5 Ways To Get Your Facebook Small Business Page Noticed

5 Ways To Get Your Facebook Small Business Page Noticed

Do you know that around 1.9 billion people use Facebook daily? Considering this, it’s pretty apparent why most businesses have a Facebook page, including small brands or start-ups.

However, most Facebook business pages tend to measure their “Facebook success” with the number of likes they have. To be honest, getting free Facebook likes from real people, growth tools, or organic strategies is not hard.

What matters the most is your engagement rate (number of likes on posts, comments, and shares) as well as how you treat your customers and the quality of your products or services delivered to them. For instance, due to the quality of innovative products Apple offers and exceptional customer support service, it has millions of likes on its various social media accounts.

Nevertheless, we will share the top 5 ways to get your Facebook small business page noticed quickly in this article. Keep reading to discover!

1. Give A Professional Look To Your Page

You must ensure that your business page looks professional and authentic for Facebook users to notice. This will also give an impression to them that you take your business seriously.

You should add a high-quality profile and cover photo of your business, usually your company’s logo. Doing so will give your page a branded look. Make sure to upload the appropriate dimensions of both profile and cover photos, which can be found on the Facebook page.

The “about” section is displayed on the left side of your business page. Utilize this as a way to greet your customers by giving a brief description of your business, like core values and beliefs or your business story, to attract a relevant audience.

2. Engage With Your Followers

Interacting with your followers is an ideal way to show potential customers how much you care about them. Whether it’s feedback or a general comment, make sure to respond to it positively.

Remember, if you interact with your followers on Facebook, the engagement rate will start escalating, and it will simply boost your page. You can also leverage the story section and ask different questions from your customers, such as what product launch should be next.

3. Post At The Most Optimal Times

The ideal time to post is when your audience is most active during the day. Posting at the right time means that your posts get more exposure from your followers, which could be really beneficial for your small brand.

Of course, there’s no universal right time to post on Facebook. However, you can find out yours by trial and error. Start by posting at whatever time you think is right, and keep checking your post metrics. This will allow you to analyze when your audience interacts with your posts the most.

4. Pin The Most Important Posts On Your Page

Facebook allows you to pin only one post on the top of your page. Your older posts keep going down as you update your page with new posts, so this feature will come in handy when you want to keep one of your essential posts on the top of your feed as long as you wish.  

This feature can be ideal for highlighting your small business’s product announcements or upcoming events. Simply click on the three tiny dots on the top right of your post and opt for “pin post”. Voilà!

5. Keep Monitoring Facebook Analytics 

If you want to get your Facebook page for your small business noticed, you also need to consider the preferences of your followers. The in-built Facebook page insights allow you to monitor your page likes, post reach, and engagement rate over time.

This can indicate what content your followers like the most; therefore, you can come up with the ones that receive the most attention. For example, if tank tops for your clothing brand get the most likes and shares compared to the rest of the product range, your best bet would be to sell similar products for increased profit margins