5 Tips for Building the Perfect Workout Regimen

woman working out in gym

In order to achieve your goals, you have to have a consistent workout regimen. 

Without a clear path, working out is counterproductive. An effective workout is defined by its ability to provide adaptations to the body. Whether that means burning fat, developing muscle, increasing conditioning, you name it. 

Don’t walk into the gym without a plan. 

You don’t have to “wing it”. Instead, consider these five tips for building a good workout regimen. 

1. Establish a Goal

Reps and sets are different for each goal. Before you can run, you have to walk. But you need the specifics of what path you’re taking. 

There are various rep schemes, sets, and intensity for each goal. If you want to get stronger, lift heavy weights for fewer reps. If you want to become more conditioned, introduce intensity focused running/HIIT. If you want to grow, consider hypertrophic reps.

Your goals drive a workout. Establish them beforehand. 

2. Understanding Splits

The way you structure your workouts daily reinforces your goals. 

Schedules may differ throughout the week. Make sure you’re correlating longer workouts with days you have more time. 

If you’re in a time crunch, consider adding a shorter workout. A home workout regimen is a great way to stay on track. Weekly you should be giving yourself variety to hit all parts of the body. Include a day to rest with active recovery or an off day at the end of the week or halfway through. 


3. Choose Some Exercises

Picking your exercises after you’ve established a goal is key. 

If you’re starting out, you’ll want to choose a variety of exercises. Each body is different and reacts accordingly. 

You may enjoy one type of movement over another. In some cases, exercises that work for others may not work for you. Developing a workout regimen is all about trial and error. 

The more things you try, the better chances you’ll have with staying on course and seeing results.

4. Start Small

These exercises you’ve decided on should be a good blueprint for your workout regimen. But take a minute to breathe and don’t come out of the gates on a full sprint. It takes time easing into a plan.

The number one reason people don’t accomplish their goals is because of burnout. If you haven’t been working out for months, or if this is your first time, start small. 

It’s normal to feel soreness after a hiatus from working out. Give your body time to adapt.

5. Stick to a Workout Regimen

Getting discouraged can happen fast. You won’t see the results you want within a week and sometimes consistency starts to slip.

Sticking with a workout regimen for months at a time is important. You won’t see results without consistency. 

In most cases, individuals find they experience the most strength gains in years one through four, and the most size gains in years three through six. If you’re a rookie in the gym, consider jotting down some tips for Gym Newbies

Create a Healthy Life

Developing the perfect workout regimen takes time. 

Like most things in life, research is the most important tool. Whether it’s in business, technology, or health, the more you know the better. There are some differences between a workout regimen for men and a workout regimen for women. 

When you’re developing a good workout regimen take these five tips into account. Building a healthy life starts slow. Like anything else, the more you read the more you’ll know. 

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