniture.

You should note that hanging a jersey close to a window may damage your jersey. The jersey may pick moisture from outside, which affects the fabric.

Clear any debris over the identified area and place a tiny hook. This one should work in most smooth walls but cannot be altered.

Alternatively, using a command strip on the wall surface will make the hooking easier. It is not advisable to use nails as they damage the walls and are less aesthetic.

Place the hanger inside the jacket and place it on the hook. Unlike in shadowbox, you will be limited to the number of accessories you can add when hanging a jersey.

To prevent the jersey from falling, you can glue it to the hanger. This action will make it collapse if anything tries to topple it over.

Hanging A Jersey On The Wall Using A Rod

You will have to acquire a PVC rod to perform this action. Alternatively, you may obtain curtain rods since they are easily adjustable. Besides, curtain walls appear appealing on the walls when their colors match the jersey.

Firstly, measure the jersey’s length from sleeve to sleeve. Grab the jersey by its arm and pull it to create a solid line from the tip of one sleeve, across the neck hole up to the other sleeve. If precision is necessary, you can use a measuring tape.

Secondly, adjust the rod slightly beyond the jersey’s length. This one should be done, primarily if the curtain rod is used.

The exact length can be applied to a PVC pipe when using a plastic pipe cutter. Extending the size of the rod allows for hooking. Besides, the extended pipe prevents you from damaging your memorabilia.

Get the rod’s measurement and mark it on the wall. Identify where the jersey’s neckline hole will sit and draw it. Divide the rod’s length into half and hold them up against the wall to ensure points are level.

You can determine if the points align by placing a ruler across its ends. Observe the length from a perpendicular position to evaluate the alignment accurately.

Place the hooks at the marked points of your curtain rod. On the other hand, you may need to use a PVC pipe command strip.

Remember that the hooks should be large enough to hold the rod. Also, ensure the rod’s thickness can support the jersey’s weight.

You can now hang the jersey on the rod. Run the rod through one end of the jersey’s sleeve and do the same for the other sleeve.

Like the hanger method, you can keep the jersey intact using glue dots. This action prevents the jersey from hanging when placed on the hooks.

Hanging A Jersey On The Wall Using Magnetic Rods

You will need a magnet pack, a screwdriver, and your jersey for this technique. This method complements the usage of a shadowbox.

Identify the points where you intend to use the magnets on your jersey. Afterward, place the magnets on the inside of the jersey. Be sure to match the magnets inside the jersey and on the canvas.

Adjust the jersey necessarily on the canvas to your liking. Be sure to counter-check everything before placing it on the shadowbox. 

Why Are Jerseys So Expensive?

Jersey prices are incredibly high in most apparel stores. But why are the price tags outrageously off the roof?

Retailers charge premium prices for jerseys. This move is applied since jerseys represent exceptional pieces of clothes. Furthermore, jerseys fans come with emotional connections with players, and companies capitalize on that.

Secondly, the production costs for jerseys are high hence driving selling costs high. The custom details on the jerseys (logos, names, and numbers) typically require expensive custom stitching.

The jerseys are usually in high demand during a particular season. 

The jersey firms charge a premium price to control the production units without straining their resources.

Lastly, sports teams sign partnerships with companies (like Nike or Adidas) to print their jerseys. Being the sole manufacturer of the jerseys, these companies monopolize the market.

These companies charge high because there aren’t any competitors. For this reason, there won’t be another company infiltrating the market with cheaper merchandise.

However, despite the premium prices, jerseys are great memorabilia to be considered. They come with the fuss of being associated with a particular team or player.

You should consider buying a jersey that fits well if you consider acquiring one from the premium outlets. 

Aside from the authentic jerseys worn by players on the field, sports leagues also provide the basic versions. You may acquire these, but they won’t serve you for long.

How To Acquire Premium Jerseys At Competitive Prices

Firstly, you can buy a jersey on black Friday. Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving usually extend to Cyber Monday. Firms incredibly slash prices at these periods.

You may also get a better deal if you buy a jersey from a cashback site. This option allows you to save some amount that may be deposited into your online payment wallet.

Some jersey stores lower prices during the off-season period. This move is necessary for firms to clear up existing stocks and prepare new merchandise.


Jerseys enable fans to express their fandom. You may acquire these apparel at a premium or basic prices at fan stores. There are many ways of hanging a jersey on the wall. Such include using a hanger, curtain rods, or a shadow box. 

Companies charge a premium price for these products due to the incredible production costs. These firms enjoy this monopoly since they sign partnerships with sports teams.

There are several tips for saving when purchasing jerseys despite the ridiculous prices. Buying on Black Friday, from cash back stores, and during the off-season may help you save some percentage.