Are Connected Treadmills The Future Of In-Home Running?

Are Connected Treadmills The Future Of In-Home Running

Connected treadmills have been gaining traction recently, and billion-dollar companies have emerged out of it. So are these treadmills the future of workout? To answer this, one needs first to understand the whole logic behind a connected treadmill. By definition, this is a treadmill that allows the trainee to take instructions from a trainer remotely while using a treadmill.   This assures the trainee that they are doing the right thing, and any mistakes in the workout regimen can be ironed with the instructor. This aspect to connected treadmills assures these gadgets a future in workout. However, many other factors make the connected treadmill the future of workout. Some of them are as below.

1. The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, no doubt about it. Already companies are delaying the process of getting employees back to the office. Work-from-home seems to have taken over. Many other aspects of life have changed too such as learning, which is now being done online among other sectors of the economy. All these changes to everyday life will not leave work-out unaffected. Due to the risk of contracting the virus, many people are likely to opt for a home-based workout in the foreseeable future. But one can argue that the vaccines are here, which means a return to pre-pandemic life. Well, scientists claim that even with the vaccine, most measures such as wearing masks are likely to be in place until everyone is vaccinated. Using this rationale, it is safe to say that a return to normalcy could be at least 2 to 3 years away. That’s because there is an issue of vaccine apathy in the population, and some parts of the world, including the developed world, are having logistical issues in vaccine distribution. If people work out from home for such a long time, working out from home will become a habit, and habits are not easy to beat.

2. It Is Entertaining

Besides the pandemic forcing more people to adopt home-based workouts, connected treadmills are fun to work with.  These treadmills not only connect to the internet; they also have several entertainment devices attached. They have music, and you can chat with friends while working out. This aspect of connected treadmills kills two birds with one stone. The first one is the workout aspect to it. Since the treadmill is connected, the user has a reason to stay at home and still cut weight. The second one is fun. A lot of people visit the gym to socialize and just have fun.  This is a key factor that could see more people adopt connected treadmills as the long-term to the conventional gym.

3. It Is Cheaper

COVID-19 hit the economy hard, and people are looking for ways to save money. Since the economy is not about to get back to normal overnight, people are likely to cut down on things they can do without. One of the things that are likely to be affected is gym memberships. That’s because the alternative is as good as attending a real gym. There is no good reason to visit the gym when one can get the same results while training from home. In a gym environment, one gets to work out, get help from a trainer, and enjoy the company of friends. With a connected treadmill, you can get the benefits of workout, and still get to socialize. To top it all up, it is free, and one can save on the costs that come with gym membership subscriptions. Even if they were to pay for a virtual trainer, such a trainer is much cheaper than the one they get to train with at a gym facility. That’s because the virtual trainer’s setup costs are lower, and they are selling their services to a much bigger audience.  This aspect of affordability combined with functionality will most likely make the connected treadmill a mainstay and easily see it replace the conventional gym quickly.

4. It’s Cool

On top of its practicality and cost advantages, the connected treadmill is fancy. It is aesthetically pleasing, and this could draw in lots of people to it. Like many other technologies that have beaten the odds to become mainstays, this one stands a good chance of taking over the fitness and wellness market.

With all the above benefits, it makes sense to invest in a good quality connected treadmill. A good treadmill review can help you out. One of the best you can use is the Dynasystech review. At, you will find all the information you need and make a good choice.