15 Strategies To Make A Grateful Training Video

15 Strategies To Make A Grateful Training Video

Training videos are impactful if you are really serious about teaching or want to grow your business regardless of the fields of the industry you belong to. According to 2 out of 3 employees, they complete a task more efficiently when they get instructions visually.

Visual information absorbs 7% more as compared to verbal information.  A training video is created to enhance employees’ working place skills. Different companies create online training videos to cover all types of interpersonal topics such as harassment training or any job-related training like software training. 

Here we have described 15 different strategies that you can use to make a grateful training video for education, business, or entrepreneurship. For instance, you can try animation in your training videos, Doratoon is the best animation maker on which you can rely. 

1. Set Goals And Objectives

There is a need to understand the goal of your training video or the business. You need to know what are the things you want to achieve by using this training video. Setting goals and objectives clarify what are the resources and how these could be utilized in training video making. 

It is needed to define the learning objectives, this is helpful in assuming after watching the training video what knowledge the viewers are able to absorb and what they should be able to perform? In short, you will easily get to know the full scope of your video. 

2. Plan Your Video

Planning video means just utilizing your resources, you have to plan intelligently to select the video type, build the team if needed and ensure what recording equipment you have or can manage

While selecting the video type you have to keep in mind your audience, goal, stakeholders, and your resources. You can go for animated videos as they are more impactful and then you just need an efficient animation maker like Doratoon. 

3. Record  Voice And Screen

Depending upon the type of video you have planned you should record your screen, your voice, or yourself. You can try SOOMUS which is an efficient option to record a screen along with yourself. It provides you with many editing and adjustment options to save time. Put yourself in practice before indulging in the final shot. 

4. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial and if you don’t know about the audience then it is difficult to make an impactful video. You need general information about your audience such as what they need or demand, why they are watching the video. After knowing the likeness and unlikeness of your audience you can create a more focused and detailed training video. 

5. Write Storyboard And Script

When you know about your topic and audience then you should develop a storyboard to visually analyze what you are going to show in your video. You should write your script before recording. While writing makes sure you have to describe in a simple but effective way. Proofread your script and if possible get feedback by sending it to other professionals. 

6. Add A Video Intro

An interesting introductory video act as a leading path towards the main topic. It can be a small company introduction video, you can use Doratoon’s provided templates to create an animated introduction video. Try to keep the introductory video simple, short, and to the point. 

7. Create Animation 

The latest research has shown that animated videos are more fruitful when the concern is learning. These types of videos leave a positive impact on the viewer additionally these are more memorable and undesirable by the audience. You should go for animated training videos especially when you have to explain complex ideas or processes or if you want to tell a long story in a short time. 

8. Tell A Story 

We all love stories that are interesting. An animated video gives you the perfect opportunity to create and describe a story. You can create the character of your story depending upon the training audience members. These cartoon characters can help you out a lot in explaining the problems and solutions related to your training goal.  You can also try text to voice tools to generate natural sounding voices of the cartoon characters 

9. Stay On Brand 

It is important to stick with the brand regardless of the type of training video you are creating. It becomes the most important task when you are specifically dealing with animated videos. You have to choose correct images, fonts colors and cartoon characters depending upon the brand you are representing. 

10. Use Text And Graphics 

It is crucial to add text and graphics to your training video. By using them you can highlight the most important information and also make things more understandable for the viewers. But you have to add text only where they are important. Doratoon provides an AI text alignment option that can help you a lot. 

11. Use Annotations 

By using annotations we can divert the attention of viewers to a specific area of the screen. Annotations are helpful especially if you are dealing with screen capture tutorials. These could be highlights, boxes, arrows, or pop-ups. 

12. Edit Your Videos 

After creating or shooting your video you have to edit it to ensure that it contains production quality as high as possible. A well-edited video will minimize the communication barriers and also enhance the viewer’s focus and comfort. All the video editing is a time-consuming process but it is the most important step. 

Make sure that the flow of objects, the text is perfect with the added transitions. You should know about the editing software that you are using, and efficient editing software can reduce your workload. If you are dealing with animation you can go for Doratoon which is the best budget and skill set for you. 

13. Add Background Music Or Sound 

In some types of training videos music helps to engage the audience. But sometimes music can be distracting for the learners so you have to choose intelligently whether you want it or not. For instance, if you want to engage an audience then music can be helpful but where a step-by-step process is described you should avoid music. 

14. Keep Video Short

According to the latest search results a short video with one specific learning objective is ideal for the learning. Making a short video starts with your scriptwriting. You have to be concise and to the topic while writing your script. 

Continuously refine and edit your video as well as your script until you find your piece is crystal clear. It is mostly recommended that your training video should be less than 5 minutes. 

15. Use Good Recording Pieces Of Equipment 

If you are recording audio or video for your training video then it is the need of the time to invest in good recording equipment. A good visual quality video and clear loud sound are helpful in showing the abilities of the presenter and the importance of the training session. 


We can conclude here that to create an impactful training video you have to work intelligently. Above we have described 15 strategies that you can use to create an incredible training video. It is recommended to work with animation and try Doratoon as an amazing animation creator.