Can I Play Videos On My Car Screen? Car Entertainment

Can I Play Videos On My Car Screen

Radio and audio files are the go-to source of entertainment for most car owners. This instance may be due to the ease of setting them up. 

Similarly, playing videos on your car screen is a less intricate process too. All you need is a functional car screen and a peripheral device from which you’ll stream the videos.

You can enjoy your offline videos or live services directly from your car screen. This post will show you how to access audiovisual content from your car screen. Read along to find out how.

Can I Play Videos On My Car Screen?

Yes, you can play videos on your car screen. All you need is a working car screen and a phone or external media outlet. USB flash drives, SD cards, and phones are popular ways to enjoy videos on your car screen.

If you’re using an iPhone, it will be necessary to have the CarPlay installed on your phone. Likewise, Android users require the Android Auto app to stream videos on the car screen. We will discuss more of these in this article.

How To Watch Videos Using Apple CarPlay

The Apple brand is known for its numerous features and unique user experience. Apple introduced the Apple CarPlay to reduce phone distractions while driving. With Siri commands at your disposal, your only option is to drive comfortably. 

  1. Firstly, you have to install the CarBridge app. This application lets you bridge your phone and car. Ensure that the App Update setting is disabled on your phone. Doing this will prevent iOS from removing the application.
  2. Since Cambridge is not available in the App Store, you’ll have to search for it in your favorite browser. Download the application directly from the Carbridgeapp website. The official site will allow you to download the app for iOS without jailbreaking. 
  3. Afterward, you’ll have to download and enable YouTube to run on your phone from the settings. Plug your phone into the head unit using a cord. 
  4. You are now ready to access your applications using the Apple CarPlay. You’ll notice how mellifluous the video streams on your car screen.         

How To Mirror iPhone To Car Screen

You’re aware of CarPlay and how it hooks the phone to your car’s infotainment system. This app enables users to enjoy videos directly through the car screen. You can control it using your fingers or by utilizing Siri.

You should note that CarPlay works on iPhone 5 or later models. It is also essential to verify if your ride supports CarPlay. Mirroring may either be via wireless or wired channels.

For wireless connections, you need to:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then scroll down until you see the Siri and Search button. Click on it to enable Siri assistant.
  2. Now back to your car. To activate CarPlay, hold down the voice control button (on your car system). Alternatively, you can turn on the phone’s Bluetooth and connect it to your car.
  3. Lastly, go to the General Settings, then scroll down to locate CarPlay. Select your car to mirror your iPhone to the car screen.

For wired connections, you can use the charging cord to connect your phone to the car’s USB port. Tap on the CarPlay logo on your car screen to mirror your phone. Easy peasy, right!

How To Mirror An Android Device To Car Screen

Many apps allow Android users to mirror their phones to the car screen. Such include the MirrorLink, Android Adaptor dongle, and Android Auto.

1. Android Auto

Note that conventional infotainment systems are compatible with the Android Auto app. However, the support for this application begins from Android 9 to earlier versions. There are two steps to mirroring your Android to car screen:

  1. Connect your phone to the stereo through a cable.
  2. From your car screen, launch the Android Auto app. That’s all you need to connect your Android to the car screen.

You can also connect to Android Auto wirelessly if your car has Bluetooth drivers enabled. 

2. MirrorLink

MirrorLink works through your device by casting phone contents to the car screen. Besides, this app allows audio output via the car speakers and can control the blinkers. To mirror your screen using this app, follow the steps below:

  1. Using a USB cable, connect the Android device and the car stereo.
  2. Navigate to settings from your phone and select Connections. You’ll find the MirrorLink application here. Click that button to activate it.
  3. To connect Android to your screen, click on the option labeled “Connect to the car via USB.” Android screen monitoring will then commence on the car screen. 

3. Android Adapter Dongle

To connect your Android phone using an adaptor dongle, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have the Android Auto app installed on your phone.
  2. Plug the dongle into the car, then use it to connect your mobile device.
  3. Allow Android Auto to access your phone to connect your device to the car’s infotainment accessory. A successful process will mirror your phone’s screen on the car.

Best Ways To Enjoy Video On Your Car Screen

If you consume programs in bulk, you can extend your binge-watching to the car screen. Most of these options initially require your phone to be mirrored to the car screen. 

The car screen allows individuals to enjoy both offline downloads and Livestream services. Here are some ways to enjoy your videos from your car.

1. Using DVD/Blu-Ray And USB Flash Drives

Blu-ray and DVD offer the most straightforward ways of enjoying videos from your car screen. They are convenient and do not require any complex setup. Just insert the DVD and use your stereo controls to watch your programs.

Note that Blu-ray or DVD does not grant you access to live television services. You’ll only access the offline version of your go-to form of entertainment.

Alternatively, you can use a USB pen drive to watch videos straight from your car screen. All you need is a USB flash drive preloaded with movies. You only have to plug the USB drive into the ports and play it.

2. Satellite Television

It would be best to have a premium account and a special antenna to enjoy satellite TV. Note that the signal varies with the density of buildings surrounding you. Luckily, the stream quality is seamless with little interference from the environment.

Satellite dishes may enhance the streaming experience inside your car. However, the dish may not be aesthetically appealing when mounted on your vehicle.

3. DVR Connection

DVR has been a popular source of entertainment over the cloud. With DVR, you can enjoy your shows from the car screen, provided you have access to a reliable internet connection.

You can wire your DVR to the car to enjoy cloud entertainment. Alternatively, you can download DVR-based applications that you may easily control from a mirrored phone. Like other streaming services, you’ll need access to the internet.

4. Livestream TV and Local Channels

Premium television services allow users to access content from a list of allowed devices. Slingbox, Plex, and AppleTV are some Livestream TVs that will take entertainment to your vehicle’s screen.

You’ll need to hook your Slingbox to an antenna and a portable mobile hotspot to access live programs. Alternatively, Plex subscribers can use the HDTV tuner card to stream movies and shows. 

It would help if you had an HDTV antenna, your car’s display, and a turner to access local channels. The quality of the stream may suffer due to interference from buildings and other mobile vehicles.

Ultimately, you can use the mirrored phone interface to access the streaming apps from your car screen. 

5. Video Streaming Platforms

Netflix, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are some video streaming platforms most people are acquainted with. To stream the video programs, you might want to ensure that you have a working internet connection.

You’ll need to download these applications on your phone then control them using CarPlay, Android Auto, or similar applications. 

Things To Note When Watching Videos On Car Screen

Watching videos is a fun passive activity. This stance implies that it may be risky to watch while driving. 

To prevent inadvertent mishaps, you should be mindful of where you watch your videos. Watching on a busy highway or driving at high speeds poses a greater risk of getting involved in an accident.


You can use your car screen to watch downloaded videos or stream them directly from streaming services. Offline videos access may be through media such as SD cards, Blu-ray, or flash drives.

You’ll need a working internet connection and a premium service to enjoy live content. Individuals may access such via satellite TVs or streaming services like Hulu and AppleTV.

Using third-party applications, connecting a mobile device directly to the car screen is possible. CarPlay and Android Auto are some applications that facilitate mirroring of a device to the car screen.