Will Vaseline Soften Toenails: Treat And Prevent Toenail Fungus

Will Vaseline Soften Toenails

Tons of home remedies are out there. But not all of them are worth using. 

Vaseline has been in use for donkey years. People rub it on different parts of their body, thanks to how it protects the skin.   

In addition to protecting the skin, many have claimed Vaseline can soften toenails.

Hardened toenails are a product of fungus infection. Trauma, peripheral arterial disease, and aging can also harden your toenails.     

A hard toenail is one condition one should do everything possible to avoid. Besides the challenges of trimming, the sight of the nails alone can make you want to puke. 

A proposed home remedy to soften toenails is Vaseline. But the question is can this ointment get the job done? 

Let’s rephrase and answer the question below. 

Will Vaseline soften toenails? 

Yes, Vaseline has the power to soften toenails. It contains a mix of beneficial waxes and oils that help lock moisture in the skin. Thus, when applied to the toenail, Vaseline can soften it. 

There’s also no need to worry about the safety of Vaseline. Most people may have a contrary view about using it because of petroleum jelly. 

But Vaseline is safe. If properly refined, petroleum jelly doesn’t have any health concerns.   

Vaseline was discovered in 1859 by Robert Chesebrough. And today, Unilever, the company producing it, claims it uses only high-quality ingredients. 

And given the reputation of Unilever, they wouldn’t want to put a mediocre product on the market that would tarnish their reputation. 

Keep reading as we discuss more on Vaseline’s use on toenails.  

What Vaseline Is

Vaseline is one of the world’s top-rated body and hand care brands. And It has been in existence for such a long time. 

This ointment is surprisingly cheap and readily available. You can purchase Vaseline on any store online and offline. 

So, what does Vaseline mean? 

To understand what this ointment means, we need to know more about its constituents. Vaseline’s primary ingredient is petroleum jelly, a by-product of crude oil.  

Nevertheless, the word, “crude oil” shouldn’t scare you. When refined properly, petroleum jelly is harmless.  

Vaseline also boasts amazing healing properties. Thus, it can benefit your skin in diverse ways. 

It heals burns and wounds when applied for a while. And we explained earlier that it softens toenails.

Can Vaseline completely heal toenail fungus? Well, miracles happen now and then. But from what we know, no study proves Vaseline cures toenail fungus.

Is Applying Vaseline To Toenails Safe?

Yes, it is safe. Vaseline is safe for most people with skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. It helps to lock moisture in the skin. 

However, various petroleum jelly products are out there. And these new products may contain ingredients not present in Vaseline. So, it would be unwise to recommend any petroleum jelly product for users. 

Vaseline is the one product research has confirmed safe and beneficial for our skin.   

A Handy Tip: Researchers have hailed Vaseline as one of the world’s most effective moisturizers. The ointment sits on one’s skin’s surface and prevents moisture from leaving.  

What Company Makes Vaseline? 

Unilever produces Vaseline, and they have been in the business for many years.  

We all know Unilever is a popular consumer goods manufacturer with a solid reputation. They have set such a high standard that other companies need to work harder to attain. 

So, we expect the same attention to detail to be given to the Vaseline they produce. 

How Should You Apply Vaseline To Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus needs proper care. Otherwise, the condition could become worse. It could start smelling bad and look unsightly. 

Most people with this condition don’t feel comfortable exposing their feet. They prefer to leave it in their shoes to avoid embarrassment. 

However, toenail fungus treatment varies. Your doctor may approach an individual’s toenail fungus differently from the others. 

The condition often causes toenails to become yellowish, discolored, hardened, thick, or have in-growth.  

Doctors may request you remove the in-growth via a surgical procedure in most cases. They may also administer antifungal medication. Why? The reason is simple. They want to ensure the infection doesn’t make its way into your bloodstream, as that would be challenging to treat.     

How should you apply Vaseline to your toenail fungus? 

Firstly, remember that you can apply Vaseline on your toenails, whether they have fungus infection or not. 

To apply the ointment, wash your feet and dry them. Make sure you use a clean cloth or towel.

The next step is to apply Vaseline to the affected finger. You can also apply to other fingers if you wish. 

A Handy Tip: If you have a doctor handling your treatment, discuss if you can apply Vaseline on your toenail fungus. Your doctor might be against applying an ointment. 

Can Consistent Use of Vaseline Help To Cure Toenail Fungus?  

Vaseline is a highly beneficial ointment on the skin. But need some miracles if you’re relying on it to cure toenail fungus. 

If the infection has moved into your bloodstream, it would be extremely difficult for Vaseline to have much of an impact. 

However, a combination of Vaseline and the right medication might help to speed up the healing process. 

Why Vaseline Applied On Fungus-infected Toenail Is Beneficial

Vaseline not only softens hard toenails. It can offer you other benefits. Here are those benefits. 

#1: Waterproof your toenails:

Leaving toenails wet is the last thing someone struggling with toenail fungus would want to do.  

Why? Moisture is the reason you’re suffering from a fungus infection. Fungus thrives in humid, damp, or warm conditions. 

So, keeping moisture out of your toenail should be a priority. You can apply petroleum jelly to achieve that. Rub it on the affected toenail and watch how it keeps moisture at bay.  

The simple reason is this. Water and petroleum jelly (a by-product of crude oil) don’t mix. Even after refining petroleum jelly, this property would still be intact.    

Constant application of Vaseline can help to strangulate the fungus. It will cut off their oxygen supply and cause them to die.  

#2: Makes cuticles and toenails soft:

Fungus infection hardens toenails. The condition makes the nails unsightly and difficult to trim down. 

The use of force on such hardened or thick toenails can result in injuries. And you may end up not cutting the nails properly.  

With Vaseline applied to the infected toenail, rest assured it would become soft and easy to cut in no time. 

Just ensure you apply it to your nails now and then. You’ll see the marvelous work the ointment can do.      

Vaseline is cheap and readily available, making it a wise choice for nail care. You can use it to care for your toenails and prevent fungus infection.  

#3: Beneficial healing properties: 

Vaseline boasts well-documented healing properties. It can repair damages caused by the fungus to your nails. 

Petroleum jelly is Vaseline’s main ingredient. But it’s safe on the skin. When properly refined, it doesn’t have any health concerns. 

So, apply on your affected toenail and cuticle. In no time, your nail’s texture and color would return to how it was before the fungus.

A Handy Tip:  It is advisable to clean your skin properly or allow it to dry before applying petroleum jelly. Why? You’ll give room for fungi or bacterial infection.    

#4: Antibacterial properties: 

You can prevent bacteria and fungi from gaining access to your toenails by one simple act – apply Vaseline now and then. 

Before wearing your socks and shoes, apply some Vaseline on your toenails and cuticle (After you have cleaned and kept them dry).

The ointment’s stickiness will help prevent water from entering your toenails, which often allows bacteria and fungus to thrive.    

A Handy Tip:  Petroleum jelly is a viable option for wounds. Studies have shown that it is just as potent as antibiotic ointment when applied to non-infected wounds. 


So, will Vaseline soften toenails? Yes, it can. It is also safe for the skin. Though petroleum jelly is the primary ingredient in Vaseline, you won’t face any health concerns regarding using this ointment. 

Vaseline can also be beneficial for people who have toenail fungus. And you can use it to strengthen your fingernails and protect them from fungus and bacteria. Just apply regularly for all-around protection of your toenails.