6 Useful Gift Ideas For The Hiker In Your Life

5 Useful Gift Ideas for the Hiker in Your Life

While the current pandemic has made it difficult to travel, outdoorsy plans do not seem to be negatively affected. People have now begun to treasure nature by engaging in outdoor activities of being quarantined indoors for days on end.

From walking around local parks to strolling through the city with a mask on, people from a variety of environments have begun to leave their houses to visit forests and hills and connect with nature while distancing with the world. 

Perhaps one of the more popular activities is hiking, and both beginners and advanced hikers love to enjoy a beautiful trail. 

Even though the summer is coming to an end, hikers continue trekking through long-winding trails in the fall, as the leaves and the overall scenery changes for the better. 

As we move towards the fall season which will be followed by winter, avid hikers require a lot of gear for the various changes in weather we are about to witness. In addition to clothing, hikers should carry with them other essential and helpful accessories to enjoy their hikes to the fullest.

To help you in your beautiful gesture, here are 5 useful gift ideas for the hiker in your life:

1. Water Bottle

Although usually hikers do not jog or run through their trail, they still need to be hydrated through their long and most likely uphill walk. After all, hydration is important in any situation.

With that in mind, you should get your hiker friend the best quality water bottle that will be perfect for any weather encountered on their hike.

The Kool8 water bottle is the gift to get due to its sleek, lightweight, and compact design. 

This water bottle has very cool features, such as a stainless-steel construction, double-walled vacuum insulation, and BPA-free materials. Your hiker friend will appreciate the durability and environment-friendly qualities of the Kool8 water bottle.

The Kool8 bottle can store both cool and hot drinks, which is very convenient for humid weather and a cool night-time hike. Because of the insulation and the included tea infuser, the Kool8 water bottle is perfect to carry refreshing water or freshly steamed tea.

The hiker in your life deserves the best essentials for their next voyage on their trail, and the Kool8 water bottle embodies that level of quality.

2. Hiking Boots

Make sure your friend’s feet don’t get tired and are super comfortable by gifting them a  good pair of hiking boots.

They should be able to endure mountainous terrains and wet grounds.  The boots need to be made with quality so that the hikers’ feet do not get too cold. 

Even if your hiker friend has a pair of hiking boots, it does not hurt to have another pair as a spare when the other ones get a bit too dirty or worn out.

It also doesn’t hurt to purchase fashionable hiking boots to help them stand out, and then altogether this becomes a gift your hiker friend cannot deny.

3. Binoculars

Hikers should be able to see every single detail on their trail. Surely there are beautiful birds, rivers, or other animals and natural elements that they would like to see up close. Binoculars would be a great asset to a hiker to have on their long trails.

Spotting wildlife is one of the bigger thrills of hiking, and the binoculars come in handy for the same. 

A good pair of binoculars should be waterproof, compact enough to store in a carry-on 

bag or backpack, and have great magnification capabilities so one does not miss any moments.

4. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are also one of the best gifts that hikers will enjoy. According to Superwatches, a smartwatch has features such as a GPS tracker, compass, heart-rate monitor, and many more. These are very helpful in monitoring your health while doing your hiking trip.

5. Water Filtration Straw

This could be a very cool and handy gift that not every hiker has. Nonetheless, a true hiker will appreciate how you have embraced their hobby and bought a gift with that theme.  

A water filtration straw can lighten the water load required for an exceptionally long hike, as you just bring a straw that can filter all of the unwanted chemicals straight from a source of water, such as a river.

A good filtration straw can filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, and other chemicals, and it does not require any batteries or additional parts. 

Also, the water filtration straw can remove at least 99% of waterborne bacteria and waterborne protozoan parasites. All in all, this gift would be top-notch in the eyes of the hiker in your life.

6. Picnic Backpack

If your hiker friend likes to make their hikes extra long, they will be hungry. What would be better than saving money and having a pleasant picnic on a beautiful spot that is slightly off the trail? A picnic backpack. 

Rather than trying to find somewhere to eat indoors and breaking the momentum of the hike, a picnic backpack could store all the compartments necessary to pack multiple meals.

Picnic backpacks could include an insulated cooler compartment, a large blanket, proper utensils, BPA-free plates, wine glasses, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, a chopping board, and a water bottle. These are all the essentials needed for a great picnic as a break from a hike.

There are multiple awesome and useful accessories you can gift to your hiking enthusiast, but these are just some of them.

Any person that has picked up hiking recently or has been doing so for quite some time will appreciate and love any of the gifts mentioned above.

Hiking is one of the few ways to stay active and healthy, which is important in general, especially during these pandemic times.

As plenty of other activities have been inaccessible with the quarantine regulations, people have reserved for other means for entertainment and a healthy lifestyle, including hiking.

Outdoor activities have gained a lot of momentum, more than ever before, due to the restrictions and the detrimental nature of the pandemic. People have begun to appreciate the outdoors more than ever as they are being forced to maintain distancing while socializing

Any hike can be even more enjoyable with these gifts that can maintain the rhythm and pleasure of a long and beautiful hike. Perhaps you can join your hiker friend on their next trail!