Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online? 5 Sites Discovered!

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Online seed banks are the best place for you to find top-quality cannabis seeds. With this, doing a little research on the most reliable seed banks is a must. If you are a grower or a breeder, or it’s your first-time looking for a vendor, finding the right attributes is vital.

So how do you determine whether these suppliers produce high-quality cannabis seeds or not? Which one to avoid and which vendor should you purchase your marijuana seeds?

Legitimacy, high-quality seeds, customer feedback, support team, multiple payment options, and understand the ins and out of business is vital. These are a few of the factors that you have to consider before purchasing your cannabis seeds and tons of patience as it can take some time before your package reaches its destination.

Here are the top 5 websites we’ve discovered to have excellent customer feedback regarding supplying premium-quality cannabis seeds.

5 Best Sites To Buy Your Cannabis Seeds

1. Royal Seed Bank

Premium-quality cannabis seeds must come from trustworthy, reliable, and established seed bank suppliers. With this, you can buy seeds on royalseedsbank.com who produce high-quality marijuana seeds from various strains available in the market.

When it comes to legitimacy and healthy seed vendors, customer feedback will tell you more about their experience. Royal Seed Bank is a must-check online cannabis seed supplier with positive feedback from their customers. With its straightforward website, you can find what you need, with multiple payment options for your convenience.

They ship your package securely and faster with guaranteed high-quality seeds to grow. It offers auto-flowering, feminized seeds at great deals you shouldn’t miss.

2. Seedsman

Seedsman is an established and trusted cannabis supplier that offers a massive selection of seed banks. With a variety of cannabis seeds to select coming from its breeders at a lower price and multiple payment options, expect your marijuana seeds at great packaging and faster shipping anywhere across the globe.

Seedsman produces high-quality seeds from its reputable and professional breeders at a low price. You can buy regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds through their well-categorized and secured website that’s guaranteed user-friendly for a hassle-free experience.

3. Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is another site for breeders and cannabis growers that provides high-end supply that comes in a variety of seeds from expert breeders. The website is pretty simple and jam-packed with information you’ll need for your next purchase.

With only the highest caliber cannabis seed packed in a medical-grade vial glass which offers 90 percent guaranteed germination, it provides discreet and fast shipping. It provides detailed descriptions of every seed with great deals every grower must check.

This website has cannabis seeds on sale, newly available strains, and maximizes its site with helpful information suitable not just for professional breeders but ideal for new growers too.

4. ILGM Marijuana Seeds (I Love Growing Marijuana)

ILGM is one of the most popular and established cannabis seed bank sites that offer unique and very own seed strains that come in varieties plus mix-packs that come on sale. It has massive strain options, to begin with.

This site is an excellent resource ideal for beginner and expert growers. The site offers multiple and helpful walkthroughs and guides from growing until harvesting and storing your yields though you’ll find their seeds at a higher price compared to other online suppliers.

With legitimate guaranteed germination, fast shipping options, multiple payment options, and positive feedback from growers around the world, it’s a must-check site for you.

5. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is an established cannabis seed bank with over fifteen years of experience selling seeds online worldwide. With massive varieties of regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds available anytime.

It comes with a well-categorized website with a user-friendly and straightforward interface allowing you to find the right strain for your needs. It comes with blogs and guides ideal for beginners and experts alike.

They offer multiple payment options, discreet yet fast delivery, and positive customer feedback for reference.

Tips On How To Safely Buy Seeds

  • Recognize the vendor or supplier’s name. While an established company may have been in a discreet market for years, it’s about referrals or customer feedback and reviews that answer most questions in mind.
  • When you find an established vendor, check the customer experience first. Find out whether their clients received their seeds or not. It’s wiser to know the quality of seeds that this company produces.
  • Ask for referrals, if possible. If you know any growers, then you can ask for vendor referrals they have been into transactions before. Recommendations via word of mouth are one of the best sources of landing the right supplier. Someone’s experience enables you to weigh the quality and type of Cannabis seed you are planning to purchase.
  • Check for clear refund policies. An established vendor provides details and a strict refund policy. With positive reviews around the belt, it’s a lot easier to determine a go and a red flag.

How To Determine A Good-Quality Seed

  • Seeds must be dark in color and come with spots or stripes. Green and white seeds are immature and may not sprout.
  • It has a hard shell. With little pressure from your finger, the seed must not crack. If it breaks, it’s either dead or infertile.
  • Shiny, waxy coating. Though it’s not critical, it’s a good sign that seeds are healthy.
  • No cracks. The seed’s coat must be intact and has no damage or holes from insect pests that may dig through the grains.


While looking for a well-established vendor seems crucial, it’s essential to know what to look for before placing it. To save yourself from any possible scams or trouble, always check reviews and customer feedback, knowing if customers received high-quality seeds will help you decide better.

A reputable vendor will ship your seeds discreetly and should not have further issues. With a myriad of online seed suppliers, finding one is easier by checking recommendations from cannabis growers, customer reviews, medical patients, and first-hand experiences.