How Much Do College Football Players Get Paid?

How Much Do College Football Players Get Paid

The college is another step forward when it comes to attaining the height of education in any civilized nation. Once you finish high school, you have to go into college, or some other country would call it the University. It is necessary to enable you to get a degree in your choice of career. With this, you can move forward to succeed in that part you have chosen.

Now, how much do college football players get paid? 

Playing football in college is a form of extracurricular activity for the students, as it is a way to take away the whole stress of engaging in their school works. The football games tend to calm the nerves of the students, most notably, students that come to cheer their friends or loved ones. Now, a lot of questions have arisen as to how much do college football players get paid. It is a question of how much stipends or compensations they get from their leagues. In most cases, they do not get anything that an equal income to aid their wellbeing.

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Why Are College Football Players Not Paid?

The questions raise dust and bring up alarming arguments. Why are these young stars not paid for the services they render on the football pitch? Some of these players win the trophy for their schools. They attract the state or country’s recognition to their schools because of their outstanding skill on the pitch.

It is no different from the regular football players that are earning millions of dollars, and some of these players don’t even bring back the trophy home, yet they receive a sufficient amount of money. It has been a significant dispute among many young people in college.

We will be looking at some of those reasons for school management. That is, astronomical data was drawn from various school managements through personal interviews and individual sessions, as they gave the insight or the significant reasons they don’t pay these college football players. Some of these reasons are as follows;

There Is Scholarship Provision For Them

Students who are football players in most of the colleges do not receive stipends because the school management with a football body, called the NCAA, allows some of the finest players to access scholarships for further studies.

It is clear that once this is in place, it is quite better than paying the students or the players as the case may be. This scholarship would take care of the tuition, accommodation, and even school materials and books that are paramount for the player’s studies.

According to the words of one of the school management, he said that supposing they pay the college football players and bring an end to the scholarship program, it would be difficult for the students to save up and pay for their tuition and all necessary expenses.

However, when the students get their reward through awarding them scholarships, they will be grateful to the school management, as it serves as an avenue for them to complete their studies. It is one key point why they said college football players do not receive salaries, and it is straightforward to look at it and see the bright side to it.

Money Can Be A Bad Influence On Them

Another reason we got from our research why the college players do not get stipends is because of the influence money can have on anyone that has poor management skills and even a lack of financial knowledge.

You can see today that a lot of professional footballers who were once earning millions of dollars in a month are now broke, why because of the way they spent and lavish this money on expensive things and even girls.

They hardly have any return investment, so once they retire from football, they become broke and go back to square one again. It is one of the reasons these schools have said they would not pay their college football players because most of them would start living wildlife if they begin receiving some amount of money in their accounts.

It would give them a sense that they have made it, and thus they can live their lives anyhow they want it. It may lead the students to drink and even do drugs because they feel they can afford anything they want.

Payment Would Change The Narrative Of College

Another reason these college football players should not receive stipends is that getting paid would alter the true definition of college. There is no difference between a college football player and a medical student who both went out to represent the school in a competition, and they both won or lost?

There is no difference. The college football players are like every other student in college, so they are no different from law, engineering, or even Computer Science students. Paying the college player may give them the sense that they don’t need school anymore, and they may drop out because they have some little dollars they can spend around.

Now, this is not entirely their fault if they leave because it is part of the build of a lot of young adults. They always want to make it big and quick, so if they start benefitting from this kind of payment at this stage in their lives, it may be a big distraction to their focus on academics and even career pursuit.

There are so many reasons that we could give to you as to why these young college football players should not receive stipends. However, these are sufficient to bolster the reasons one should not consider the school management as wicked or harsh on the student. Still, they are only trying to see that these college football players do not miss the mark at all.

Why Should College Players Receive Pay?

It is also essential to see the reason these students and other parties clamor that the college football players do not receive stipends. We took the time to research some of the reasons, and we found out that it is not entirely wrong if they were paying college football players. Some of those reasons are as follows;

Bring Money To The Table

We must understand that there is a bill that is passed by the NCAA that allows the college players to get paid, although it is not that practical right now, it is still a work in progress. One of the primary reasons college football players should be considered for payment either monthly, weekly, or even annually is because of the amount of money they bring to both the NCAA and the school management.

Most times, tickets serve as access cards to watch the football games of these youngsters. On different occasions, people come from distant locations to watch these games, especially when there is a kid on the team that has a magic touch to his play.

They could raise a lot of money from the ticket sales, and most times, you see companies promoting their brand by telling the players to wear there branded products or even advertise their products to the crowd on the football pitch.

Selling of tickets and online streaming of football matches generates money for the regulating body and sponsors. These funds do not get to the players directly. It is only wise that these young ones deserve some form of payment for their efforts.

The Risk Of Sustaining An Injury

Injuries are part of many sports, and that is why athletes, in general, are paid handsomely for their performance. These young college football players should not be different because they are exposed to injuries too.

Some of them could even be in the hospital and miss out on school activities because of the injuries, so they should have a fair share when it comes to payment.

The Primary Reason For College Football Games

College games serve the function of entertainment, so it is not for the glory and the winning streak. The whole reason for the game is to bring different student communities together and create an atmosphere where both students and stakeholders could relate with one another.


College is a vital stage when it comes to education, as that could be the stage you either make a mark or decide you want to succeed in a particular field or career. It could also be the stage where you destroy your chances of ever getting a good job for the rest of your life.

College Football is an essential part of the extracurricular activities the school provides for its students. Also, playing football in college can land a college student a ticket to a professional footballing career.

The question has often been how much do college football players get paid. It is quite essential to know that college football players are not paid in cash right now. Still, some school management, in collaboration with the NCAA, has devised means they could indirectly pay this student for their effort and also for their commitment.