7 Apps That Will Improve Your Smart TV Experience

7 Apps That Will Improve Your Smart TV Experience

If you are someone who loves to flex about owning a smart TV, we get it.  After all, it gives you some edge over what you will get from a regular TV. 

Unfortunately, some people who own a smart TV do not even know all the features they can enjoy. Sometimes, it could be that they were compelled by the beautiful display of the smart TV to purchase it. Other times, it could be that they got it as a gift. 

We see that only a tiny percentage of those who own smart TVs fully utilize its uses and experience. 

Many of your popular TV brands have smart TV varieties, so you can always get a smart TV of your choice. That is also the case with smart TV operating systems like LG Webos. 

This article consists of some of the best apps that will improve your smart TV experience. Likewise, HBO max on LG Webos, these apps are compatible with almost any smart TV you can ever own. With these applications, you will appreciate the amount you spent on purchasing your smart TV. Also, you might find yourself spreading the gospel of owning a smart TV to others. 

In no particular order, here are the apps: 

1. Plex

Be it movies, pictures, artworks, music, and more; you can have all of them arranged and streamed on your smart TV with ease, courtesy of Plex. Interestingly, it is a global streaming platform. Therefore, you can use this app irrespective of where you are in the world. 

Using the Plex app is almost like owning your playlist. But now, it isn’t limited to only music. Instead, it is a combination of all your media interests. 

So, you now have your entertainment just by switching on your TV. If you have friends over, you can entertain them with your personal preferences with ease. 

You can get Plex as both a free and premium service. Typically, one might be wary of free service. But you would not have this concern with Plex. Its free service also allows you to enjoy the personalized arranged streaming service. 

Its premium service will not break your bank accounts as it costs $5 monthly and investors affirm its rise in the market. Here, you enjoy computer-to-TV streaming. 

If you love to have everything in sync on all your devices, you can also achieve this with Plex. Thus, we can say that your smart TV experience is bound to be better with the Plex app. 

2. AccuWeather

If you’ve always been interested in weather forecasting, what other app should you be using than AccuWeather? 

With this app on your smart TV, you will always get accurate weather predictions. Thus, you will never be caught unawares by any weather conditions. 

Now, you may be wondering why you will need this application on a big screen such as your smart TV. After all, can’t I use it on my mobile device?

Of course, you can use it on your phones or tablets. But where would be the fun in that? It is usually cooler when you look through a weather forecast with a big screen like your smart TV. 

3. Kitchen Stories

Some people will say that this is an app for women. We are sure that you can already tell that it is about cooking and recipes from the name. But why should it be gender-restricted when everyone eats? 

Therefore, you need this app on your smart TV, irrespective of your gender. 

Now, if you are curious about meals that span across the globe, you can get their recipes from this app. We see many people lose track of time when they have the Kitchen Stories app on their smart TV. It is a great way to whirl away time

So, foodies, aspiring foodies, and everyone should have this app to improve their smart TV experience. 

4. News360

Watching the regular news stations can be boring. It is why we have the News360 app. They best describe themselves as your personalized newsreader.

What the News360 app does is to get the interests of its users. Then, they convert these interests to the news. So, if you love football, the app would always show you information relating to football. This way, you are not bored when going through the news. 

So, you are now excited when watching the news on your smart TV through this app as the information covers what you love and is not boring. So, now, you will always keep a date with the app and your Smart TV. 

5. Daily Workouts

Many people desire to work out, but they might not have the time to go to the gym or get a workout instructor. So, how would this work out? It is why they created this app. 

Through the daily workouts app, you get access to over 100 workout routines. So now, you do not have any excuse for not exercising anymore. 

When you have this app on your smart TV, you can switch the TV on every day, pick a routine, then work out.

It is exciting as your routine is on a big screen. It gets even better as there are different routines. Thus, you are not stuck to the same process every time. 

6. Netflix

Would it be a complete list if we do not include Netflix? It is that movie app that allows different devices to stream movies. 

Netflix is a global app. However, you need to pay before you can access the app. We cannot stay the amount as it varies depending on your location. The package you subscribe to determines how many devices you can use.

When you have Netflix on your smart TV, it will undoubtedly be a thrilling experience as you can access some of your favorite movies anytime you desire. It would be rare before you will complain of boredom. 

7. Asphalt 9: Legends

What’s the use of having a smart TV if you cannot use it for gaming? So, we had no choice but to add this app to our list of apps to improve your smart TV experience. 

The Asphalt 9 presents you with racing games. You can play them alone or with friends. You are sure that the experience will be exciting, especially when it is on a big screen. 


Your smart TV should not just be a big screen sitting somewhere that you rarely use. Instead, it will be best to utilize it in every possible way, and you can do so by having these apps. 

Now, you will find it hard to be away from your smart TV for long.