The Top 5 Reasons To Visit Hillcroft Physicians

The Top 5 Reasons To Visit Hillcroft Physicians

Hillcroft Physicians is a medical facility in the Houston area. It has existed for over twenty years, and it can help you if you have many medical conditions.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best reasons for visiting Hillcroft Physicians. You’ll soon learn the doctors there care deeply about the local community and can get you back on your feet if you’re suffering from a variety of ailments.

The Facility’s Founder, Dr. Forough Farizani

Dr. Forough Farizani is one of the main reasons why you’d want to visit the Hillcroft Physicians facility. She founded this medical entity in 1998 and still serves as its most noted practitioner.

She has served families across generations and has ties to the Houston area. Dr. Farizani wanted to create a place where she could treat patients understanding their cultural backgrounds and beliefs. She staffed the facility with other doctors who do the same.

She has set up a place where doctor-patient relationships lead to individuals willingly sharing anything troubling them. They might not feel confident talking to a doctor about a particular medical problem elsewhere. They can do that at Hillcroft Physicians, and Dr. Farizani made that possible through her vision and persistence.

Both Physical And Mental Wellbeing

Often, a patient will need to seek separate care for mental and physical issues. The Hillcroft Physicians facility is a place where they can get treatment for both at the same time.

A patient might seek help for malaise if they’re not entirely sure whether they’re experiencing a mental problem, a physical one, or both. Hillcroft Physicians is a facility where they can feel safe describing their issues, and the doctors can work to find the most holistic approach to get them on better footing.

Someone who visits Hillcroft might find out that they have a physical or mental ailment, and they’ll also learn about all the latest options for treating it. They can learn from the doctors whether they have different ways to deal with the problem or whether only one logical course of action exists.

The patients can trust the doctors at Hillcroft to attend to their physical and mental needs. They appreciate that environment and can often open up at Hillcroft in ways they can’t elsewhere.

In particular, many refugees and immigrants like the services at Hillcroft. They can find doctors who speak their languages and can treat them based on a comprehensive medical worldview and not a more restrictive one that you might find at other Western treatment facilities.

The Onsite Pharmacy

You will also soon discover if you visit Hillcroft Physicians that they have an onsite pharmacy that can cater to you the same day a doctor prescribes you a new medication. Maybe you have a condition where you need to get medicine as soon as possible to feel better. With other facilities, you might have to go to a pharmacy miles away.

Maybe you can’t do that so easily if you have mobility issues. Perhaps you can’t drive to a pharmacy because you don’t have a car, or there’s not much public transportation available.

Going to an onsite pharmacy makes things so much easier for patients that visit Hillcroft. They can get what they need when they present their insurance card. The pharmacists are willing to work with the patients to get them their medications at the lowest possible prices.

The patient can get medication regardless of whether an outside physician gave them the prescription or one of the Hillcroft doctors did. The pharmacists have an extensive medication knowledge, so you can talk to them about possible side effects if you’re starting with a new medicine and have some worries about it.

You Can Learn About Best Health Practices There

If you visit Hillcroft, you might also have questions about how best to conduct yourself to live the healthiest possible life. Hillcroft provides the latest factual medical information. 

You can talk to the doctors there about Covid-19 if you have concerns about it. They’re happy to talk to you about the vaccines, when you should get one, and when you should get a booster.

The doctors can also talk to you about STDs, erectile dysfunction, menopause, and other personal conditions or issues you might face about which you might feel some embarrassment. If you have a good relationship with the medical providers there, you should feel okay talking to them about whatever mental or physical condition troubles you.

They even post regular blogs that talk about issues that patients often encounter. You can go there to read about topics like telemedicine, what emotions teens experience when they visit a doctor’s office, and much more.

You Can Find Specialty Care There

While the Hillcroft Physicians facility is not a hospital, you will find much of the best modern equipment. You can go there for care and find doctors that specialize in cardiology, endocrinology, nutrition services, gastroenterology, and more.

You might go there after suffering a heart attack or stroke. The doctors can talk to you about risk factors and how to change your behavior to make another one less likely.

You may go there if you need to talk about changing your diet. The doctors will look at you and determine whether you need to lose some weight, whether you should cut sodium out of your diet, or what other actions you might take so you can enjoy your life more and live longer.

The doctors there know how to talk to you about heart health, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, and other problems that you’ve developed or might develop based on your genetic background and risk factors. They can speak to you in a nonjudgmental way and make you feel comfortable as you communicate your thoughts and feelings to them.

If you go to Hillcroft, you’ll likely find that it’s not like other medical facilities. You should find a comfort level there unlike any you’ve experienced at other clinics or hospitals.