Is Greece Middle Eastern?

Is Greece Middle Eastern

Greece is a country with towns and cities located across the Middle East and South Europe. The country is reputable for its vast culture. It has its capital in Athens and is famous for its historical architecture. It bears great influence by European culture in terms of their language, music, etc. It also relates to the Middle Eastern culture in the aspect of their skin color, music choice, etc.

The question is: is Greece Middle Eastern?

In answering the question, is Greece Middle Eastern, we should note that one can easily mistake Greece to be European or Middle Eastern if not rightly guided. There are speculations and controversies about the exact location of Greece. The question is a vague one that can find answers from diverse theories. Greece is not Middle Eastern, though it is close to the Middle East, and sometimes confused with being Middle Eastern. 

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The Middle East

The Middle East is a makeup of different countries located in the diverse continent. It comprises of African, Arab, and the Asian continent, respectively. History has it that many religions found their origins from some of the Middle Eastern countries. Religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam originated from there.

It is an abstract of various countries and cultures. It has experienced diverse definitions, misjudgment, and uncertainty in recent times. It still stands as one of the most prominent regions in the world. It is famous for the abundant mineral resources found in the countries within, which is making the likes of the Arabs, North Africans, dominating in the world economy and individual wealth through Oil, Gold, etc.

The Middle East has fertile lands and lots of rivers that aid its countries in farming, with seas cutting across the separations of its cities. It has a climate condition that is mostly sunny and hot, which could make you think that it’s the reason most countries found in the Middle East have blacks.

Middle Eastern Countries

The Middle East has a total of 18 countries, with the majority from Arabs. Countries like Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, etc. are in the northern sphere of Africa and are among the Middle Eastern countries. Western and Central Asia are a faction that forms the Middle East.

Other Middle Eastern countries are Cyprus, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Northern Cyprus, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc. As said earlier, Arabs are the dominant ethnic group. However, other ethnic groups include Assyrians, Kurds, Persians, Jews, Greek Cypriots, Turks, Iraqi Turkmen, Azeri, Copts.

The City Of Greece

Greece is a European country, though its cities and states are a combination of different languages, ethnicity, and culture. The vast majority of Grecians are from places popularly found in southern Europe.

The influential music in Greece is a combination of European music. The dance steps and also drama play are a combination of European culture. However, it causes controversy when Greek festivals happen. The Middle Eastern culture dominates these celebrations most times.

Many people have different perspectives on the issue. It is as a result of the lost way to Turkey during World War I. The war harmed the European culture that was dominant in the world society. The negative effect of it was the migration of foreigners into the country from the Middle East. The movement resulted in a diminishing awareness of their existing culture.

The movement gave the foreigners a dominating residence in Greece. It almost turned into a Middle East country by culture. Their dance, music, food, plays, etc. were profoundly influential before it changed. Though it has been ages since the end of the war colonization by a Middle Eastern country, the effect is still evident.

Notwithstanding, Greece is a wildly known European country. It has a reputation as the pioneer of the European reform. Most people from Greece will affirm these claims, and they call themselves the founders of Europe and desire to stay that way.

Greece is famous for city names, tribes, languages, that are similar to the culture existing in Southern Europe. The similarity in cultures makes Greece stand out as one of the European countries. It serves as a significant theory in the origin of the country, giving credits to the founders as Europeans.

Many people suggested that the country might originate from people in the Middle East. It is this fact that makes its cities have names like other European cities. Another perspective that is of significant importance is its location on the map. Greece is very close to the south of Europe.

The Controversy Of Greece 

People often mistake Greece to be Middle Eastern, although not out of ignorance. There are definite points that raise confusion as to whether Greece is not a European country. The controversy of Greece as a Middle East country results from the complexity of its cultures and lifestyle.

The Middle Eastern countries display some traits and lifestyle that makes it easy to identify or categorize them. Any country displaying these traits and is also close to the Middle East can result in misconceptions. The state can be mistaken to be among the Middle Eastern countries or can be confused to have been colonized by a Middle Eastern country.

One of the reasons Greece seems to appear as a Middle Eastern is that many people are not ignorant of the standing location of Greece on the World Map, and some are also ignorant of the History of Greece and The war. The article makes details on these theories for clarity of these misconceptions.

The Dark Skin

The tone of their skin quickly identifies Europeans. The color of someone’s skin plays a significant role in determining a person’s origin. Africans are generally known to be dark in the aspect of their skin color. There are also Black Americans because of their skin color.

Most people from Greece are darker than the generally accepted light European skin color. It is an issue of great contention. Many people believe that if Greece is truly a European country, its citizens wouldn’t have been darker. However, this is an issue of mere skin color compared to how weighty the matter is. Using the skin color as a basis for judgment can lead one to many errors and folly.

The Story Of Alexandria

Alexandria is one of the biggest cities in Greece. It is known as the city of the great king and conqueror “King Alexander.” During his reign, King Alexander envisioned to conquer the world. His ambition drove him into war with other countries and cities.

Ancient history has it that King Alexander conquered the majority of the neighboring cities, including Alexandria. Alexandria has become a great city standing on the shores of the Mediterranean seas in Northern Egypt. It is also a city that stands as the victory of Greece and exist in a Middle Eastern territory.

Meanwhile, Egypt is one of the Middle Eastern countries. The famous conqueror, Alexander, took over the Egyptian city as possession of Greece. It means Greece has become a part of the Middle Eastern. These claims are only accepted by few who are in support of Greece being a Middle Eastern.

There exist many affirmed theories of study to help settle the misconceptions. The thoughts help to bring perspective on how Alexandria being one city and not supported by other cities cannot make Greece Middle Eastern. The belief comes from the famous phrase, “one tree cannot make a forest.”

The Nature Of Its Culture

Culture is generally accepted and refers to people’s way of life. From this definition, it is acceptable to describe a person by the traditions and customs they observe. The fact says the same about Greece that is a copy of several European customs.

Greece is mistaken to be Middle Eastern because one of its dominant traditions originates from the Middle Eastern countries. Their festivals and plays are dominated by customs that arise from the Jews, Ancient Cypriots, Turks, etc. These ethnic groups are predominant in countries located in the Middle East.

Those what most people fail to investigate is how these cultures found space in a European country like Greece. A thorough investigation reveals the mystery behind this abnormally. Greece was once a colonial subject to Europe.

It has created room for the Middle Eastern culture while the country’s European culture fades away. The effect on Greece is still fresh to this day though the country regained freedom and full control. The adverse impact on the countries culture is a note in history that has resulted in creating controversies.


Greece has both the traits of both Middle Eastern and European countries. Its culture is predominantly a reflection of European traditions. It is in the southern region of Europe. The currency of Greece is still Euros.

Many controversial theories prove Greece to be a European country. It is important to note that Greece is a member of the European Union since 1981. They have control of twenty-one seats in the European Parliament and have also presided five times over the European Council. Thus, the question is Greece Middle Eastern answers in the negative.

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