5 Smart Tips To Get The Most From Your Courier Service

5 Smart Tips To Get The Most From Your Courier Service

Your business has many overheads that you need to contend with monthly, the last thing any business owner needs is more reasons to lose sleep at night. 

If you don’t negotiate, couriers can be expensive and unreliable. You need to establish a service level agreement with your chosen courier company, highlighting the repercussions of not delivering items on time or in one piece.

Sending products to customers can be a considerable business cost if not done properly. Here are five excellent tips for consistently getting the most from your courier service.

1. Be Accurate

Your chosen courier partner will manage and balance their shipment schedule based on the measurements of the packages. Be specific with your measurements – otherwise, you could risk your parcel not going out on the day it should.

Accurate dimensions for small and light packages aren’t crucial, but you must send them for large packages.

2. Package Wisely

The right packaging automation system can make a surprising difference to your business and the relationship with your courier service. Poor packaging is not only an additional cost, but it can be a hindrance for your courier partner too.

The weight and dimensions of a package have a significant bearing on the shipping costs of that parcel. Avoid excessive padding and packaging unless the item is fragile and cannot be avoided.

3. Be On Time

Your California courier services company will have a strict schedule that they need to uphold if they are to make all their pick-ups and deliveries in a day. While it is understandable to be a few minutes late from time to time, you cannot expect your courier service to constantly wait for your team to be ready to ship.

A smooth-oiled machine works when each team contributes equally to the success of the company – even your external partners. Make sure that your dispatch teams are ready and on time for your chosen courier service, not only will that improve your business-to-business relationship, but it will also benefit your customers.

4. Get Insurance

Accidents happen, even with the most experienced and reliable courier company. Ask your courier company about coverage or insurance options for your packages. That type of coverage usually includes cover for lost or damaged items.

Keep in mind that the cover offered is capped at a certain amount, so you need to ensure that it is enough to cover the replacement costs. If you are having valuable items transported, then you need to insure them.

5. Always Choose The Pickup Service

A pickup service is when the courier company comes to your business to collect the packages instead of you dropping them off at a designated place. Many businesses opt for drop-off because they feel like they are in control that way.

Choose the pickup service instead – it will save you time and money and free up an employee to complete other tasks. If you stick to the delivery schedule, you will still be in control – you will just be saving money at the same time.