What Is Boho Style Clothing? 6 Steps To Achieving This Style

What Is Boho Style Clothing

There are many different types of styles that you can hone in on. When it comes to finding a style that suits you, you will want to look for finding the perfect balance between comfort and confidence.

You will want to find outfits that you enjoy wearing and equally ones that best represent your own personality.

Many people, they become drawn to boho clothing because of the artistic and relaxed style that it allows you to have.

Bohemian style has a long history linked strongly with the hippie movement of the 70s. It draws on using natural fabrics, neutral shades, and small embellishments that make an outfit pop.

But what many people do not realize is that the bohemian style is actually linked further back than that, with it first appearing during the French Revolution. This is where the unconventional styles first evolved, with the free-spirited people setting the trend for decades to come.

When you rock the boho style, you will give off an effortlessly cool and chic vibe. But how exactly can you do this? We have rounded up all the top tips so you can rock the boho clothing style in a way that makes you feel great.

1. Choosing A Color Palette

The boho clothing styles all use a similar color palette of warm and neutral colors. You will want to identify the colors that you yourself are drawn to, focusing on around six or seven key colors. This can range from creamy whites to dusty red or beige.

These colors will help you rock boho prints and patterns without drifting too far from the overall minimalistic component that makes up boho clothing. You will also want to pick colors that are shade related. This means choosing three to four shades of the same color—like sky, navy, and turquoise blue.

Don’t forget to also pick out some neutral colors too. This helps soften your boho clothing and makes it easier to incorporate various designs or prints.

2. Pick Flowy Tops

Boho clothing is supposed to be comfortable. That is why you will want to choose tops that are comfortable ad flowy. You can do this by selecting ones that are made with lace, designed as a tunic, or is oversized peasant tops.

There are many factors to look for when it comes to boho clothing tops. In addition to being loosely fitted, you will want to pick tops that have loose sleeves, subtle prints or embellishments, flattering necklines and shoulder cut-offs.

3. Select Comfy Bottoms

The tops are not the only pieces of clothing that should be comfortable with boho clothing. The bottoms should be equally comfortable. This can range from flared jeans to flowy maxi skirts. Denim jean shorts also work great too.

The key to picking pants in line with boho clothing is ensuring that they have some sort of flared silhouette, give off a relaxed fit and have some sort of embellishment on it.

4. Flaunt Relaxed Dresses

Of course, one of the most fun pieces of boho clothing to wear are dresses. Making creating an outfit super simple and giving you so much comfort and style in one piece of garment, dresses make for an essential boho clothing selection.

These too should give off a relaxed fit, with maxi dresses often being a great choice. Many boho dresses have printed designs with multiple hues of color. Many cuts also go off the shoulder or have loose-fitting sleeves.

5. Layer With Outerwear

Boho clothing is also made to be layered. There are numerous types of outerwear selections that you can make, with the most common three being a denim jacket, a kimono or a vintage coat.

The key to making your outerwear stay in line with boho clothing trends is to ensure there is a distressed element to it, along with some sort of decorative embellishment or trim. This will help give off a unique bohemian vibe that is equally keeping you cozy.

6. Make Sure To Accessorize

Not only are there so many fun pieces of boho clothing to play with, but also plenty of boho accessories too. Everything from printed bags to vintage jewelry will help finish off any boho outfit. The top elements to look for in accessories are bags with fringes or a distressed look, scarves with mixed prints, antique jewelery with soft hues and anything with patchwork on it.


To rock the boho style, all you need to do is follow these six tips. Choosing the color scheme you want to work with will be a great starting point to finding the perfect top, bottom or dress. Of course, it is the accessories that will truly help finish any boho clothing look off.

With so many great style ideas, what will you choose first?