The Most Enticing AR 15 Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Your gun just got better. Believe it or not, with the right ar 15 upgrades, your rifle can go from good to great. Upgrades can vastly improve even the best ar 15.

If you want to get a grip on a better weapon, then simply keep reading.

What Are Some Common AR 15 Tactical Upgrades?

Perhaps the three most important AR 15 upgrades are sight, light, and sling. Let’s consider each in turn.

Red Dot/Holographic sights (RDS) are the most popular AR 15 sights. They’re good for quick sighting. You could even add a switch-to-side magnifier, which you can flip to go from using the magnifier to shoot at a distance to using RDS to shoot more closely.

For lights, consider weapon-mounted lights (WML) manufactured by Surefire or Streamlight. 

For slings, check out a two-point sling. 

What Are Some Other Good AR 15 Performance Upgrades?

Upgrades for your rifle don’t stop there. 

If you’re shooting an unsuppressed AR in close quarters, you’re likely to suffer an ear injury. Suppressors soften the sound of gunfire, protecting your hearing in the process.

A fundamental but sometimes-overlooked upgrade is ammunition. Ammo is one area in which you do not want to try to save money. Federal American Eagle ammo is good practice ammo, and Speer or Federal ammo will do for the real thing (whatever your thing is).

Speer Gold dot and Federal HST ammo hit the mark, both figuratively and literally.

Grips, stocks, and rails are also worth upgrading. Find angled and vertical foregrips, handgrips, and hand stops that match you and your gun. Use rail sections to give your rifle lasers and lights.

What Other AR 15 Upgrades Are There?

If all of the above still isn’t enough for your AR 15, then we have more tips for you.

Get a free-floating handguard, such as the Samson Manufacturing SXS lightweight free-floating handguard. It will improve your shooting accuracy.

Also, take note of your AR’s stock. The standard stock was built for the many, but is ideal only for the few.

So, take a look at the adjustable, collapsible Daniel Defense Tornado stock. It has two distinct thickness of buttpad from which you can choose. You can also get a more comfortable grip by moving the stock in and out to a preset position. 

Before you pull the trigger, figure out which trigger is best for you.

If it’s not the AR’s standard mil-spec trigger, then you could upgrade to Timney Manufacturing’s AR Targa 2 Stage trigger. The 4-pound trigger sharpens long-range accuracy. It also fits nicely in the AR-15 lower’s trigger pocket.

How Do I Upgrade My AR 15?

As you can see, ar 15 upgrades come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some upgrades like new ammo and a new trigger seem more obvious, other upgrades are more advanced. Key upgrades are to your gun’s sight, light, and sling.

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