Why Do The Wicked Prosper And The Righteous Suffer?

Why Do The Wicked Prosper

The word wicked depicts a particular nature. It speaks of evil or mischievousness. On the other hand, the word righteous also describes the nature of a specific person, that quality can be one of virtue and moral uprightness in a person. A wicked is an evil or mischievous person, while a righteous person is an upright person.

Now, why do the wicked prosper, and the righteous suffer?

When you ask the question, why do the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer, in a social gathering, it raises a lot of dust. The religious sects believe that the prosperity of the wicked is only for a short while and that the end will be destruction. Others are of the view that we live in an unfair world, and that bad things happen to good people. However, the fact remains that the wicked prosper because of the price they have paid.

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Wrong Beliefs About Prosperity

Over the years, the word prosperity seems to refer to only money. It is not a lie; however, it is also not the complete truth, as prosperity cuts across various areas of life. It ranges from good health to even having a good family. However, economists will strongly disagree with this fact, as they solely believe that money is the only indicator of prosperity. As we continue, you will find out that it is a wrong belief. The fact is that a lot of things have to be in place before you can say a man is genuinely prosperous.

Good health is another essential factor in prosperity, apart from money. A billionaire with stage three cancer of the brain cannot survive it, even with the money. As a result, you can say that he is a failure in health, yet he has so much money.

A man or a woman with a broken home tends to suffer a lot of emotional trauma, even if they manage to hide it, but deep within it will be consuming them. Even the religious sect will agree that a man that cannot keep his family is a failure, and he is not fit to be a voice in society. As much as the money is essential for you to be a prosperous person, keeping a healthy family is vital, too, because once you lack in this area, it tends to ruin you publicly.

Psychologist proved that true happiness that will last for a lifetime is not from money, but it’s from within a man’s mind. Once a man can be able to find peace within him, it’s almost impossible to make that man unhappy.

In the world today, there is an increasing number of suicides by even prosperous people, now the question is why a wealthy man would kill himself. It could be a result of loneliness, emptiness, and sadness, which leads to depression. There are a couple of rich people going into drugs and suicide because of depression, so you can see if money could fill people up; these people should not act in such acts.

Real prosperity is not just about having all the money in the world, but it’s in experiencing wholeness. One can set that a man with money is prosperous if all things are in place in his life, from family life to good health.

The laws of prosperity:

In this section, we’ll focus on the economic view of prosperity, which is money. There are laws to acquire wealth. Whether you are good, bad, or ugly, this law will work if you apply them to your daily life. In everyday life, some rules or regulations guide our actions. Thus, once we do anything, we get a reward based on our activities.

For Instance, it is a rule that when you pay the electric bill, you get something in return, which is light. Once you pay, it becomes the responsibility of the company to give you light by all means because you have done your part. The same rule applies when you are paying water bills and every other bill, once you follow that simple rule; you get the required result.

The law of consistency

Consistently, doing something pays off. During the process of doing that particular thing, you are also gaining mastery in that area. There is a famous saying that diligence pays off at the end of the day. It is a saying carved out from the scriptures Proverbs 22:29. The scripture states that a diligent man will stand before great kings.

The Bible passage is trying to say that a man with experience and skills from years or months of consistent work will position himself among great people. It is even viable in today’s reality as nobody will hire a man without experience on the job.

The law of giving

A lot of people in this world conclude that the universe operates in a dimension of exchange, and it gives what you give to it. The law of giving sees money as a river flowing, and it must keep flowing, so when you give out money, the universe looks for a way to channel that money back to you.

Many Christians and non-Christians believe in the law of giving. We find out that in recent times, we have more philanthropists giving out money to the less privileged and helping out the poor. You tend to see that they keep getting more money and grow financially. The law doesn’t just apply to finance, as it also works in other aspects of life. In essence, if you want love, you have to give love. In the same manner, if you desire joy, you must be a joy giver, etc.

The law of problem-solving

Many things are going wrong in the world today, from poverty, sickness, war, corruption to many other things that you are aware of, or you may be experiencing personally. The man that found the solution to the problem of communication in the world and brought about Facebook is one of the richest men in the world today. Also, there is a man that brought the solution for easy transportation, that even when he is not alive, his children can never be poor. That man is Henry Ford.

There are a good number of people that brought solutions to various areas of life, and today, they are multimillionaires that it is almost impossible for them to be poor in life. Thus, you can see that the law of problem-solving stands that anyone that brings a solution to a problem will always get the reward of that, and most times, the compensation is monetary.

The Christian Beliefs About Suffering

Suffering is a term generally used when referring to pain and hardship. Christians believe that suffering is temporal and only for a time. Thus, when that time comes, you have to bear it and wait till it passes away. The Christians believe that suffering is the night time of the life of Christians when things are not working well for you, but that joy will come in the morning time. They also believe that there is hope after suffering. Some of these beliefs are:

Suffering Is For The Believer’s Sake

Generally, Christians believe that once you enter a season of suffering in your life, it is an indicator that there is victory ahead. The belief reflects in the life of many Bible characters as once they pass through hard times; they tend to come out victoriously. Some examples are Job, Sarah, Paul the Apostle, and several other Bible characters that passed through pains and hardship for a while and were victorious at the end.

Longsuffering Is A Fruit Of The Spirit

Christians believe in the ability within them to endure hardness and pain for a long time, without losing hope. The Greek meaning of longsuffering is “long” and “temper.” Christians tend to see pain as gain and not just pain to them because it shows that they indeed have the ability that the Bible said they have in Galatians 5:22. They believe that suffering is an indicator that you have the fruit of the Spirit within you.


Prosperity majors in the wholeness of an individual. It not just centers on the financial worth of the person. To answer the question, why do the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer, we realize that the wicked are not prospering in every sense as the wicked have their evil, hateful and mischievous nature to give to the world.

You will also discover that they always have evil things around them because of the law of giving, which is both a universal law and a spiritual law for the Christians. You can still be wicked and prosper financially. Also, the righteous can suffer, but it’s for a while as joy comes at an appointed time, and they are more likely to enjoy all-round prosperity at the end. However, it’s unwise to say righteous people suffer for their righteousness, and the wicked prosper because of their wickedness.

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