10 Online Courses To Get Started With App Development

10 Online Courses To Get Started With App Development

Mobile application development is a good career choice because such specialists are in great demand. And the salary rates are quite good. So it is understandable why more people look into it. Whether you want to work for a company or as a freelance developer, you can start your education online.

There are many exciting opportunities and courses. Some of them are short-term; others are more of a time commitment. And the prices also depend on the platform, certificate, or the number of study hours.

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Even if you are studying in college, there is an option to follow these courses at the same time to gain more experience and knowledge. And for those who worry that they do not have time for both, there is always a professional online essay service to help deal with deadlines with ease. Here is a list of excellent courses on any liking to begin your app development education.

Android App Development

1.   Build a Simple Android App with Java

This is a good starting course for beginners. It is available on the Treehouse platform and to access it, one needs a monthly subscription to the service. Why is it good? Well, it is very short, only 200 minutes to learn and create your first Android application. It goes over the basics and the main things you’ll need to know about Android development, SDK, and how to use Android Studio. It is very comprehensive and practical – the perfect option to get into the process.

2.   Google Developers Training

Another option is to learn from the Google team. This platform is completely free and offers a variety of courses for all levels of knowledge. Here, you can learn anything, from the app and web programming to machine learning. And the Google certification is also available here. Overall, it is a pretty good way to start and learn from professionals.

3.   Complete Android Developer Course

This program is offered on Udemy. It is a great, full, and comprehensive way to learn all you need to know about Android Studio and coding an app with Java. It is designed for beginners, so there is no need to know anything beforehand.

It is much longer than the previous one and has 32 hours of video, 106 articles, and 47 items for downloading. You’ll get a completion certificate, which comes in handy for those who want to be employed afterward. The lectures include examples like Uber, Instagram, or Whatsapp, so you can learn from something you know as a user. Overall, it is an excellent program that covers everything one needs to know. It costs about $130.

4.   Associate Android Developer

This is another helpful program available on the Pluralsight platform. The main goal is to prepare you for the Google AAD certification exam. It is an essential step in your career that will help to show your skills and release your applications successfully. It is created for beginners and covers all the basics, including tools and testing, user experience, and work with SQLite. It is a well-built and practical program that will help you to understand all the specifics of Android programming.

iOS App Development

1.   Build Your 1st iOS App in Swift

It is a short-term but very helpful program on Skillshare. It takes about 3,5 hours to complete and gives a general knowledge you’ll need to know to start with iOS programming. It is quite practical; there are exercises and video tutorials that will help you to create your first event reminding application by the end. To access it one needs a Skillshare subscription and the platform offers 30 days free trial. So you can take this course for free.

2.   iOS 11 Fundamentals

It is a short but helpful course at Pluralsight. It takes about 4,5 hours to complete and cover, as the title suggests, iOS 11 operating system fundamentals. It also covers Swift 4 and Xcode 9. Overall, it is a good beginner’s guide on basics. It helps to understand and manage iOS projects and learn application building blocks.

3.   iOS 13 and Swift 5

This is a complete iOS coding Bootcamp program from Udemy. It is very popular and has splendid reviews. The course covers all the basics and what you need to know to develop, to release, and market your own creations. It is extremely comprehensive and practical; you’ll get to program your applications during the process. There are almost 60 hours of video materials, 113 articles, and 12 exercises on coding. There is also a completion certificate and the price is about $130 with lifetime access to the course.

4.   Build Your First iOS App

It is a well-established course on EdX that is free in general. But if you want to get a verified certificate in the end, you’ll have to pay $149. It takes about 8 weeks to complete and you’ll have to study for 8-10 hours each week. So it is quite a full commitment. At the same time, it is one of the best programs to start as it gives you all the basics about the Swift programming language and overall iOS application development structure.

Cross-Platform Programming

1.   Multiplatform Mobile App Development with NativeScript

If you do not want to limit yourself to one operating system, this Coursera program is for you. However, it is created for the intermediate level, so maybe start on it later, after you finish the previous ones. It covers Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, etc. It is quite practical, has a great rating, and can be completed in 34 hours of work. It also offers certification.

2.   Computer Science and Mobile Apps Certification

This is an EdX course that is offered by Harvard University. It lasts about 6 months with 6-13 hours of work per week and costs a significant amount of money ($350). But in the end, you’ll get a Harvard certificate. Besides, this course covers almost anything an app developer should know.

In Summary

Many platforms offer outstanding courses on app development for beginners. Some of them are free, others are quite expensive because of the scope of work and the result. Start with something simple, that will take you a couple of hours just to try your skills. And after that, you can decide to commit to a long-term professional course.