How To Reset Clicker Garage Door Keypad- Learn More About Your Clicker Garage Door

How To Reset Clicker Garage Door Keypad

The garage door clicker is typically designed with your garage door, especially those that rely on the photo-eye sensor. The clicker works with the garage door’s remote control to generate codes in a particular order each time the garage door is used. Often, generating codes can become complicated for some reasons. Even if there are no issues with your garage door, it makes sense to re-program your garage door clicker keypad, especially when you think your property is being compromised.

So, How do You Reprogram Your Clicker Garage Door

You can re-program your clicker garage door with the use of the LEARN button

How To Reset Your Clicker Garage Door Keypad

You need to check that the keypad, clicker, and every other component of the clicker garage door are in good working positions before you begin this process. The following are the procedure for resetting your clicker garage door;

  • Remove all obstacles or obstructions from the garage door area before beginning the re-coding.
  • Check the door control and find out the LEARN button.
  • Press the LEARN button two times
  • Press a four-digit code you want on the keypad and press enter. Make sure the new code is memorized before you press Enter.
  • The clicker on the garage door should blink once you press the Enter button, indicating that the reprogramming is complete.

Is It Possible To Reprogram A Clicker Garage Door Without A Code?

You may find yourself in certain situations, and cant use the keypad to generate codes to re-program your clicker garage door. For instance, if you misplace your keypad or it gets damaged, you need to replace it. Sometimes, you might forget the code for your old keypad. In these scenarios, you can only reset the clicker on the garage door without programming a code. The following steps apply

1. Reach for the Garage Door’s Motor Unit

You may need the ladder if you can’t access the location of your garage door unit alone. You will likely see your garage door motor on the garage door opener. Make sure your ladder can reach this point to access the motor.

2. Reach for the LEARN Button

Once you reach the motor unit, the next step is to reach the learn button located very close to the motor unit. Press down and hold the LEARN button and wait for the light to stop blinking. This means the old saved code is successfully removed, and your garage system has no saved passcode.

Click on the LEARN button again, and the light will come up again. Get your keypad and enter a new code. You may want to use a new code that is difficult for property invaders to decode. Once you enter a new code, the light located near the motor unit should blink, and that means the new code is accepted and stored. Once you tap on the LEARN button again, your garage door should open.

Opening Your Garage Door When There Is No Keypad Or The Remote Doesn’t Work.     

You don’t have a keypad for your clicker garage door, or the remote doesn’t work. The following are steps you can take;

1. If there is no Keypad

There is a likelihood that your garage door doesn’t have a keypad, and what you have to do here is to remove the cover of the remote and access the switch. Remember that the clicker garage door has codes represented by switches inside the remote. You can move these switches around to generate new codes.

Keep in mind that the garage door opener may have to be examined. There should be a match between the code pattern on the switches and the remote; adjust the switches to match the code on the remote control. You need to replace the remote cover once this operation ends. Test the remote to check if the procedure works- the garage door should open.

2. If the remote Doesn’t Work

Several reasons can be responsible for the remote control not working, and the most obvious is a dead battery. You may want to get new batteries or recharge the remote is powered by a rechargeable battery. If some contacts in the remote are corroded, you may want to polish those connectors with a hard surface brush to get them working again. Your remote may not work if your door has been locked manually. Check to -reopen the door manually or change the remote control if necessary.

Programing Your Clicker Garage Door Opener

Some doors are two-sided, while some are one-sided operated garage doors, while the black program button is one that you use to set the pins.

Step 1: Check the Clicker Remote Control Color

The first step towards programming your clicker garage door opener is to check the LEARN button color, and this will determine the number of times you have to press to program the clicker. If, for instance, the door opener comes with a chamberlain color or a purple, then you have to press the LEARN button twice. The clicker works with the garage door’s remote control to generate codes in a particular order each time the christian family doors is used

Step 2: Use the Program Button

Once you know the color of the back of your device, you need to open the front cover of the remote to start the programming process. Press the programming button on the remote until the red light is turned on. Keep in mind that the programing button is located on the left middle side of the opened remote.

Step 3: Press the LEARN button before releasing it

 Click on the LEARN button for a few seconds and then release it. If, for instance, the color of the button is purple, you need to press it down twice. After a few blinking, the flashing light will become steady.

Step 4: Sync the Second Button with the Garage Door Opener

The next step is to press the second button beside the LEARN button, and this will sync the clicker to the garage door. It would be best to press this second button three times, and the very bright purple button will turn off once you stop pressing the button. The turning off of the light means the syncing process is completed.

Step 5: Set the Program

The final step is to press your remote’s program button to set the program. You can press the second button to test the opening and closing of the door.

Programming Your Garage Door Clicker Keypad

If your garage door clicker works with a remote keypad, you will need to set it up and program it. Whether you are programming the keypad for the first time or re-programming, the following steps apply.

Step #1: Press * and # Buttons Simultaneously

The first step is to press down the * and # button simultaneously, and you will see the keypad light flashing; this should turn off after about 5 seconds. Do not hold these buttons down for more than 5 seconds when programming; if you do, a timeout session may be created.

Step #2: Enter Your Password

Enter your preferred 4-digit password and then tap on the # button.

Step #3: Enter Your ID

You must have written down a predefined ID for your door opener earlier. You need to enter this and then press the # button again. The clicker pad will register this ID alongside your earlier recorded password.

Step #4: Punch and hold down and then the LEARN button

You have to press and release the LEARN button at this stage. This LEARN button is located at the backside of your garage door’s remote control or opener. The light should turn on once you press and release the LEARN button. Keep in mind that you have roughly 30 seconds to perform the fourth step after step three.

Step #5: Enter the 4-digit password Again

You have to enter your 4-digit password just like in step 2 and then press 0. Once you press 0, the LEARN button will first flash its light on the opener, and then it will blink before the light turns off. Now that your password is working, the garage door should close at the entering of your password. You may want to test the keypad functionality by using it to open and close the garage door again.


When it comes to resetting the clicker garage door keypad, the composition of your garage door settings matter. You should always allow a professional garage door technician to help you set up and install all components because it is easier to handle any future issues with such. If you set up your garage door and keypad and use the wrong connections and break a component, you will have to spend money on  replacing such. It is equally important that you purchase your garage door components, including the keypad and clicker, with a substantial warranty.