How To Connect Fios Remote To TV? The Easy Guide 

How To Connect Fios Remote To TV

You have bought a brand new smart TV to watch your favorite shows and movies. New TV sets usually come with their own remote, but you already have this beautiful FiOS remote from your service provider. 

Plus, you have been using it for quite some time and are more comfortable with it. Usually, the first remote can control your TV and converter box; however, you’ll have to set it up. 

If you have lost the user’s manual, setting it up might be a little tricky. But with the step, it’s so straightforward; this article offers you the step-by-step guide on how to connect your Fios remote to a TV. 

How To Connect Fios Remote To TV

To successfully connect your FiOS remote to the TV, you will need a set-top box, Fios remote control, and the TV you want to set up.

The Steps 

  1. Turn on both the first converter box and TV.
  2. Press and hold the “zero” button and the OK button (green). Do this until the red light blinks twice.
  3. Enter the code for your specific TV brand. For example, Samsung’s code is 331.
  4. Press and release the “CH+” button, also known as the “channel up” button. Wait for one second and repeat the process (pressing the “CH+” button) until the TV turns off.
  5. Test whether the remote can control your TV. Press the TV button on the remote, and if it turns on, it is successful. Also, test other remote functions like volume and mute.
  6. At times the other functions won’t work. So press and hold that specific button (volume, mute, etc.) on the remote and release it when it starts working. You should test the volume, mute buttons, etc. until you’re certain they are working.
  7. If they are all functioning well, press the “OK” button (green), and it’ll save the programming. At this point, the red LED will make three blinks and then turn off.

Fios Remote Not Changing Channels 

The Verizon FiOS TV is a popular service in America. Many homes love it even though most of their channels are available on Netflix and YouTube

Its channels are amazing, and you’ll surely enjoy the entertainment they bring. At times people experience difficulties in changing channels with Verizon FiOS remote. 

Or the first remote might stop functioning because of technical malfunction. Here is how you can solve this issue.

1. Check Whether The Remote Control Is Still Connected

When you are having trouble or difficulty with your remote, you need to check whether the connection with the streaming box is okay. 

After confirming this, check whether it’s possible to change unpaired channels. If possible, connectivity is not the issue, and you can look for other causes.

2. Batteries Might Be Dislodged or Drained

Open the remotes battery cover and check whether the batteries are okay or dislodged. Fit the properly and press the TV or STB button to confirm functionality. 

If the lights flash, the remote is okay. If not, then you need to change the remote batteries.

3. Ensure It’s the Right Remote Model

The remote control models are usually specifically compatible with its TV box. Today there are many remote models in the market, and some are specific for particular regions. 

Therefore, ensure Verizon provides the remote you use for your particular TV box. Note that it’s possible to replace the remote control if needed. 

You can replace it from your local store or online etc. However, it’s not advisable to replace the remote control online. 

With online replacement, you might come across a remote control with a similar design to the one you have. 

But it might be missing some important features on your original one. Buy the remote from an authorized dealer, and they will willingly offer support if you find out that some features are missing.

4. You Haven’t Programmed The Remote.

Your remote might not be changing channels since you’re yet to program it with your device. If not, note that programming the remote is not hard. 

The steps “on how to connect fios remote to TV” above will help you fix this.

5. The Remote Isn’t Compatible With TV.

Another possible cause of the issue can be the remote control isn’t compatible with your TV. However, the chances of this being possible are quite low, but it can be a problem. 

If you have tried setting up your Fios remote and it’s not working, then your TV might need a software upgrade.

6. Resync The Remote

If there’s any syncing problem, the receiver cannot receive signals from the remote. The easiest way to fix the issue is by simply resetting the FiOS remote to the receiver.

The Fios Remote 

There’s the Fios TV voice remote that can surely control all your FiOS television viewing experience. 

The remote control has the traditional infrared technology and Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to connect to Fios TV one mini and Fios TV one. 

The technologies allow it to automatically pair and set up to operate your HDMI-connected sound system and TV. Once you pair these devices, you can change channels using voice commands. 

Other things you can do with a voice command are controlling the DVR, turning on subtitles, etc. With Bluetooth technology, you can put the setup box anywhere in your room and still operate it. 

The first remote has backlit buttons that allow you to operate them in a dark room. You can operate one paired FiOS TV, one mini, and FiOS TV one at a time using one FiOS TV remote controller. 

Fios TV voice remote only functions well with Fios TV one mini and Fios TV one.

Universal Remotes For Verizon Fios 

Today, in this technologically advanced era, you do not need a bunch of remotes to operate your household devices. Therefore you might need a specific universal remote type compatible with your Verizon FiOS and other devices. 

Don’t worry since several universal remote controls are compatible with your Verizon Fios. Here are some of the best options available.

1. Fire TV Cube With Alexa 

Amazon promotes this product as one of the fastest TV streaming devices. Amazingly the device lives up to the expectation and features of Alexa. Therefore it can perfectly work across the room. 

The device is compatible with soundbars, AV receivers, and satellite and cable TV. With the device, you can access 4K HD content. 

Plus, you will have access to dozens of games, original content, sporting events, etc. It has built-in privacy controls.

2. Sofa baton U1 Universal Remote 

The remote has both infrared and Bluetooth connectivity combo. The remote control is unique and supports over 500,000 devices across different brands. 

It is compatible with both IR and Bluetooth-enabled devices such as projectors, smart TV, AV receivers, etc. The sofa baton remote setup process is quite straightforward, and it features a customizable smartphone app. 

With this remote model, you don’t have to worry about pairing your household devices. You can control all your household devices using the remote. 

Its display screen is bright, and thus, switching among devices is more straightforward. You can do this with a simple scroll. You can also adjust the brightness levels of the remote to save on battery. Plus, it features motion activation.

3. MX-990 IR/RF Remote 

The remote has an LCD screen with color. It has various amazing features; however, it is more expensive than other universal remote models. 

With the remote, you won’t need any other remotes in your household. It means you will be able to manage most of your devices like Verizon FiOS etc. 

All this is possible through infrared and Bluetooth technologies. The remote is also easy to use because of the well-laid buttons. Plus, it features an LED display that fits almost eight buttons.

4. Logitech Harmony Companion

It’s another amazing Logitech product that features Alexa for voice control. If you wish to control the lights or your television while watching your favorite movie, then it’s the ideal device for you. 

Amazingly the device has a smartphone app that offers you household extra customizable remote control. Therefore everybody in your home can have a remote control on their smartphones. 

It’s the ideal device for your entire home, including the home theater. It can also control devices that are behind walls or cabinets. 

It means you can control the device across the house, and it also functions perfectly with gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, etc. 

Setting up the remote is easy, and it works with more than 270,000 devices such as cable boxes, etc.

5. Broad Link RM4 Mini IR

The device is from the broad link and is certainly a gem. It’s not simply a remote but an app and hub combo that supports more than 50,000 devices with infrared capabilities. 

The devices can range from televisions to DVD players and set-top boxes. The broad link company constantly updates its software; therefore, any newer devices you buy will be compatible with it. 

Its application has a solid interface and will control your device like the normal remote control. Plus, it allows you to integrate your android and iOS phones. 

It supports the Verizon set-top boxes, and thus you can use it to control your TV.


The Fios TV is one of the most popular and best live streaming. If you buy the Fios TV package, it will come with the remote control that’s one of its hardware. 

After acquiring the Fios TV package, you’ll need to program the remote control with your TV. The article offers a guide on how to program.