Top 5 Long-Range Shooting Accessories on the Market

rifle with scope

If you’re a long-range shooting specialist, then you know just how hard it can be to get everything to line up for the perfect shot.

Simply put, a long-range shot is no easy task.

When you’re going for distance, long-range shooting accessories are absolutely essential to hitting the mark on the first try. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best accessories for long-range shooting. 

1. Ballistics Calculator

When you’re shooting at a distance greater than normal, all of the little factors that you may have ignored before all of a sudden become all-important.

For instance, think about wind. While you may not have cared too much about the impact of wind on a 100-yard shot (because of how little time wind has to impact the bullet’s trajectory), the situation changes when you’re taking a 1,000-yard shot.

On top of the wind, you’ll also have to think about gravity, humidity, temperature, air density, etc. All of this information will have a massive impact on where your bullet ends up.

Putting a few of the measurable metrics into a ballistics calculator will give you an easy view of how you should adjust your shot to compensate for that impact.

2. Long Range Sights

Long-range sights are also a must when you’re going for far-away targets. AR 15 sights, for instance, give you a far better view of the target in the distance and how to line up your rifle for the shot.

If you try to use a short-range sight on a long-range shot, chances are that the target you’re looking at through the sight will look blurry.

3. Spotting Scope

Another important accessory to have on you is a spotting scope. Think of a spotting scope as a mini-telescope. 

This tool comes into play after you take your shot. You can use it to figure out if you hit the target or where your bullet ended up if you didn’t.

This is far preferable to walking down to the target after every shot.

4. Shooting Platform

A shooting platform is a must if you want to pull off a steady shot.

When you’re shooting at a far-away target, every breath and tremor in your body has an impact on the bullet’s trajectory. Thus, you need a stable platform to shoot from to combat that impact.

5. Shooting Mat

Last but not least, a shooting mat is essential if you’re going to be taking your long-range shots lying down.

A shooting mat will give you some comfort as you lay down on the hard ground. This, in turn, will allow you to focus more on the shot you have to take.

Long Range Shooting Accessories You Need

Well, there you have it.

Now that you know which long-range shooting accessories you need to have with you, you should be far better equipped to hit those targets the next time you’re out on the range. 

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