Is Student An Occupation?

Is Student An Occupation

The society has always had a role for everyone to play. And occupation is simply one of the core roles of an individual in society. An occupation is an activity that is done regularly in exchange for a reward. Some people have more than one occupation per time. Also, the roles of occupation may vary from being a volunteer, employee, and beginning a business. Different occupations also come with different durations ranging from lifetime to temporary. It becomes a profession when a person is specifically trained for it. With these descriptions of what an occupation is, one begins to wonder if being a student is also an occupation.

Is a student an occupation?

For different classification purposes, it is taken as an occupation. Also, when taking several surveys, the student is always an occupational option. However, when looking at it from the angle of making money, it may not be seen as an occupation. There are however a group of people who make money as students via scholarships and grants. Technically, being a student is an occupation based on the fact that it occupies the time of those involved in a rather productive manner. It is a work in itself only that you work for yourself and not someone else. Eventually, if a student is diligent in his studies, he will find someone who will pay him for the skills and knowledge he must have acquired.

How Can I Succeed In My Occupation As A Student?

Having established the fact that being a student is a form of occupation, it becomes imperative to know how to succeed in it. The same way a doctor, lawyer, Geophysicist, or Teacher would need to have strategies in place to succeed is the same way a student will have to get some in place as well. Here we look at some tips that should help you excel as a student:

1. Picture the end from the start

Success as a student is often a function of seeing what you desire from where you currently are. Having a clear foresight of what you want puts you in charge with a clear perspective. The same way in a corporate environment where a career person should know if he wants to end up in a management position from the onset, you should know where you are heading as a student.  The beautiful thing about having a vision of where you are heading is that it changes as you grow. It can simply only get better with time!

2. Be clear with your purpose

Having a business approach about your academic night is one sure way to maximize the same. One of the most remarkable ways to excel as a student is to have a clear cut vision that drives you to go beyond the minimum. You should be clear as regards why you want to go to school. Ensure that the driving force for you going to school must be predicated on tangible and practical things such as personal development, getting a degree and the likes. When the purpose of a thing is known, it becomes very difficult for it to be abused.

3. Let knowledge acquisition be your main focus

All students who seek to leave behind a positive mark must ensure that their main focus must never be their grades alone. The truth is that if you make knowledge and skill acquisition your main focus, you will soon realize that the grades will take care of themselves.  Most employers expect that your knowledge and skill should be able to back-up the contents of your paper.

4. Take small steps but have big aspirations

Be mindful of the fact that success does not jump on anyone overnight. Success is a combination of multiple small steps.  Success is more an evolution than a revolution which simply means it will take time. You must embrace the small steps as they come as well. Also, make sure that you have aspirations that are achievable in the short term.  But while doing that, make sure that you have dreams that are bigger than you in size and capacity.  If you do not want to find yourself becoming complacent, it becomes imperative for you to have goals that scare you a bit.

5. Avoid negativity and master at least a skill

Negative vibes are one of the things capable of limiting the ability of a student to perform per time. It, therefore, becomes imperative for you to listen to your inner person to identify the negative voices that pop upper time. You may need to learn speaking positive words to yourself per time. The more positive words you speak to yourself, the more amplified your confidence will be. Also, make sure that you gain mastery of at least one skill in such a way that you become better than any other person out there. You don’t need to get a skill related to your discipline, but ensure that it is a skill that has market demand.

How Can You Remain Committed And Motivated In Your Occupation As A Student?

One of the core criteria for attaining success as a student is to have a clear picture of how to remain motivated as a student. Of course, there are times when students feel the pressure and may even find themselves losing confidence in their abilities. Here are a few tips that should help you remain motivated as a student:

1. See nature

This may seem out of place, but the truth is that our natural environment is loaded with multiple reasons to stay motivated. You can take a walk in the park or go hiking on the weekends; you may also consider exploring different genres of music and arts. The mind stays motivated when it discovers that there are lots of things that are out there that are waiting to be explored.

2. You don’t need approval

The beautiful thing about being a college student is that you do not need consent to do anything or go anywhere. What this means is that you do not need the approval to do what makes you happy or successful. You do not need the approval of people to do the right thing.

3. Get the work done

There are several reasons why several students struggle to get beyond inertia. Some fear criticisms while others fear to fail. Some even fear the thought of becoming too successful. One thing you must know is that most of these fears are wrongly conceived. You can begin by facing your fears head-on by being persistent and focused on the task.

4. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure

One of the things capable of sapping the energy of any student is the constant pressure to excel. You must ensure that you lower your expectations; this means you should be patient and trusting of the entire process. Enjoy the moments as they come and do not put you under unnecessary pressure. While doing this, also ensure that you are focused on what you want as a student.  This is dependent on you having a clear cut vision of what you want from the whole process.

5. Forget the past

There is always a chance that you may have messed up in the past especially with your grades. That should not be the reason why you remain on the floor. Always do all that you can to ensure that you keep pressing forward?

What Are The Qualities Of An Ideal Occupation?

An ideal occupation can best be described as one that gives you a maximum sense of satisfaction per time. The qualities that make this so usually varies from one person and place to another. But certain features of an ideal occupation can be viewed as universal with Americans. The major criteria for designating an occupation as ideal with Americans have always been the pay. Other factors include security, flexibility, and opportunity.

Room to make a difference

The ideal occupation should be such that it gives you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.  It may be as a result of helping someone or because you are producing something. A job that gives you a sense of purpose and meaning is bound to be more satisfying per time.

Platform  for progress

The ideal occupation should be such that it gives room for growth per time.  When people see themselves becoming better in terms of opportunities and prospects,  it gives them a greater sense of fulfillment in what they do.

Job security

One thing most people fear in any economy is the fear of losing their jobs. This makes an occupation with some measure of job security the ideal option.


Is a student an occupation? We believe we have comprehensively answered you with this article. You must know how to maximize your time as a student as this could prove to be the most rewarding time of your life. We believe the few tips we have outlined here should give you the needed boost.

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